In Which Fargo Wins the Weather

This week has been another busy one.  It started with an hour in the office first up then a trip to Fargo.  Yep, off on a jet plane again.  Actually the Fargo planes are tiny, the 13 rows of two seats each side.  Earl checked me in so I had the very back seat, safer in a crash of course.

We landed just after lunch and headed straight up to Grand Forks to meet with the first sub of the week.  We had a good chat with those chaps then back down to Fargo to meet with the IBI guys.  Finally time for a meal and bed. Dinner was at The Blarney Stone again, Mark loves that place.

Mark rented this giant beast of a car, and still commented that it was too small (tongue in cheek I hope).

Tuesday started with a workout and breakfast then finally got out of the hotel about 0900 for another meeting.  Then back to the hotel for hours on calls. Then the afternoon was meetings for hours too. Yay.  The food was a highlight for the day, a Mediterranean place for lunch and spitfire grill for dinner.

Green and peppermint tea at Mediterranean was yummy; not dinner but on the way home, this sign would have different connotations in Colorado.

Wednesday was a big day of meeting with the client.  I did such a good job (typing on the computer is easier than the phone!) with taking the notes last time that I had the honour of doing so again.  Yay.  I guess of the whole gaggle of people we had at the meeting only one is happy to go to Fargo to get this job done, I’m sure you can guess who.

Wednesdays sunrise was special!

Thursday started a little too early for my liking.  I woke at 0300, struggled to sleep, then alarm at 0400 for returning to Denver.  So it was early. I then tried to get an uber, I’d considered there may not be any in the wee hours in Fargo so Wednesday morning I checked their availability, the app said there were three. Maybe Wednesday and Thursday are different for Fargo uber drivers, but when I went to book Thursday there were none. Annoying.  Luckily the book in the hotel room had the local cab company who sent a guy out swiftly.  When I got to the airport I again got a thorough pat down, every time I fly through this airport, every time!  The rest of Thursday was uneventful, a meeting most of the day then off home to snooze.

Friday was similar, work, meetings, you know, the norm.  I had an amazing evening finishing my book, I always love that!  It’s beven a long time since I’ve devoured a book, it was a shit book but super easy to read and sufficiently engaging.

Saturday was a go go go day (couldn’t have a week with nine of those!).  I got up after an ever so slight sleep in, 0600 instead of 0500, and headed up to Lakewood for a wax, always fun to chat with Felicia and get all her goss!  Then I went back to Southglen (five minutes west of my place) for a mimosa morning at canvas and cocktails.  I wonder if gran is suser supportive of be being artistic and having a few drinks! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anna, Che, Stella, Jac, and I spent a couple of hours with the extremely enthusiastic, excessively exuberant, Dre.

The teacher was uber enthusiastic; finished products (ignore my terrible ‘smile’).

Then I headed back up to Lakewood to pick up Gina and drive down to an air bnb just out of Moffat, a three hour drive.  Earls friend Jenni wanted her friends to spend the weekend with her getting drunk, under her cajoling, they agreed.  Cameron is a member of and had booked to camp at the Valley View Hot Springs, a quite natural (including clothing optional but not nudist) hot springs.  So with Cameron headed there Earl booked an air bnb a couple of miles from the hot springs and the rest of us stayed at the house.  Gina had a physical therapy session and with my already-booked mimosa morning we drove down Saturday while the rest of the gang drove down Friday evening.  I don’t think I missed anything by going Saturday, all they did was drink all night, Earl sat up with Jenni until 0300 when Caley got up and took the next shift.  Eventually Jenni let everyone sleep, so by the time Gina and I got there (about 1600), they’d been awake only a few hours.  I cannot understand that whole drinking to be drunk (read smashed) all night *shrug*.  

We stopped off in Buena Vista on the way so Gina could grab a coffee, I got some beans as they also roasted. {Note from a week later: this coffee isn’t awesome, I’ll stick with my Kick Ass coffee}

When we arrived Earl was outside frying up chicken wings and everyone else was hanging around inside, on the way to getting drunk again.

So we eventually arrived and enjoyed some of Earls fried chicken wings, I added salad, I can’t eat that much fried!  Then we headed up to the hot springs.  Because it is clothing optional they had us all sign waivers and show ID to be sure we were above 21.  Then we walked up to the coldestbut most remote of the springs.  It was super pretty, and we had a decent view of the sunset, but at 94 degrees with the sun setting and wind blowing, it was cold.  We spent about fifteen minutes there then headed down to the next…slightly warmer, but the Aussie chicken couldn’t stay for too long, so we moved down to the real one, 104 degrees.  Yummy!  This one had more people in it but it was super dark so no need to see too much old wrinkly ๐Ÿ˜‰ our final stop on the hot spring tour was the sauna, at 160 degrees that was amazing! They also have a plunge pool in the sauna so you can heat and sweat for a bit then dunk in the ‘cold’ (it was about 95 degrees), and repeat.  We were there a long time!  Being day guests only we had to be out of there by 2200, so we left shortly before then.  It was a nice evening.

The setting sun; we couldn’t quite see sunset from the pool unfortunately but it was pretty

The moon was quite close to full and looked amazing!

After soaking a long time we returned to the house where everyone proceeded to get bottom again.  Earl and Jenni were up until 0400, I know because they can’t talk quietly and the couch they chose was right in line with my bedroom door.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep.  Eventually we got up and cooked up breakfast, tidied up the house, and headed off.  We got back to Earls about 1500, ate some pizza, then slept until morning and the dreaded return to work.

The road to the hot springs from outside the gate; the view for morning coffee; the view of the mountains from my bedroom window.

The Collegiate range on our way home, Mt Princeton I’ve hiked but there are 13 other 14ers in that range.

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  1. Never tried ithe mix Arj, but it would be interesting to try with the painting Arj! Great strong colours on yours!! very impressed I am –

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