Ancient Artifact (52AdventureChallenge) 

Okay, this may be considered stretching friendships, jumping all the way to week 39, but dinosaurs should be on the list, or fossils, or something.  I’m calling this an ancient artifact.  The Dinosaur footprints are so cool. To think that many moons ago dinosaurs roamed this area.  And not just dinosaurs but also crocodiles, which I don’t believe are in the U.S any more.  

The fact that the dinosaurs roamed about here then their prints were some how preserved too.  I think I can see how, maybe.  When I’ve been snowshoeing I saw these high snowshoe shaped raised areas.  I guess the pressure of walking there compacts the snow and as there is melt the looser adjacent snow melts first. Leaving a raised area of snow in the shape of a snowshoe or the basket on the hiking poles.  I can imagine that would last long enough for some sort of natural event to bring a preservative state.  And sure, it can’t be the only option but as one of many possibilities which all culminate in there being footprints here, 6000ft above current sea level, is so super cool! Nerd out.

I forgot to post this evidently…. Opps

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