In Which Rhiannon has been Slack

Yep, I have.  Yep, my bad. Yep, care factor low 😉

So this last few weeks have been as busy as normal, as adventurous as normal, but I haven’t been travelling for work so there haven’t been hours of flights and sitting at airports to get this going.  And now its been almost forever since I posted, and for that I apologise – a little bit.  So what have I been up to?

Wednesday was the excitement of Metallica.  Second time I’ve seen them.  And I cannot believe that of all the people that I went with – some of them metal heads for ever – I was the only one who was seeing them for the second time.  Seriously odd to me.  So there were some quite amusing moments in the evening.  Firstly, there was a storm that started to roll through, awesome watching Metallica outside with the elements providing the light show.  Unfortunately, Denver City declared it too close and we had a pause in proceedings while there was a big (brief) downpour and the lightening dissipated.  Then it got interesting, little Uma and some big drunk lass decided to almost punch on.  The drunk lass was being belligerent and Uma was telling her to watch the show apparently, then when they were walking down the stairs there must have been a bump (65000 people exiting a stadium don’t move fast and they do have bumps, get over it), evidently this lady did not like that.  And the two of them were on the move.  So we had an amusing time trying to separate those two and eventually getting the police involved (they were right there anyways), and we went on our merry way.  About an hour after the pause we were allowed back outside and the music resumed, they made a huge error though…of all songs to play after the pause they have the best – Ride the Lightening.  THEY DIDN’T PLAY IT!  Pft.  So the whole evening was quite delayed and I didn’t get to bed until very late (early?) so the next day was a super drag.  Thankfully I worked a bit and slept a lot.

Friday we had Comedy up at DTC with Becky and Lane.  I didn’t really enjoy the comic, he was so high I barely understood most of what he said.  But hey, an evening of comedy on shouldn’t complain about.  He was having a smoke outside after the show so lane and Earl had a photo with him – apparently he was a teenage favourite for those two.  There is no accounting for taste sometimes.

Saturday was Michelle’s wedding.  The first of the weddings for this summer, thankfully only of two.  So we read the invite, it said great things like ‘country attire, its outside on grass, wear appropriate shoes’.  Which says to me something like summer wedding style with flat shoes or wedges, not heels.  What it meant was jeans and a shirt, or denim shorts and a shirt, on men and women.  We rocked up, the six of us, in our finery and we were better dressed than the groom.  Not than the bride, she was in an appropriately wedding style dress – with boots.  It was really quite interesting and amusing to our group for sure!  The ceremony was nice and short.  The reception was in a giant tent with unassigned seating (that whole seating plan thing avoided – winning!) and bbq for dunch.  That was yummy bbq.  We then bugged out, Kat was running low on energy so we left nice and early, which was good because I was, as usual, tired.

Sunday I got up and headed out past Pikes Peak for a hike with a waterfall from Green Mountain Lake (name of the town).  It was supposed to be a hike up to a reservoir, I didn’t make it that far.  The first ¾ mile was on a gravel road, then you went up the hill, then along a beautiful creek line called the Garden of Eden, then it got to another gravel road for the final 1/3 mile.  I started up the road then when a couple of cars that were less rugged than Red went by and I decided hell-no.  Walking on a road is not really interesting.  So I didn’t get to the reservoir, but that creek line was really pretty with the new growth pines and the spring flowers and bubbling creek.  (blah blah blah).  Not a bad walk if you get up that darned hill!

Monday Jac came over for dinner.  She’d been in Iceland for the previous couple of weeks with her family so I had to have a debrief.  Sounds like she had a great trip.  I burnt up some steak and we sat outside in the waning heat and had a natter about everything Iceland.  I’m jealous – I want to go back!  Ooooh, the other Monday highlight – I finally found and joined a decent gym.  I got a note in the mail about a gym less than a mile away opening up and turns out that its pretty decent, and CHEAP.  And I’m still waiting for the catch to bite me in the butt, but the paperwork doesn’t include anything catch-esque.  So I’m back in the gym and loving it.  I have been getting there when they open at 0500 (jogging is about eight minutes, about the same as driving), doing a workout and jogging home, then shower and at work about 0645.  That really is quite easy.  Oh, and there is a bloke who is about a mile wide who does training at 0530, so I’m trying to convince him that coming in at 0500 really isn’t that much earlier and he can train me before his group of super buff people comes in!  We’ll see how that goes.
The rest of the week was a little blurry – new gym and walks with Kat, Bear, and Che, a decent amount of working, a chat with some people at Subaru, etc.  Oh…Friday afternoon I had an appointment with the gyno-oncologist to do the 18 month post-op checkup.  He said it looked all good and that they’ll send me results soon.  Note to self: it’s been a week so I should actually check my mail for once! 

