In Which Team Quokka Does Birthday Cotopaxi Questival Denver

Team Quokka re formed for the Denver Questival 2017.  We had t-shirts and everything, don’t they look stylish?!?

Many thanks to Jac and Stella for the t-shirt design!

So let’s explain questival and how we got here.  Firstly, this is all my fault, I saw it on Facebook and decided it looked cool.  Thankfully it wasn’t a huge ruse.  I cajoled a host of people to join me for the 24 hour adventure challenge.  The concept: get one to five of your mates together and have a fun 24 hours doing random things.  These things loosely follow some general categories, but you don’t have to stick to one category, you can mix and match, so we did.  The base category I chose was camping, why? Because camping involves at least some sleeping, and there is no way I’d survive the 24 hours without any sleep! (to be fair, they don’t expect you to either, they shut the app down between 0100 and 0500 so people get some sleep).  Oh and the weather man said it would be a stunning evening.

Luckily for me Friday was my flex day. I had no hope of having the whole day as flex as Mark has his weekly meeting and he wants a debrief of my Monterey jaunt.  I for out of work before 1100 and spent a couple of hours organising the random purchases and getting some camping gear together.  A huge thank you to Jac for going into the city to pick up the bags, checking the team in, and getting the ball rolling. It meant that we didn’t have to be at the festival until about 1830 for getting the token and starting the challenges at 1900.

This is a relatively random selection of my favourite challenges and photos.  It was a great time and I’m glad I did it.  Super fun.  Thank you to the people who made it possible: Earl for setting up the camping thing and driving, Jac for being super accepting of my lack of organisation (silly travel), Drew for being the most prolific team member, and Stella for adding energy when our stores were way low.

One two three jump!  With another team.

Appreciating the lovely sunset!

Now that is a good s’more!  Use tim tams with the melted marshmallow….seriously try it!!!

Our camp site was a half mile walk to the car.  Jac nearly lost her daks!

St Marys Glacier snow angel…

Cooking llama shaped pancakes, from a rum bottle….I promise non alcoholic.

Dancing on the ceiling like Lionel Richie

Brushing a team mates teeth – totally hilarious.

Jacs amazing advertisement for Chanels new line – Campfire.  I’d buy it for sure!

See all our photos and videos here!

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