A Must Read Introduction

This story has a bit of a history, I’ll get it all in here.  But first up a warning


This blog contains all sorts of horrible words like discharge, bleeding, etc in the context of the female genitalia. And STUFF.

I’ve written it because I found it so helpful during this time too read others’ experiences.  It helped me to know what was coming in relation to both the treatment and the recovery – the good and the bad.  I hope it helps others too.

So here goes.

4 thoughts on “A Must Read Introduction

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  4. When I emailed the link to the blog to Ben it reminded me of the purpose of the warning.
    This warning exists after an amusing incident with my tattoo. I took a photo and sent it to my dear little brother Ben. He’s the only one in the family who appreciates tattoos. He freaked “WB!” was his initial response, warn-a-brother (I wonder how long he’d been waiting to use that one). There was definite side boob in the photo, but nothing that you’d not see in swimmers…over-reacting much?
    So this warning is for him and anyone else who doesn’t like these things. I’ll put the link to it on the top of all the posts that it is relevant to. Some are safe 🙂


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