The weekend was much more fun.  We went rafting!  Oh boy that stuff is great.  So Saturday morning we headed down to Buena Vista and I finally managed to raft the Numbers.  Remember that bit that I found late last season but it was lower water and I decided to wait?!?  Okay, you don’t have to remember.  But know that I’ve been thinking of rafting this section for about ten months.  And it delivered!  Our guide – Rescue Dan – was good fun.  The others on the boat (Earl included) didn’t suck at paddling.  And the section was amazing fun at that high level of water.  Super fun!  So worth it!


After the rafting we ate lunch by the river then headed into Salida for the night – camping.  Worked out why there were no regular camping spots: FIBark.  A big rafting festival in Salida.  We go tone in some womans yard that she had on Airbnb.  It was okay.  Interestingly, it was a short walk to the brewery that Wade is working at so we headed down there for a beer.  Not bad and good to catch up with Wade, its been a while.  Overnight we had the unknown: the river levels were on the rise and we weren’t sure if the Gorge would be running.  I woke at 0545 and the water was borderline too high.  By 0745 (the next update), it was too high and the run was off.  Booooo.  Don’t worry – we got more rafting in!  We called around and got onto a run down Browns Canyon, a couple of sections south of the Numbers and touted as one of the most rafted and most beautiful sections of river in the country.  I can understand why people say it is beautiful – it is quite pretty.  And it was great fun!  The river had come further up by then and the rapids that are ranked III had some great waves and holes and hits.  Seriously good fun.  The photos are of one of the earlier rapids that I thought was quite decent, and it was the least of the three decent rapids.  Oh boy – such fun!  Goosebumps thinking about it.

This week has been uneventful again on the work front.  There have been a host of things to do and I’ve got most of it done.  Winning.  On the gym front – I have gone every day and been foam rolling to help recovery and I’m so glad I’m back in the gym.  Monday night Red went into the shop for her service, they said she’s all shiny and special.  Nothing interesting.  Wednesday was the fortnightly social, not many of us this week but a good chat with Chad and Mark E.  Thursday we had girls night turned into birthday dinner for Michelle.  That was both fun and annoying.  With the CR wedding coming up (Ireland) I need an appropriate dress and after the being-super-over-dressed wedding I’m not game to decide myself.  The invite says nothing.  The groom says ‘formal, we’re wearing tuxedos’ (of course – groom!), the advice was a long shiny ball gown is good (my grey), but I just don’t see it when the service is at 1330 and the reception is to follow.  A night time, sure, that can be ball gown, but day time….I don’t see it.  So Che brought over her dresses, Kat raided her wardrobe, and all three provided all sorts of opinions.  I landed on a choice between a long black from Che or a long dark blue from Kat.  I’m leaning towards the blue – colour is always better – but I have time to decide.  Evil Michelle had me trying on all these super short and never going to be appropriate dresses just so she could see them….some didn’t even fit over my butt!!!  So that was the annoying part.

Saturday Earl and I went for a hike into Lake Isabelle.  We had a thought to go into Isabelle glacier but I have to admit that I chickened out when there was about 500m of snow on a slope that we had to walk across with the lake at the bottom…and I didn’t have spikes. Nope, I don’t wanna slide down the slope into the very very cold water. So we headed back, it was still seven miles.  It was cool to see the blue diamonds that we followed when we snow shoed up that way, they’re about 5m in the trees… We were eye level with them.


Sunday I picked up Andrew and we headed up to clear creek for some rafting there.  We did the intermediate, so a different section to last month, good fun. 
Monday I took Andrew on the brief tourist loop through red rocks and up evans then dropped him at his hotel after lunch. I headed home and smashed out a day of work in about five hours. Oh yeah, we stopped in at the Phoenix gold mine and did a little tour, I didn’t enjoy it, the guy was so shitty…

Tuesday through Thursday were uneventful, working.  I guess this week I also started training with a guy whose about three feet wide. He’s happy he’s got a female client who just wants to lift heavy stuff, none of this tone up a or b stuff, just lift.  It’s so nice to be lifting again!
And on that note I’ll leave you. This weekend is independence day long weekend. So stuff is happening! Just believe it 🙂

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