In Which a Quiet Week is Had

This week is another odd week.  Tuesday was 4th July, which I understand is a cause for celebration.  Because the birth of a nation that needs to be made great (per the head of state no less) is a nation to be celebrated.  I read it more like the people want to celebrate an independence that they don’t really have.  Everything they do here on independence day is illegal: drinking in public, fireworks, drugs, generalized mayhem, etc.  Okay: rant over, lets get onto the week.  I missed a little from last week – this brilliant photo of Earl at Comicon.  Apparently the photographers didn’t ask questions about the nose poking, evidently it is somewhat normal *shrug*.

This is Earl at Comicon – I gave him a challenge to take a photo of the strangest person and him doing something silly.  I think these count.

So Monday I went to work, there were six of us in my area of the office.  That’s it, six, out of the fifty that have desks in this section.  The most surprising thing to me was that one of those six was Mark.  Mister The-Office-is-Not-My-Favourite-Place.  Mister My-Home-Office-is-Better-Than-Your-House.  Mister If-I-Must-Come-to-The-Office-I’ll-Hide-in-a-Meeting-Room (truly – I have one booked every day from 0700 – 1700 for him).  Mister Too-Many-People-Bother-Me-When-I’m-in-The-Office (because you’re never there!  People bother the regulars less).  Anyways, so I went to work on Monday and then picked up Earl at the train station to take him to the car dealers.

The first dealer operates on a commission basis and even though Earl told him what he wanted the salesman was all about the hard sell.  They also didn’t have the right car for him.  So we headed down to my new mate Mikey where I got Red.  I still feel like I’m cheating on Don, but its at least the dealer – not like I can go to him, he’s retired (again).  Don recommended a mate but said mate is the place of the hard sell.  So we went to the one close to me and Earl shows Mikey the car he wants on his phone and off they go to drive it, four hours later he appears at my door in a new car.  He’s a happy chap, a 2015 outback in silver.  It’s a giant beast of a car.  I started to give Mikey rubbish for not finding me a car yet.  So he’s worked hard since.  Tuesday I popped back to see Mikey and I drove the new model and had some chats and eventually settled on my car.  Then Mikey tells me there isn’t one in the state.  Then he tells me there isn’t one in the Autonation inventory.  So I have to compromise on colour.  Fire engine red or white.  I was doing a gut check on the red on Tuesday and saw it in the shade and thought it wasn’t bad – I’m really glad that I made Mikey hobble back to the shop and get the key so we could put it in the sun.  It is RED.  So white it is.  That trip I also drove the base model manual – it will be much more fun.  The car that Mikey was hunting down is this.  I could get one built, but that would be months, and I don’t have months of mileage left in Red.

Tuesday we visited Stella and both had massages.  Its been a while for me and it was oh so good!  Then Earl headed home to put on ribs and get a drive happening.  Turns out that he had so many little issues with the ribs that he barely got to go for a drive.  I guess this weekend there will be a host of back and forth on who will drive if we go anywhere.  After my massage I headed home and did some research on both cars and family.  I did have to pop into work to print out some more war papers – it is much easier to arrange and review all the paperwork when it is hard copy instead of on the computer.  Believe me – I’ve tried.  Then Mikey interrupted so I did the above chat with him for a couple of hours.  Then home to a shower and up to Earls for a 4th of July celebratory meal, back to apparently its a celebration day.  He cooked up a mountain of ribs and steaks and about eight people came over.  I left well before the firework style festivities, but the meal was awesome.

Wednesday through Friday I just worked as normal.  Wednesday was fortnightly social at Greek to Me, catching up with the boys was great fun, they said to say hi to mum and Ben.  So ‘hi’ Ben and ‘hi’ mum!  Dino was impressed with your new job Benno.  Patty and Pat were the only ones to turn up this week, that’s okay, they’re good fun.  Old school company folk so listening to the stories is great.  Plus, Pat paid – can never complain about that option!

Thursday I had confirmation that Earls car was f*ed.  I headed over to its resting place to hand over the keys to the bloke picking it up.  He asked if it ran.  I said maybe yes maybe no.  He went and started it up (eventually) and confirmed immediately that the engine was dead.  Yep – we kinda knew that but another independent opinion is always comforting.  I took the cheque (check) and toddled back to work.  Otherwise the most exciting part of my day was that I entered about fifty business card details into the CamCard account that I’ve set up for Mark.  I know it is the easiest way of doing things, and I know he loves it, but damn it can be annoying!  Oh no – there was more news.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that there has been a pending company acquisition on the way, the understanding being a heavy civil construction company – someone who is likely a competitor.  Turns out that they are no longer a competitor, AECOM has acquired Shimmick.  They’re decently sized in California and water resources work, and they have a whole lot of equipment and operators, so that really should help out the California campaign, eventually.  I can only assume it will take months to years to integrate, this will be interesting.  All that seems very blah blah blah, but for me it sounds like opportunity.  Get visiting if you’re wanting to see Colorado!

Friday was another day starting with gym, going into work, skiving off early to go to the chiropractor, then dinner with Kat, Che, and Earl.  Okay, there was some non-normal.  I got a call from Mikey at Autonation, yep, I had to cheat on Don.  I promise, I feel bad about it, but there really wasn’t much other option seeing as he has retired – again.  So Mikey messages and he has good news, maybe.  They say that my car is on the way.  He did put a little hook in there that he’s not confident until it arrives and he checks it over to make sure it is what I wanted.  He messaged later in the day and yep – he managed to get a trade happening with another Subaru dealer such that I get to have my car.  I had a significant internal (and external, thanks Ben) debate over whether to wait, but then I figured its there, I’ve just gotta do it.  So I did.

I call her Q, I feel like it is obvious, but she’s a little James Bond but also incognito.

Friday I crashed out after dinner!  Saturday we had a trip to the waxing lady in the morning followed by a bit of organising for Ireland, followed by a couple of hours of cleaning at Che’s moms house (long story), and finally up to Earls for dinner.  Sunday we headed to the supermarket, the long way (its a five minute drive to the shops, but the way I went took an hour and was amazingly fun!).  Then we headed down To Wash Park for some volleyball with Jaclyn.  That was a fun day few hours, I couldn’t stay too long, it was pretty darned hot (like truly hot ~41oC), so left those crazy people with it.  I had a good time and we need to do that sort of thing again!!!

Monday and Tuesday were days at work that dragged like you wouldn’t believe.  With the pending holiday and the slow amount of work to do, I got a bit more organising done but I otherwise just frittered my time away.  I’m positive I could have been much more productive, though there isn’t much to be productive with.  I pestered Mikey to show me the electronics and get that all working, we found a bit of a bug seeing as my phone is now outdated and the car electronics are new. Turns out that I can EITHER Bluetooth for music or Google auto for navigation. That’s okay by me, I can work within that.

Wednesday starts with working and ends with a flight. More in that next post!

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