In Which I Visit Another State and Revisit a River

Yep, new state, winning! Also, I saw the Mighty Mississippi again. The alliteration got blown up when I discovered the Missouri River joins the Mississippi in Missouri at St Louis.
Monday was a blessedly easy day at work, Mark was adventuring so I got a day of a whole host of getting work done.  The evening was also chill, imagine that, 24 hours of not much happening….not at all complaining!  It got more busy. Tuesday at work was also uneventful but I left a little early to get to Earls for an early dinner.  Why? Primus at Red Rocks!!!! I know very little about Primus, but I know that red rocks is an awesome place for any old concert.  So we munched some burritos then Brent and Cindy picked us up and we headed into the carpark. Maybe we were earlier than last time I was there, but the parking was  much easier this time.  The show was great fun, mostly for watching how much Earl got into it, he loves those guys evidently, I’ve never seen him so animated!

See, animated!!!

Red Rocks is great from the back where the music isn’t so loud and there are somewhat less people…..

After that late night I’d told Mark I’d not be in until noon Wednesday.  He sent me a text on Tuesday afternoon asking for something new…and didn’t tell me if it was urgent…so I spent 20 minutes telling him the answer while eating dinner and by morning he’d decided he wanted it somewhat different and done by 1230. So I got my butt up and got to work about 0930, lucky because 1230 apparently meant 1130.  We sorted it all out.  Wednesday night was fortnightly social time.  Mark E, Jim, Patty, Che, and I enjoyed some wings and sliders at Bad Daddys burgers up in Landmark. Not too bad really.  By Wednesday night the weather had turned cold, and on Thursday morning there was snow.  Yay for snow! Because 18 May is a really normal time for there to be snow (not).

So it snows in May evidently. All the plants struggled with the wet heavy snow.

Mum was excited that it snowed, I got to wear the socks she spun and knitted. Super warm and oddly not itchy!

Cherry Creek Reservoir looks different again to last time…it was only a couple of weeks ago that it was broad sunshine and I was there! I haven’t pit a filter on this photo either, it was an odd lighting.

Thursday I couldn’t just curl up in bed and hide from the snow, I had to go to work for four hours of meeting in the morning with the designers.  That was so much fun. At least half of it they spent posturing about pointless stuff and by then I’d turned off, so the rest may or may not have been useful.  The afternoon was productive, thank goodness.  Then I headed home for a massage with Stella.  Earl came down after work and also had a massage.  This at home thing is kinda cool, though it means she can’t do any of the ashiatsu work.  Friday I took my flex day and volunteered as a guide at GESTEM.  I did it last year too if you recall, 1200 year seven girls exploring STEM. Yay.  I had a couple of recalcitrant kids but they came around by the third session when we made slime.

I saw Trilce a few tables over, she was the only one from Newmont so we had a photo together. This was one of the classrooms of activities, the dull one so I took some photos, the others I had fun! A brewery is just the thing to have in the middle of a college campus.

Funny story.  Che lives 10 minutes north of me.  We decided that car pooling would be a good idea. This message string ensued:

**ring ring** on my phone… Turns out that I was at her place and she was at mine. Sure I may not have reiterated that I’d meet her at her place, but she also missed the whole ‘I’ll come to your place’ concept on Thursday night. Hilarious! We had a good long laugh about the importance of clear communication and not falling to conclusions.  We weren’t late.  Earl picked me up from GESTEM and we went to see King Arthur at the cinema. Worth seeing it at the cinema, it’s big and fun, but it is very much a guy ritchie film.  See it, enjoy it, don’t listen to any rants, form your own opinion!
Saturday we slept in then had a debate about what to do.  Hike? Cinema? Shopping? Chill? Drive? Our indecision led us to giving up and hitting the couch where I did a little work and we had a giggle at Shawn the Sheep (how could he have never seen it?!?).  Then we picked up Stella at work and we three hit up the Downslope distillery briefly before heading up to Declaration Brewing for Jac’s birthday. That’s a pretty good venue, interesting beers.  I think she had fun so that’s the main thing.

