Four Weeks to Denver

I’ve been a little Denver busy lately, I mean what the hell else am I going to do with my time?  I have all sorts of time these days.  I’ve looked at apartments, made awesome headway with my Perth place, found what to do with my car, looked into bank accounts, so busy!

I’ve been reviewing and short listing apartments.  There are so many in the area, so I’m not worried about finding one in time.  I’ve short listed about four that are my favourites, highlighted the floor plans I prefer and I have emailed the building managers to let me know when they come available.  The thing that is strange to me, and maybe it is the area or the websites that I’m using, but all these apartment buildings are quite the fancy.  They are big complexes of 200-600 apartments, they’re often only 2-4 storeys, have pool, gym, spa, ‘club room’, etc. Bridgewater is my favourite, but I suspect that it will be too costly at $1513 for my favourite layout.  My second favourite is Greenwood Park, the honeylocust my favourite.  Both places include a garage which is why I can think about a little more money for them.  The other apartment buildings mostly have additional monthly rent for $50-$100.  The selection process has been a hard fought trawl through all the buildings in the area, all the reviews I can find online, proximity to work, shops. and food etc.

I have looked into bank accounts and the fastest easiest way to get one.  HSBC seem to set up an account from here.  It doesn’t have any fees as long as you keep $1500 in it at all times, plus they’ll give me a credit card.  I guess that isn’t the end of the world and as a first start it seems to be nice and easy.  I told them to sort it out, I answered some contact questions and I await their phone call.  Apparently when they call they have 40 minutes of survey to do then they email the forms, I take them to their office and sign off in their presence then off the forms go.  I guess I could just wait to get there as well, but that will put pressure on the things to do.  Seems easier to do it now and then when I have time change it over to a local bank.

I’ve been working on selling the dresser and couch on gumtree for a long time, some people have shown some interest lately.  I have put them in contact with Kris so she can get them sold.  If ever anyone in Perth needs a cleaner or someone to do any errands etc I highly recommend Kris.  Kris is absolutely amazing, and my FIFO wife is about the best business plan for Perth! Anyways, Kris initially offered to get all my stuff sold after I leave so I don’t have to be without anything.  Then she had a better idea, her friend is looking for a place to move to, so the girls at Avenue One may have a super simple time with getting my place rented.  Kris also said he needs furniture and stuff, so I told her what I’m taking and if he wants it, he can have the rest.  Oh boy, this girl is great!  But wait, it gets better.

While chatting with Kris she said she’s doing the Shit Box Rally, seriously click that link and donate to The FIFO Winos!  If I weren’t fleeing the country I’d consider doing it another year.  You have to raise $4000 for cancer council, but a car at a maximum cost of $1500, have a friend mad enough to drive 3500km with you, and then off you go!  So reading through the website I realised that my car would be perfect for that, old and not very electric, but also running and in good order – she’d be perfect!  So I emailed Kris to see if her team has a car, and they don’t and Kris thought mine would be perfect.  So my awesome car is being donated to the shit box rally.  I don’t want to be paid for it.  The cars get sold at auction at the end of the race with proceeds going to the cancer council, so it is wins all ’round.  The icing on the cake – the rally finishes on my birthday.  I’ll be watching progress.

And don’t worry, having the contract doesn’t mean it reflects what I need.  Its back with HR being followed up.  One thing, the annual leave allowance.  The email said 20 days, the attached benefits document said 18 days, and the contract said 15 days.  I really do want the same annual leave as here in Australia, I’ll need it especially when it is to cover up to one week of sick leave as well.  HR tells me that the new benefits plan says 20 days for >5 years employment, which for me is up on 24 January.  So I am awaiting a response from HR.

Intermittently I have been watching the weather in Denver.  Oh golly gosh it is going to be cold!

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