Recovery Week Six

So this has been week six and my confinement is almost over.  There have been challenges, a massage, and farewells to mum and the Olds.  I left off at Thursday, day 33 of this healing six weeks, so to….

Day 34: Friday was a big day and I was exhausted! At 1045 I caught a cab to Boronia station and got my ticket on the V-line to Wangaratta. I got there about 15 minutes before my planned train and apparently I had made the guys job hard because he has to type a few things into the computer before he can give you a ticket. He made it with over five minutes to spare, even with his complaints. I caught the train into Southern Cross Station, which was different because for that 45 minutes I could feel my tummy adjusting constantly with the train movements. When I got to Southern Cross Station the people on the platform sent me to the bus terminal, there was something amiss with the trains so they were getting coaches in. We stood around for about half an hour then a bus arrived to take us express to Wangaratta.

The bus was absolutely chocked full so I sat towards the front next to an elderly gentleman. We had a good chat on the way. He is a concreter by trade and lives in Seaford with his wife, two kids and his daughters boyfriend. He’d recently had a stroke so his speech was a little slow as he struggled to find the right words.  He did the concrete works for Collins Place and had a generally interesting life.  Old people…love them.

Day 35: Saturday was a relatively quiet one. We went to see the final hunger games movie. Not bad. And sitting still in the theatre is much easier than in the car / train. I was fine after that three hours. We had nanna naps because it was the afternoon and we could, that helped. I should remember that.

Day 36: Sunday. Oh shit. I did nothing in the morning and then we headed to Melbourne with mum driving. 3.5 hours of being driven was taxing, and we stopped for lunch in Yaark and I lay on a bench in the shade for fifteen minutes. When we got home I lay down for an hour and a half, I was playing with a new phone for mum and I when I should have been sleeping (tsk). Then it was out for family dinner, oops. Well dinner would have been fine except that the chefs assistant had quit so the chef was on his own and the food took an hour and a half. That was much too long. By the time we got home I was an exhausted wreck. I made the energy to change into my nighty and fall into bed, I couldn’t even brush my teeth. I woke about ten and was feverish, over exertion. I didn’t sleep great but I spent the night on my back and felt much better though still tired.

Day 37: Monday morning I decided that going to see Pete for a massage was a bad idea. I sat around home and had a little walk. The evening mum and I did a short excursion to spotlight. I got tired at the shop so we bailed because the guy in the shop couldn’t find what we needed.  Short uneventful restful day.

Day 38: Tuesday was another quiet one.  I said farewell to mum for the last time this year.  I went for three walks but they were shorter.  I was still tired and recovering from the Sunday fun day.

Days 39 and 40: Wednesday and Thursday I felt human again.  Back to how I was before I went up to Wangaratta.  I had more normal days with three long walks each day.  I had a few aches around my belly button all on my right side.  Nothing that didn’t stop after a little pressure on it like normal.

Day 41: Almost at six weeks.  Friday Ben was awesome and took me down to see Pete.  I am so so happy that I managed to see Pete before I headed back to Melbourne.  He did a whole lot of work on my hips, back, and upper abs.  I was only a little bit tired when I got back to Boronia.  I had a little snooze for an hour then watched Drop  Dead Fred with Leanne.  Love that movie!

Day 42: Saturday SIX WEEKS TODAY!  Plus I felt really good.  Ben and I went out to visit Ma, Pa, and Fred.  It was really good to spend a few hours catching up with them all before I go.  Gran even made christmas pudding for dessert for me – win!

So I’m at six weeks and I’m full swing into working on the move to Denver.  So now I’ll be swapping over to that topic…Only big thing left for me on this topic is for me to have my appointment with Dr Reid.  Will be interesting.

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