In Which Minneapolis is a Destination, and Whiskey and Hiking Abound

Interestingly, this Monday wasn’t as difficult as last Monday.  Maybe the ten hours of sleep Sunday night is more advantageous than having a nanna nap then sleeping the normal eight hours.  Regardless, Monday was a relatively benign day with one glaring exception. Beware this will be a rant. I have a project that finance is struggling to report the spend on, I don’t know why, it’s not my job to investigate, but I do know that after nine months we’ve spent more than -$282k.  So the budgeting has been messy, but of course I’m all over it, I can tell you anything you need to know about it.  Steve not-the-boss has finally realised that it’s a mess and requested (last week) that we discuss on Monday (this week), so we agreed to a time, I put it in our calendars, and he accepted.  Fifteen minutes into the thirty minute meeting duration I wrote in my notes area ‘did not show’ and left the meeting room. Thirty minutes after the start time he comes by and says he’d like to discuss after our 1500 meeting with one insincere sounding apology.  So the guy who I already have the biggest beef with just set off every one of my triggers.  You know where he was? Lunch.  He had a 1.5 hour lunch and missed a meeting he requested.  Now that really made me feel respected.  I was so livid I had to do an sos session (three minutes) on my headspace meditation thing.  *deep breath*  So Monday included one significantly infuriating transaction but otherwise a fairly productive day.  Ooooh, there was a good thing to Monday, I decided to go for a jog, a nice easy three miles.  It was slow but nice to get outside in the morning. I even did the stairs run thing, which I’ve not done for ages, I was surprised how not-as-difficult-as-I-thought-it-would-be it was.

Monday night Earl came over and I taught him a new word: rissole. I made rissole for dinner but he called them hamburger patties, apparently rissole in this context is a British / New Zealand / Aussie thing.  The original use, according to wikipedia, is a French pastry with red berry compote (or similar) in it, rissole meaning reddish apparently.  So I learned that.  Tuesday morning I didn’t run, just did my at home body weight work then headed to the airport for an 0800 flight to Minneapolis. I don’t think I’ve ever caught the train in the daylight before, this is an interesting city. Three miles out of the centre and there are masses of silos and many run down buildings, but there are also a host of fancy new looking places.  The city itself is neat too, I’m thinking a cross between Chicago and Denver (I’d likely piss off everyone from both cities if I said that aloud).  Having arrived earlier than normal I managed to find time for a walk along the river, not a new thing, but new for this year and in a new area.  The walk was amazing!

Full photos I’m sure you enjoyed seeing Monday!

This one is on Nicollet island, a little island right above the falls. There is a university campus and about twenty houses on it. I can imagine sitting on that porch whining away the hours.

Wednesday we had our normal day of meetings.  Nothing super interesting there, but there was an amusing moment with one of the older chaps in the room.  He’s still new to the team and trying to prove himself (as evidenced by the amount of needless talking that he did – I do wish the task lead would make these people move on).  Anyways, this is the figure and the discussion that followed.


“Do you like the colors?” – JV. “Meh, I have a severe aversion to pink” – RC There was a split second of ‘oops, I f’ed up’ then he returned to his posturing.

The flight home was a tad earlier than my normal time…  Thursday I had a normal day – more meetings through the morning.  Then the afternoon was spent at the dentist.  Four fillings on the upper teeth, the dentist in Perth had noted there were a few coming in there, so I wasn’t really surprised.  This dentist says four – my response was just get them done already.  Annoyingly he also mentioned that there is some pitting starting on the top of some of my other molars, so I guess those will need to get worked on some time in the medium term.  Yay.  Why do I get such bad teeth when Bens only ever has one filling?  Not fair.

Friday we had a group gathering where the whiskey featured.  When we were in Breckenridge we did the distillery tour.  On that tour there was some discussion about some super fancy whiskey – Pappy Van Winkle.  Chad discovered this fancy whiskey can be found at a Denver bar called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  So we – Chad, Stella, Jac, Earl, and I – headed there to sample this delight.  What was not clear before our arrival was that Pappy is $175 per shot.  PER SHOT.  So we didn’t have Pappy.  We did sample the much cheaper Rip Van Winkle at $38 a shot plus a host of others.  The daft thing was that we’d have hung out and drunk a whole lot more if it didn’t take so long to get anything.  The fastest we got any service was twenty minutes, and that was because we seated ourselves at a ‘reserved’ table and they came to challenge us (it was reserved for us). Every drink was >20 minutes!  Insanity, even by Aussie standards.

