For a lovely blog of my adventure in Iceland, visit And some of the photos 🙂

The Photobook

So true to form, I’ve put together my travel book for this holiday.  Oh boy was it difficult to cull the 1000 odd photos to something resembling a sensible book size. The preview is here if anyone wants to have a gander: Enjoy!

“Wow! Just wow!”

Quote Ally. And yes, Iceland in one word is “wow”. Or maybe “majestic-as-fuck”, though slightly cheating. So I’m on the plane and putting together some general reflections of my trip. Highlights Thehighlight: Saltvik and the wonderful people there My favourite experience this trip was my time at Saltvik. I absolutely loved it. The family atmosphere,…

General Notes for Travellers to Iceland

Point one is if you don’t love it you’re mad! That done, the most important thing for me is the hot pots. When the crew at Saltvik were talking about them I had no clue what they were on about. A pot that is hot? Dinner? Then I experienced it. It’s a geothermal water spa-with-no-bubbles.…