Week Four Recovery

Week four is done and dusted and I’m starting to build my endurance. As you know, I had cervical cancer, and I’m going to Denver…I have donated my car to the FIFO Winos for their running of the Shitbox Rally next year.  Get onto it, donate to them.  Help my little old car get on this great drive!

Day 22: Sunday was an exciting day. I did a little too much but it was a good day.  I went for a drive, me driving! The doctors over West said three weeks no driving,  Dr  Reid said I could drive when I can turn and brake, which would have been a few days ago. I drove all the way to Bunnings and IGA, plus short walks at both. In all about 1.5 hours out and about, and I felt good. Shortly after we got back Al arrived to visit. We justify about and chatted, which was good. Then in the evening Dot, Mark, and Rob arrived to farewell and take Leanne to NZ. So a day of activities and people was good. I was tired and had one stabby area near my bellybutton else I was fine.

Day 23: Monday I had a quiet day. I went for two walks each about 30 minutes and otherwise just relaxed. I did a load of washing, hanging a few clothes at the end of each episode, and loaded the top of the dishwasher. I also played with Kenzi a bit to distract her from missing her mum. She was a bit quiet but it was also a hot day, could be either/both. I must have twisted oddly at one stage because I had another little bleed, it went away within an hour so not stressed there, just not sure what did it because the timing wasn’t right to be the dishes or washing. I can only assume I did an odd move while playing with Kenzi. I also called Dr Reid, she said that I’ll be fine to fly to Perth after she clears me and that her only concern regarding the flight to Denver is dvt. The surgical aspects won’t be an issue so I can organise the flying! So exciting. I looked at flights home and flights to Denver, second week of December it will be.

Day 24: Tuesday was a great day.  I went for a walk around the mountain side of the road, the hilly side.  Then I went for a drive to Boronia and did some groceries.  Then we went out to the dam and we walked the dog around the dam, well Kenzi ran free and had a grand old time and Ben and I walked sedately along the path.  I was a bit tired after that day, but otherwise perfectly fine.

Day 25: Wednesday was another smashing day, I went for a big walk down to the rail line and back up. It was probably a little too much, but being in the morning I didn’t feel too bad.  I then went for a drive up to Maxi Foods in Ferntree Gully for the groceries, all of four things required, I can’t lift so I have to limit the number of things I buy.  After watching The Edge of Tomorrow (meh), I drove Ben and Kenzi up to the quarry and we went for a walk there.  It was a slightly shorter walk, about 25 minutes, but it also included 136 stairs (yes, I counted, der).  I also cooked lasagne for dinner yesterday.  I avoided the lifting of heavy lasagne into the oven, but the rest was a-okay.

Day 26: Thursday I went for a drive up to the top track, walked around the top track, then came back via maxi foods for more groceries and home.  The view from the rocks was pretty cool,there was sunshine in Boronia and at the rocks but a layer of cloud in the middle.  I don’t remember seeing that before.  The whole adventure took about an hour and a half; sure I did it in the morning, but I was totally fine afterwards.  Then I found the perfect distance and effort walk, down through the park and up via a different road from the railway line.  I then watched San Andreas, I love the Rock, good movie.  Pure action and no believability, perfect.  Then I made Nutella for the requested choc banana bread, this is the best Nutella recipe and not too terrible for you either, in small quantities.  Oh, and I don’t think I had panadol on Thursday night, and I slept well enough.

Day 27: Friday was a big day!  It was overcast and showery all morning so I hatched a plan to drive up to Knox City and have my morning walk there.  I first had my first snuggle with Kenzi on the couch, she never gets up, until today when I’m about to go out.  I eventually tore myself away from the cuddles and drove to Knox.  The first shop I saw was the toy shop- score, kids Christmas presents done.  I then headed to the supermarket for Bens weekend supply of junk food, chips, chocolate, and ice-cream.  I have never bought that combo before…I felt like a total girly girl on a junk food bender!  I took that haul back to the car, carrying and lifting being bad for me, and I returned for a hike through the store.  That all done I was almost 2 hours out and tired, but not in any pain, just a tired ache.  I also did two almost 30 minute walks after a good long rest on the couch – I watched Shrek!  Love it, That’ll do Donkey, that’ll do”.

Day 28: Saturday is four weeks done and dusted!  Today has been another big ish day.  Ben suggested we go see the new Bond movie, I thought it would be a good way to test my sitting.  So I drove to Knox and we saw the movie, all 2.5 hours of it.  At the start I was quite uncomfortable, hen I went to the loo and emptying my bladder relieved the pressure that had been hurting and I was a-okay.  I’m really quite tired, I guess a combination of yesterday and today, so I’ve only gone for two short 20 minute walks.  Progress, slow and steady progress.

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