Oh yeah, I baked on Saturday morning too. Happy early Birthday Jac!

Sunday I journeyed to St Louis, I left at 1030 so I could have a couple of hours in town before driving up to Peoria, Illinois.  My first step was lunch, I hunted down a bbq joint my neighbor on the plane recommended. There was a line out the door so I figured it must be good, it moved good and fast too.  While in line there was a little girl behind me who was being bratty so I challenged her to standing on one foot and counting to ten. Her gran asked if I was a teacher, then proceeded to chat to me about how they look after the kid because mom is not at all a responsible mum etc. Thankfully I sat in a different area in the restaurant and they didn’t join me.  The main aim was achieved, the kid quit being all snotty.  

This was the lunch, totally worth the wait, those ribs were awesome!  shame about the sweet potatoes having something sweet on them, maybe honey, but sweet and *shudder*. The apples were less sweet than the potato!

After that very fulfilling lunch I realised hat I didn’t have time to see both the zoo and the arch.  I decided the arch was the better bet as the zoo is a free one and on good weather days it is very busy, and it was astonishingly busy in the carpark when I drove by (right choice ish). I got to the arch and I learned that the tram that runs up the middle to the viewing platform (about ten stories up), was booked out (limited trips during the construction, hence the ish). So I just walked though the museum and to the base of the arch.  Awesome thing that is!

I guess this was the local courthouse back in the day. Now it’s a bit of a museum and gift shop for the arch.

Inside the courthouse, all fancy like.

‘murica. That is the arch, super impressive! 

I quite liked the reflections in that building. The statue people are looking at the arch but from this angle I can almost believe they’re looking at the reflections instead.

So after that exploration I headed north two and a half hours.  I guess most of you know the ins and outs of my week because I used that driving time to call! Pity it wouldn’t call gran and gramps, the call simply wouldn’t connect.  I got to my hotel and had this conversation:

Desk Lady: [insert pleasantries], what’s your surname?

Me: “kupa” (apparently that’s the phonetic spelling of my surname)

Desk Lady: I can’t see you on here, spell it please?

Me: c-o-o-p-e-r (the last letter pronounced full pirate style)

Desk lady: Are you at the right hotel?

Me: I believe so, I checked in online, quite sure I’m in the right place but if I’m not I can continue on my way.

Desk lady: Oh no, we have plenty of rooms available. What’s your reservation number?

[insert me fumbling for my phone, opening the app, and reading off the number]

Desk lady: there you are, not sure what happened there [and gets me my card and talks shit about loving my accent and so on]

I eventually get to my room, open the door and the bed is right in front.  And the view is beautiful green trees! And to my left… There are papers strewn all over the floor and tables. What the?  So back down to the lobby I go, to profuse apologies and an upgraded room.  The whole episode reminded me of the time I checked into b4 camp and opened the door to a naked man sleeping on the bed. I don’t think he even woke up!  That wasn’t my room either.

I got a dinner recommendation from the girls at the front desk on one of those trips down there.  They asked what I liked (food, all of it), burgers or something more upscale (local anything, burgers or whatever), a bit of a divey place (hell yeah!!!). The recommendation was for the Burger Barge just up the way, I dumped my bag in my room and walked up there.  Great burgers but the margarita left a bit to be desired. Part way down the road I saw their motto is “Best Burgers This Side of Paradise”.  What I didn’t realise at the time was rhat the casino right by my hotel was called “Par-A-Dice”. Love It! I couldn’t tell if there was another burger joint the other side of the casino or not.  So, burger, emails, and sleep rounded out my week and left me in Peoria to start out the next week.

2 thoughts on “In Which I Visit Another State and Revisit a River

  1. Little town? Didnt see much in the way of pics there. So must have been a little dull. Or….is it to be continued? 😆


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