Recovery Week Five

This has been a week of minor challenges and heat.  Nothing  particularly interesting happened regarding my recovery really…I have learnt that the fatigue is insane!  But I’ve had no real pain and no particular issues.

Saturday Ben and I went to see the new Bond movie.  Sitting for the 3.5 hours of getting there, the movie, and driving back sure was tiring.  I actually had a bit of pain early on in the movie until I went to pee and the relieved pressure had me a okay for the rest of the film.  It wasn’t a bad movie but I don’t think it lived up to the previous Bond standards, particularly the Daniel Craig version.  I went for a couple of longer walks after a recovery.  Saturday night Leanne got home, you should have seen how happy Kenzi was!

Sunday was uneventful, three 40 minute walks and about an hour of standing around supervising Ben finding the stormwater so we can get the shed final inspection happening.  Monday was about the same, three walks and I made lasagne, this time chicken and a big one – it was a beast of a lasagne!

Tuesday I went for a walk and had some odd pains up my leg.  I stopped and waited for them to abate then headed on.  It happened on a second walk as well, only when walking downhill.  I looked up the magic book of how muscles join together and refer pain and found that I just have to massage the area of the pain, this one isn’t referred…so I did and I haven’t had it since.  I also went to karate with Ben and watched him spar with some kids and one black belt adult who didn’t seem to want to engage.  Interesting to see.  And sitting on the floor for an hour and a half…tiring but not painful.

Wednesday I had a challenge day.  I went for my second walk of the day and just as I was getting back Ben drove in the drive.  He picked me up  and we went on his Bayswater deliveries, about an hour in the car.  Then just as we’re driving in the drive Mark called with a little work for me, so I sat on the stool for about an hour.  Then I had lunch and reclined for half an hour and returned to the stool for another 1.5 hours.  By the end of all that I was exhausted!  I reclined for about an hour and felt better again and went for my evening walk and all was well.

Thursday I had another little challenge, we went out for dinner.  A few hours of sitting in the car and the restaurant and I was tired but not exhausted.  That said I was already tired from not much sleep in the heat of Wednesday night, so all combined there.  We went up to Marybrooke, the venue for the big wedding next year and had a taste testing for some of the meals.  Huge shout out to the Fillet Mignon, it was awesome!  Desserts weren’t so great but the rest was good solid fare.

Today I have a new challenge – I’m going to visit mum.  This will be four hours on the train, a good test for the trip home in a little over a week.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  So this post will be sent into the ether a little earlier than normal and just before the conclusion of week five.

I think I’m doing really well, I hope that the fatigue reduces swiftly as I keep giving myself gentle challenges.  Keep smiling everyone.

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