Cogitating Cancer

***Read First*** (if you haven’t already)

Here we are three days later.  I guess I have no news about this beast yet really.  I’m thinking that I’d like treatment to be done in Melbourne, health insurance and references pending of course.  I’m waiting for the doctors people to give me a call and arrange whatever testing they want done before they make a decision.

In the mean time I’ve looked up Doctor Tan.  His specialty is laparoscopic surgery, so I guess a few holes and rip it out *shrug*.  His website says that if the cancer is in the very early stages then a hysterectomy is the way to go.  Everything they remove is then tested for cancer and if there are certain triggers they look into chemo- and radiation- therapies.  Performing a radical hysterectomy in early stage disease is preferable to radiation and chemotherapy as it offer the same cure rates but with less side-effects.  There is a small section at the bottom of his cervical cancer page that says, and I paraphrase, if you really want kids then there are options only if you’re is stage 1A1, it is basically removal of the cervix to some degree (possibly entirely).  This ‘may not compromise your cure rate in certain situations’.  I am not a fan of may in certain situations. So I guess that is quite clear.

Having a look through the cancer council website they say similar things – best results from hysterectomy when in the early stages.  If later stages then chemo is the go.  Interestingly if you’re later stages they don’t do any removal, just jump into the chemo.  I guess chemo on a body stressed by surgery is likely to have more issues or less success.

I guess I continue to wait and see.

Tuesday night I didn’t sleep terribly well.  To be fair I’d probably had three serves of Bulleit, which is the level at which I start to have troubles with staying asleep.  Possibly a bad idea.  I went to sleep easy (thanks Bulleit), but then woke a few times (thanks Bulleit), and struggled to sleep after I woke – silly brain.

Since then, I’ve been fine.  The family is of course concerned.  And they’re driving me mad with the ‘how are you today’s.  I know its great to know they’re there, but I just want to shove it into a drawer in my head until I actually have to deal with it.  Grandma was a bit irritating, I told her first because she answered the phone.  Then I asked to talk to Pa, but he’d gone outside.  I left him to his work and asked ma to let me know when he was in next and I’d call…she proceeded to go down and find him, tell him, then call me back.  Meddling old gossip, I really did want to tell him myself *shrug*.

Right…back to the waiting at work with no work.  Yay.

Typical, I press publish and the doctors office calls.  I’m booked in for Friday morning.  Dr Tan has the big weekly tumor conference on Thursday so he’ll have a better idea of treatment for Friday.  So Friday it is.  One week wait isn’t too bad.  he doesn’t need any tests or anything before that apparently so happy days.  The receptionist did say that he’ll probably do a colposcopy so he can have a good look around.  After two already I’m not worried about that at all.  I guess he can also give me an update on recovery from the LLETZ.

Ha, the email just came through.  It asks you to download an apple app and fill in forms.  Mad people.  Just put them online then anyone can get them!  Oh well, I guess I’ll do them there on the day, arrive a little early.  That won’t be hard – I usually arrive early.

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