In Which we Extend the Weekly Post

This week I had a travel week, as I’m positive you guessed from the end of last week!  Sorry for the delayed post, it will make sense though.  This week there was also some rafting, hiking, and a first! Oh, and a little bonus for you, we’re going to continue on through to Wednesday. Why? Adventure coming 🙂

Allow me to explain that trip for you.  I was booked to fly to Fargo on Sunday night and spend the week in Fargo, but Mark had other plans.  He, an estimator, and a superintendent were planned to go to a lock in Illinois for what they thought was a job walk.  Then they discovered that it was in fact an industry day held off site, so they became rapidly disinterested and decided to send just me instead (because I’m so good at this business development stuff, not! I need some training).  So that’s why I went to Fargo via Peoria.

Monday morning I planned a jog and found very very few options in the town, on both alltrails and mapmyrun.  I guess there aren’t many people who hike or jog in Peoria, kinda evident by the waistlines I have to admit.  So I asked the girl at the desk and she referred me to the one mile each way path along the river, that’s it, one mile. Gold.  So I did that!  Then I did a little work.

A number of those trails were horses or bikes…

Just some river photos…I may have been a little distracted from my jog.

Artsy shot I hope!

After that wander I did a bit of work in the hotel then headed into the booming metropolis of Peoria.  Looking at the buildings I expected a bit more hustle and bustle at 0930, instead the only thing that conspired to make me late for the meeting was that all the parking meters are coin only, I don’t carry coins! Okay, I have some in Red for this purpose but I was in a hire car, meh.  I found a carpark which, as it turned out, didn’t need any money, winning!  I got into the library and the meeting room for the chat and I learned that the contracting officer has less of a clue about project labour than I do, and that’s saying something – I can’t even spell it correctly for this country! So that was enlightening. I had a chat with a few people then met a guy who I’ve talked with on the phone a few times, great to put a face to the name, got chatting with him so long that everyone except the people from the army had gone. Oh well, fail.  Then I had to get my butt shaking to get to the airport, the 2.5 hour drive again.  I have to admit that I was worried…the traffic at the airport looked horrid! Turns out that the southwest terminal is always terrible in the afternoons.  Note to Self: don’t fly southwest out of St Louis.  Better note to self: when going from Peoria to Fargo, drive to Chicago. Save a flight!  I realised, stupidly late, that I was driving right where my plane was going to take me, really really silly, there would have been no traffic worries then! I got to Fargo about 2030, half hour earlier than expected ao that’s a win.  Bill picked me up, always a lovely chatter with that chap.  Tuesday morning I jogled along the river in Fargo and Morehead, both sides! Totally beating Peoria.  No photos, it was a grey old morning and I got damp from splashes and dripping trees (tho not raining), so I just put my head down and got it over with. The theme for this three days has been shorter than expected meetings follower by failing to get work done productively.  The hotel chair wouldnt raise so my books were below desk level, working on the bed is not very ergonomic. Then the WiFi gave up when five bus loads of people arrived, very useless, amazingly useless.  The room at least faced west so i could watch the sunsets!  Dinner with the lads from Walsh was worse than pulling teeth, one is super guarded and there is only so much the other and I could chat about evidently.

Stunning sunsets!!!

Yep, this is Fargo 🙂 there are flashing lights and everything, I really don’t mind this town, when it’s above freezing.

Funny story: I noted the painting that was hanging here was on a wonk when I checked in. Then 36 hours later it fell off the wall!!!

Well that is a first. Never been to a baptism, I wonder whether they object to baptism of fire (when I enter the church and a fireball is sent my way)

Thursday started with a final meeting then off to the airport, where the WiFi is much better than that at the hotel. Shame on Radisson.  A meeting while sitting at the airport. And finally flying home.  Of course I had to go to the office instead of home, but oh well…the WiFi there is exponentially better!  I was super productive for a couple of hours at the office then home to do washing and sleep.

My morning jog, the sun rising over the rail lines. The Red River doesn’t look too scary right now…

Friday I really needed a super productive day, especially when Mark informed me that’s is having all next week off with the kids. But alas it wasn’t meant to be, the BD folks had the chatters and then when I got to my desk to work so did my chatty colleague. So I didn’t get enough done. Oh well. On the way home I popped to the chiropractor and then got some fish for fish tacos for dinner (experiment).

Saturday was the beginning of the great fun for the season…first rafting! We chilled at home and I did a few hours of work, then we headed up to Idaho springs.  It absolutely pelted down the whole way but when we got to the rafting it started to clear up, thankfully. The water was super icy and being in front I bore the brunt of it, my fault, I volunteered (there is no other way to do it!).  We had six in our boat, Earl and I, Kenny the guide, and three blokes on a bucks weekend from St Louis. They were nigh useless.  The trip we did was the advanced run but with the water still being quite low, about 250cfs, it was considered an intermediate trip only.  Kenny freaked the guys out nice and early with his 50/50 chance of flipping the boat.  He later told us that to avoid flip, left stays high, I can do that! We didn’t flip.  One of the bucks lads did fall in the drink, froze a few seconds, then Earl hauled him back in. We were mid rapid so Kenny was keen on not letting him float and also getting us going swiftly. A few others also swam.  I’m not bad at locking in so I stayed as dry as possible.

Not sure if you can tell but I assure you I was grinning from ear to ear!

Saturday evening we crashed out. Sunday we got up and headed up to Eldorado Springs for a walk up their canyon.  the road through the town is gravel with some super big potholes, I can only assume it’s intentional to deter tourists.  The state Park there is absolutely stunning, the creek is pretty, it was green and decent facilities. Of course there were waaaaaaay too many people. But pretty spot.  The hike itself was nice. Annoyingly up a hill and down again and the falls at the end weren’t that impressive, but it was a really pretty walk.

Pretty trail and unimpressive falls.

Great views. Denver is right through the gap in the hills.

The trains go to California and all places along the way, it was going super slowly!

Sunday afternoon TJ and Constance came over for an early dinner. Earl cooked up some falling-off-the-bone ribs and we sat about and talked shit for a few hours.  Exciting week!

And on to the bonus days: Monday we started the day with another few hours of work (so much to do with that pending adventure). Then I had another first: baseball!  Jac organised for four of us, Jac, Drew, Earl, and I, to go to the baseball.  The Rockies aren’t going too badly thus year apparently so the game had a decent crowd.  Earl isn’t great with the rules of baseball, he knows about as much as me, the basics.  I guess science =/= sport.  Thankfully both Jac and drew know the game and what they didn’t know the chap in the row in front of us filled in the super detailed gaps.  I have to say that the first hour was interesting, seeing how it all went, then it got a little repetitive.  Then it got flat out dull for the eigth innings, both teams were dragging it out. Then the ninth innings flew by. I was close to leaving in the eigth and if the ninth had been dragged out I would have, but it flew and then home time!

Thanks chaps in front!

So that is baseball…

Tuesday and Wednesday I had a whole host of work to do, I guess that should be normal when you have a two day week.  Tuesdays highlight was that my birthday presents from the family turned up.  Waterproof hiking boots and perfume, how can a girl go wrong?  Also Wednesday we did some planning for the adventure. 

Birthday boots and BO beautifier. 

Yogi bear getting all excited about visiting his homeland. 

In other news, congrats mum and lu, TWO rosettes!

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