A Whole lot of nerding

Ah, another week eh?  Feels like I posted only a couple of days ago.  Oh yeah, thats because I did, my bad.  So this week has been less eventful than last week, it even had less meetings!!! 

So we’re in this super fancy office building, but every time it rains the rubbish bins get retained for drip duty…and this is a spot where the roof was fixed, apparently.

Now that’s a view you don’t see often! From training fat people (if me) in the gym to this sort of photography. I’m so stoked to see your progress Dan!

So Friday night we got our nerd on. Firstly we had Mexican for dinner with a margarita, then headed to the museum.  The Mexican was awesome, see the photo!  Then at the museum we saw a narration of Asimovs ‘the Last Question’.  It was apparently something that the museum had put together fifty years ago or so, then they did the showing, packed it away and forgot about it.  This was the fourth rendition, each from times when someone rediscovered it in archives and resurrected it.  And true to form this rendition came about because someone found a letter from Nimoy, who was the narrator.  Basically it was Nimoy reading the Asimov short story and some cool slides and graphics on the planetarium dome.

I wasn’t sure if I could park here or not, this sign is confusing to me! I eventually worked it out tho.

This was my dinner, a bowl of meat really. So good! Chorizo, chicken, steak, pork belly, and prawns. I totally won the dinner, Earls burrito looked good but mine was awesome!

The sun on its way down over city park.

There’s a Dinosaur growing in the car park! Turns out it is a Camarasaurus, like the Pleo I still very badly want!

Saturday we had a hike with Stella, Chad, Kat, and Nick.  We headed up to the Dino Lot and walked along the Dinosaur Ridge then through the Red Rocks Park as well.  All in all it turned into an eight mile hike, more than expected but not insanely so.  It was a perfect day for a walk, sunny, not too warm, so much so that by the time we were a mile from the cars we were battling crowds.

Damn you Colorado, why do you have to be so pretty?!?

At the start of eight miles I was bringing up the rear, by the end Kat took this with me in the lead.

All the Dinosaur prints were kinda cool. This even suggests there used to be crocodiles in Colorado. I guess they must have died out or evolved into alligators at some stage.

Ah yes, red rocks are kinda cool. And horses! Allowed in a park, why is Australia so against that? I’ll bet riders are more responsible than many cyclists in these parks.

After eight miles little mango slept mostly the way home, and she was carried most of the way!

I finally finished this and gave it to Earl. He had to supply the appropriate cd.

After the hike we headed home and Earl baked a steak and kidney pie while I did an apple pie.  We just managed to get them out of the oven before we headed out to see a movie with the hike crew, Life was the choice.  The trailers made it out to be much more interesting than it actually was. I think my response was that it was monumentally pointless.  So there you go, I recommend you don’t bother.

Sunday we were planning a sunrise hike.  That fizzled when the weather looked as cloudy and likely to rain as it was.  It didn’t rain but I was awake at sunrise and it was not at all colourful, so I went back to bed happy that we’d made the right choice.  Earl and I got discussing and debating some interesting things…

Even the Bible says so! We were talking about some odd stuff this weekend…this was one topic.

American vs Australian magpies was another topic. Even the birds are out to get you.

Jac, Earl, and I still went to breakfast at the French Press.  Turns out that wasn’t the best of ideas.  On the plus side I learned that Earl was delivered by the town coroner.  I guess he was the only one with any sort of medical doctorate at the time that Earl was born. Small towns, love it.

I had to have a French Press at the French Press Cafe. I significantly regretted it, it was worse than dish water, horrid! TJ, Earls brother, says that Pablos coffee (the bean roaster) is great but this place absolutely destroyed it. The breakfast was nothing to bother with wither. Thankfully the company, Jac and Earl, made up for it!

Having had an amusing but overrated food breakfast we headed down to Mutiny Information Bookshop.  Cool sort of place that. Very inviting to sit and chill or browse the books.  True to form I managed to buy too many books.

This is the Mutiny Information Bookshop. Really quite cool place. Pity their coffee was bad too, I think it would be okay if it were fresh but true to American form it had Sattler quite some time.

Thus is where I learned another nerdism of my bf. He’s a d&d player of old. It can up when I mentioned that something was a bugbear of mine. He didn’t realise it was a word in the world, not just a d&d monster! I also found bunyip in there.

Ah the interesting things you find in second hand books. I’d love to know the story around this dedication.

Seems like a lot of effort to keep a dormant tree warm…

These are the books I got this weekend!

Sunday afternoon we had TJ and Constance over for dunch, that steak and kidney pie was the menu, with some veges.  I know TJ is fussy but he didn’t seem to hate the meal, openly at least.  

And that was about that as my week went.  Work and a varied weekend. Winning.

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