In Which we Live a Life of Luxury (ish)

This week has been a more quiet week.  I guess everything is relative.  I did manage to get some travelling half done, but that is about it.  A brief summary of my work week goes something like this:  So Monday was a day, it had only one meeting, which came with a host of actions at the end of the day, but otherwise productive day.  Tuesday I went to the doc to have a look at my face (cryptic) and had a couple of short meetings with few actions for me – winning!  Wednesday I went to the chiropractor and then got myself deaf (no meetings).  Thursday was a flex day but I did a few hours at work for meetings and tidying up some stuff.  Friday was one big meeting right in the middle of the day but otherwise productive.
For some details about things that I’m positive you’re now thinking about…..

This was my Wednesday morning, constantly running for thirty minutes :

The doctors visit: I must have brushed up against something that I reacted to on one of my walks on the weekend, I had an area about the size of a 20c piece on one cheek and a little finger nail on the right cheek.  Both were super itchy Sunday / Monday, by Tuesday it was also almost peeling, so the doc gave me some sort of topical cream and sent me on my way.  That helped with the itching for a few hours after application (only twice a day) and may or may not have sped up the healing.  It had eased by Friday, though there was still a patch of discolouration.

All the meetings were about Jennings, the hydropower project.  We’re in the midst of a medium snafu thanks to design creep and the income from power being reduced.  Highly annoying.  I’ve spent most of my week coordinating others and getting procurement packages assembled.  Lots of fun.  On the plus side, procurement packages are much more ‘my job’ than the rest of the weeks work (which was preparing spreadsheets for the business development team).

And then to the fun stuff!  Wednesday evening we went to see Breaking Benjamin.  I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed.  Only somewhat – they put on a decent show – but I could have got the same effect from putting it on my stereo and turning it up really loud.  I guess that is almost a compliment to them because they do live shows to a similarly high musical standard as the albums – but it should also be perceived as a negative in some ways.  At Red Rocks they were interesting and engaging and had a good chat with the audience that was right on point and amusing.  Here they were almost silent.  They just smashed through their set list and had one moment of chatter towards the end (thanking veterans and emergency services types for their service to the country).  Gina pointed out that there was one bloke who never had the spotlight on him; the lead singer (Benjamin himself), didn’t have the light on him at all while everyone else did.  Super strange.  My theory is that he was inappropriately drugged, either he was high at RR and not here, or he was not at RR and was this week.  Oh well, it was a good night regardless, and good to catch up with Uma!

The Breaking Benjamin set up.

Oh, amusing little story – I recently read a book called Alice in Zombieland, it was a typical female teenage heroine story with zombies that were not real.  Okay, they were real, but they were in some sort of spirit form and they ate your spirit energy.  Different twist on the zombie thing, and absorbing book, though clearly focused on the teenage audience.  Anyways, in this book the main character says something like she was listening to Red to put her in the fighting mood (or something similar).  I’d never heard of Red so assumed they were some made up band and moved on.  Turns our Red were the openers for Breaking Benjamin.  They weren’t bad.

This is Red.

So the only other interesting thing during the week also starts with a little story.  Last week on our snowshoe Jac’s cousin was talking about having five weddings this summer.  I counted up and I think I’ve been to five to date total (and I’m five years older than he).  This week I received two invitations in the post – Michelles and Kurts weddings. Neither of them unexpected, but the same week, and after that chat, amusing. 

Darned invitations to weddings…

Ooooh, Thursday I also did some cooking!  I made Chicken Saag.  Look at me go!  With the slightly earlier leave-work-time I decided to put a little effort in.  The scariest thing: I’m becoming like my mother!  I have more spices than I can fit in my one spice basket.  Erk.  Regardless, the recipe was quite a good one and if I can make it anyone reading this can make it too!  Having read through some of the comments I did halve the spinach and chicken quantities (it made four serves) but retained the spice etc quantities.  I think you could go heavier again on the spices if you like those sorts of flavours.  On the topic of cooking I also made a breakfast slice which I’ve enjoyed all week: Nougat Bar minus the sugar and plus fruit.  I suspect the likelihood of doing much cooking in the near future is slim with all this travel coming up.

So onto the weekend.

Friday night we had a quiet one at Earls.  He whipped up some amazing fillet steak and veges for dinner and I fell asleep watching star wars.

Fridays dessert and Saturdays snow.

Saturday we had a surprisingly busy day. We started with the snow and refusing to get out of bed. Okay, that wasn’t the busy time, kinda luxurious. We then dragged our butts out of bed, Earl cooked up bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we headed to the museum to catch up with Becky, Lane, Caleb, and his missus.

The Vikings are cool! This looks like art, but it is how they found the rivets after the timber rotted.

The Christensen family. Me wearing my 3d glasses for imax while also wearing my viking helmet!

The left is for Steve, women spin wool like this. And the right one is for mum, these are spikes they used to put into the horses hooves!

The poor camarasaurus was snowy too. If you’ve nevery looked up Pleo, I want one!

Did you know that the word viking is also a verb? People would go viking. That was news to me. “Please excuse me while I go viking” 😉

After the museum we headed to Nonos Cafe down near my place.  The purpose: to try out a crawfish boil. The reality: eating a whole lot of food that’s trickier to get into than prawns and my little brother wasn’t there the help peel! I guess crawfish are basically yabbies. There is a general theory of sacking the juices out of the heads. I did a few but then stuck with the tiny tails.

Top left to bottom right from clean to dirty 🙂

Earl’s nephew, Caleb and us, with “full” bellies.

We then popped home briefly for a change of clothes, we’d got bits of crawfish and juice all over us! Then we headed back out to the wings above the rockies museum. Why? Nerd night!  Earl took us to star wars at the hangar, it was good, but had much more potential. I think Earl loved it but mostly because he got to get in one of the x wing fighters.

I got in some plane too…the bloke gave some great advice for pilots: watch the acceleration and altitude, if you’re running low on either you’re in strife.

Everyone playing with a replica gun from the movies. It has a name, I don’t know it 😉

Sunday I had a flight out to sunny Fargo.  First up, a sleep in.  Yep, that was two days in a row that I didn’t wake up to the alarm going off (hence the luxury).  Despite delaying the overall proposal submissions, the client hasn’t stopped the procurement – they scheduled a test pitting program for May 1 and 2.  So up to Fargo I flew….eventually.  We were about that delayed so I had some good reading time.  Fargo was wonderfully sunny but windy (of course), a brew later and I headed to sleep.

Not bad local beers…

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