In Which “Oh The Ache” Is All Too Relevant

This week I managed to push myself quite hard.  You may be curious as to how a crazy child like myself, who pushes quite hard at the best of times, gets to ‘pushed quite hard’.  It is possible.  You shall see.


Thanks Gran for the wonderful Easter gift!  I had a huge giggle when I realised that it was from the USA to the USA 🙂

So my week was pretty dull…the main highlight was – guess what? – NO TRAVEL.  No getting on planes.  It is interesting just how huge such a thing is even though I really don’t spend that long on planes.  I look at people like Mark and Monica and they’re lucky to be at home for a weekend, let alone for an entire week (and wait for next week, its another with no flights!).  So, I didn’t travel, but don’t stress, that doesn’t mean that you get a boring post…..I kept myself busy!  Okay, during the week I didn’t keep myself too busy.  There was one annoyance: the bid that was due September has been pushed to February. I understand why they have done it, but it is an additional five months of being too busy to do anything else (according to not-the-boss).  I’m not unlikely to start getting bored quite soon.  Mark is working on not letting me get bored, by giving me business development tasks to do.  BD isn’t my goal but I guess I’ll do some for a while, means I get to go to California in a couple if weeks. Another state, yay!

Wednesday we had a fortnightly-ish social. With all the Minneapolis I’ve been quite slack organising them, so I finally did another.  This one was a tequila inspired trip to a Mexican joint – Los Chingones – up the road.  There was a really good turnout, it started as three from my team and three from the transport design team…then we upped the ante with the construction folk and got to a total of twelve people!  Sure, two of them were ring-ins (Stella and Earl), but Stella has attended more of them than I have!  The place had $5 margaritas and $2 tacos, winning.

One of those nights I went to the bottle-o and I couldn’t decide whether I should get rum or whiskey.  Of course the chap in the shop said I should get both.  I didn’t think that was appropriate.  His next plan was to give me this – whiskey aged in rum barrels.  Winning!  It was actually quite yummy, very drinkable.


And that was about the extent of my week.  Work.  Meetings.  Adjustments to reduced workload, you know – the norm!  Ready for the weekend.

Saturday was a fun day of predominantly hiking.  Jaclyn is wanting to do a 14er.  Its snowing, so I managed to talk the group down to doing a 13er.  When we got to the start the trailhead we had planned to leave from was closed and we needed to add 2 miles (each way) to the hike.  So by the time we got to the trail head I managed to convince the team that heading into the lakes was a better idea than trying to get up the darned hill.  I have to say that I am astoundingly glad I made that decision!  Poor Jaclyn was in struggle town after slogging through the deep snow for 2.5 miles, so we finally called it a day and headed back.  The return trip was much easier as we’d already beaten a bit of a path.  This snowshoeing caper is surprisingly hard work.  I’d guess there was at least a foot of fresh powder on top, and more in the areas of drifts – hard work to get through!

Hahaha – Jac likes to flop down in the snow when we stop – I like to take photos of icicles while we wait for everyone to be ready to move on.

Lovely snow, trees, and blue skies.  One of those hills is Mt Audobon – didn’t get up there.

Team Quokka! You’ll understand in a couple of weeks 🙂

We made it, then headed into Boulder for the mandatory protein-up that Stella requires.  We had a decent burger for lunch with a beer, and then headed to our respective homes.  We got home and had a much needed shower and nanna nap then went down to the Great Australian Bite for an Anzac day pie.  Sure, I’d managed to mess up their celebration days (other celebrations were being held the 22nd, but the pie shop is still planning the 25th, oops).  Regardless, we had a pie and beer.  I was disappointed in the pie this time, the base was ridiculously soft, I couldn’t hold the thing together – I suspect it had been sitting in the warmer for much too long.
[Earl enjoyed the Fosters.  The girl behind the counter told us that it is the same as VB but the Australian ambassador didn’t think it would sell in a VB can, so they put it in a Fosters can.  I need to fact check that one.]

Sunday I had a general need to move a bit, after the nine miles in snow I needed some blood flow.  I guess I went a little overboard when I glummed on the Mountain Lion Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  Ooops.  It was seven miles with 1700ft of gain.  That wasn’t really a relaxing stroll to get the blood flowing – though the blood sure did flow!  It was a lovely walk…f* you Colorado: its amazing that you can see the stunning snow scenery one day then be hiking in short sleeves the next.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live here?  Some Swiss family did since the 1780 ish, then they sold up and the state parks purchased the land.

Views from the top of this hill – totally different to Saturdays views!

This hike even had a waterfall!

Sunday afternoon I finally made the priority to get to the sour beer place that Jac found and Stella loves.  The four of us headed there for a couple of afternoon beers.  We played some WTF Did You Say (think Cards Against Humanity but with dirtier cards, same rules, same producer, etc) which was good fun and enjoyed some sour beers.  I quite like the sour beer thing, though I refused the stout – still don’t like stouts.

The three sour beers that were not stout, and the game 🙂

Finally it was home time.  We dropped Stella off on the way and headed home for an easy delivery of chinese for dinner and an early bed.  Yep, the aching had set in while sitting at the brewery.  Darned legs!

Its tricky to see with a phone photo, but the view of the hills is always stunning! 

And that was the extent of the weekend!  Onwards to the next week which is likely to be less intense in many ways but similarly busy in many other ways 🙂

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