Look to the Sky (52AdventureChallenge) 

So this week I’ve compiled some adventures I’ve had which included some amazing skies.  My favourite for the week was this one where the sky is cloud. I think it ranks because it reminded me of home and just how much time we spent in the clouds in winter, and the mountain I grew up on was all of 2000ft high, Mount Galbraith must be at least 6500ft.  And with Denver being at 5280ft, the amount of sunshine is astonishing!

Ah, the memories that come with seeing clouds instead of skies while wandering a hill.

I may be cheating more, but this sky was pretty special too.

This is the more common bright blue skies of Colorado. I love how much you get to see the sky here!

And one from Minneapolis, that was a pretty darned cool sunset if you ask me.

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