“wtf” is appropriate ob so many levels. At least they stock okay whiskey.

Saturday Earl and I planned to hike up to the Devils Head Lookout Tower, even if the road was closed and it was fifteen miles.  Thankfully the road was open and it was only 4.5 miles, including a little exploring that kinda worried Earl eventually. It was a pretty darned good hike, with a fun set of stairs at the top.

The stairs tithe Lookout Tower.

The tower. The sign says 143 stairs, by my count it ignores the final seven…

143 or 150 stairs, whatever, the views are amazing!

Going exploring; the point where Earl bugged out; at last, Red! The carpark was full and overflowing down the road by the time we got back.

Saturday arvo Earl took me to one of the BBQ places on the list, Ragin’ Hog BBQ.  It’s the best Arkansas bbq in town I’m told.  It was good bbq, and it’s darned lucky that we went at 1700 because about fifteen minutes after we ordered the sold out sign went up. Amusingly Chad and Stella came…I don’t know how they got an invite but they did! I believe Friday night Stella invited herself, sorry Jac missed out!

Sold out at Ragin’ Hog; earing chocolate early; darned Garfield (Gato) kept trying to steal my Pringles!

At some stage over the weekend, I think it was Friday evening, Stella announced that the first 14er would be on 22 April, a whole week away.  I really wasn’t expecting a 14er so early in the season, heck, Chad is still skiing, that doesn’t bode well for successful 14ers.  So we said yes and decided that Sunday we’d do a trial run, a 13er!  The choice was James’ Peak, up past the St Mary’s Glacier.  The snow was indeed annoying, over knee deep in many places and by the time we were returning it was warm enough that it was soft and every step went down a good four-five inches, many times up to my knees.  We didn’t have snow shoes (fail on our part), but we persevered and got up to 12815ft (according to the recording), so a good trial and training for the 14er future.  On the basis of the way we handled the hike – and Earl and I are quite hiking fit having hiked 76 miles already this year – I recommended to Chad that we revisit the 14er plan.  So next week the plan is another 13er, and 2700ft gain over the four miles, good training and testing.  We’ll take the snowshoes and we’re starting before the arse crack of dawn, so we should be a-okay.  Anyways, Earl and I turned around at noon so we could continue with the days frivolity.

From as high as we got… No Colorado style pun intended.

So the rest of the frivolities basically involved celebration of Zombie Jesus Day.  Apparently this is a thing among those who are not-particularly-religious.  I messed up Earls tradition a little because he usually has eggs, ham, and zombie movies – I dislike ham so it was eggs, BBQ, and zombie movies instead.  I think he wasn’t too disappointed, especially as we got the BBQ from a place highly recommended by Stella and Chad – the Smokin’ Yards BBQ (apparently no one doing BBQ likes the use of ‘g’).

And that was the week!

3 thoughts on “In Which Minneapolis is a Destination, and Whiskey and Hiking Abound

  1. Wow I’d heard lot’s of that but still heaps of new stuff Thankyou! Sunday night fiona arrived about 9.30 pm and camped on naturestrip. Helped her put the yard up (Steve snoring by then) and slept Apparently she didn’t cos rids mucked around all night After 3 coffees she managed to saddle up and we had a lovely ride around the creek. Had to walk the whole way?? Then I long reined lace and received a few tips that are working well Finally got her organised to go to Oxley Put Lu on the truck Ok. Gotta go to bed Fiona can’t gallop Scared to jump Nearly funny hearing so many excuses Lu and I bored!! Got a new loom for making saddle blankets, really cheap, and a beautiful little spinning wheel called pipy who is so cute and easy Cat arrived Sunday night just before fiona and is still living in the shed – gunyard hasn’t been there yet! Tilly did a bit better at puppy school tonight Gee, work tomorrow will be boring! Earl looks positively skinny in most recent pix – feed him more! Hugs xxxx

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  2. “I was surprised how not-as-difficult-as-I-thought-it-would-be it was.” Haha…good Engrish Arj!
    And what you doing to Earl? He looks skinny

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