Give Back (52AdventureChallenge)

So this is a topic that gets me riled.  These f’in assholes who think they should be allowed to wander through the creek above the hanging lake.  I think they should be subjected to many hours of community service.  Maybe cleaning up all the graffiti that other assholes put on the rails at that place.  At least the graffiti doesn’t harm the amazing and fragile ecosystem of the lake.

Hanging Lake was formed by the limestone deposited by mineral springs.  They call it a travertine deposition, just to add the fancy words, and is unique to the Southern Rocky Mountains. It seems that it’s on a fault line and the lake section dropped at some stage and formed the shallow lake.  With its unique location it supports one of the largest natural examples of hanging plants.  And all of that stuff is great, but the place is stunning! There are fish in the lake, which is so clear you can see them all over the place.  The falls smash about merrily.  The area is moss covered even in winter.

I know, I know, where is the giving back of that? I did express my displeasure at them but they laughed me off. So I took a photo which I’ve shared as widely as I can, so I hope that qualifies.  I am livid that these punks think they’re entitled to mess it up for the next people. Grrrrrrr.

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