Cruising Cañon 

This week was a blessedly uneventful one.  I’m not sure who or what blessed it, but it was nice and uneventful.  So Monday and Tuesday were relatively normal work days.  Only “relatively” because the rest of the week was occupied with things other than work and I’d managed to get myself assigned to a deliverable on Friday (clever me – quit volunteering for stuff woman!).  The deliverable was a report which I did a fair amount of the writing for the first couple of days but then I just had to wait.  Even if I’d wanted to get anything done earlier I wouldn’t have been able to, boooooo.  So I asked for input by Wednesday, got most of it Thursday, and finished a little later than I feel I should have for a Friday to wrap it all up.  Otherwise Monday and Tuesday were somewhat uneventful.

Wednesday through Friday was the High Potential (they call it HiPo) program year two kick off.  I guess I did year one last year and now I get to do year two.  I was invited to year two, which was surprising as they cut the group from 200 (in year one) to 100 in year two.  With that halving and my absolute lack of engagement in the program I was shocked to be invited back…but I was.  And I almost said no because the first year was so *meh*.  The thing that swayed me was the descriptor which included learning all about coaching.  And that is of interest to me.  So the first action was to try and organise our tables of five (two year two and four year one) to go to a dinner to meet up.  Monday and Tuesday were the days for the year one kick offs so I had more people available Monday that Tuesday so we did drinks Monday night.  The first day of the training was a lot of meeting each other and reviewing last year.  Given my level of disengagement last year I was pretty quiet.  By day two we finally moved on to the coaching. That was quite good.  First up work out who you are now, we did a go to the end of the room corresponding to asking or telling in relation to your current day to day work life. Then go to problems (past thinking) or solutions (future thinking).  I was considered a counsellor, asking but problem focus, so only a little tricky to move into coach mode apparently.  Interesting.  

The corners of the room…

Then we’d done an online set of 77 odd questions to assess our brain talents.  They annoyingly pitch it as the 18 apps every brain has but your frequent use top six give a sliding point on three scales which then corresponds with a personality.  I got to my personality and it said Deliverer bordering on Hero.

I hope you can read these, I know when I did I just sat back and thought “yep, that’s me”.

I sent the Deliverer description to Mark (the photo above) and he wanted to see the hero.  He wants to be the hero of course!  I told him that he isn’t very social (party organiser).  So that was amusing.  Day two we practiced all this coaching, the things I think I need to remember most:

  • Reduce the leading and yes/no questions;
  • Belittling me can feel like belittling them;
  • Prepare mentally for a coaching call (get in the asking frame of mind).

So we’ll see how all of that goes.  As I said, that darned report was due so I had a grand old time trying to get that finished, a few late nights, but it got done.  No feedback yet which is interesting. 

Friday night was a birthday celebratory dinner with Nick. We popped by target and picked up a collection of partly useful mostly amusing to me type things and headed up to a sushi place for dinner.  I ordered the steak, initially a bad idea because all the sushi came out and was mostly eaten before my steak arrived.  I was hungry when I ordered, by the time my food arrived I was positively hangry and Nick had offered his arm for me to start gnawing on.  It was worth the wait though, surprisingly good steak that.  It was a fun night with Kat and Nick, Stella and Chad, Earl and I.

Saturday we went on a nice cruisey walk at Mt Galbraith loop.  We picked up Kat and Nick on the way up to Golden and it was drizzling. By the time we got there it wasn’t clear but it wasn’t raining either so we set off.  As the morning drew on the weather got more like Mt Dandenong, up in the clouds, though we weren’t at altitude really.  I discovered that for five miles Kat has a good challenge pace for me!

The mad group, with the fog / clouds.

The afternoon we were supposed to go to the Rio Grande for lunch, a Denver margarita institution.  Lunch turned into dunch because Jenni was struggling after a night of drinking.  I guess on Wednesday she sat her medical boards (thing) so she’d designated the weekend to drinking herself silly in celebration. Not my caper but as long as she feels celebratory, job done. So I drove and had one margarita only.  Not a bad place, too crowded for my liking.  Then we went across to a Russian vodka place, they had vodkas from around the world. And by world they actually meant more than just the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  They even had an Aussie vodka! I’d never heard of it but it was pitched as being Aussie, win!
Sunday we’d planned to do the walk into Devil’s Head Lookout, the fifteen mile version, but the weather showed super wind and there is no way I was going to deal with that malarkey.  So we made an alternate plan.  A trip down to Cañon City.  Stop one was the Skyline Road, love that road.

The view from Skyline, stunning as always.

Then headed into town and went through the prison museum.  That was quite cool.  If you recall there was a raft guide when I did the gorge who said that Cañon City chose to be a prison city instead of college town.  I asked the lady at the museum about that story, she said it was a common myth.  Pueblo was considered for the capital but there was a lobbyist in Cañon who said they’d vote for Denver as capital if the Denver lobbyists voted for Cañon City to get the prisons.  Interestingly Boulder also petitioned to get the prisons, their consolation prize was the college.

The real, though reconditioned, gas chamber. Seven people died in here.

Woodpecker hill was a story that made me giggle.

“filmed with the naked fury of fact” awesome tag line!

Thus rope bed seems like appropriate torture in a solitary cell to me.

These doberman pups looked much more friendly in statue than the photos. They accompanied Roy Best everywhere he went, he was the last strict warden.

I can be in jail too……

After a cruise through the prisons we asked for a lunch recommendation, she recommended the antipasto salad at a place called pizza madness.  Odd that a salad would be good at a pizza joint, but we ran with it.  it was a pleasant surprise that the salad was good, and cheap, I got one to go for lunches!

The surprisingly good salad from a pizza place.

Final stop on our morning toddle was a pause at a local hot springs, Dakota Hot Springs.  This is a clothing optional place so no photos allowed.  A more amusing rule is that there will be no touching or kissing even if you’re married.  The pool itself was a good temperature, a concrete bowl really, with a hot inner pool.  That was a lovely soak, I could only handle about 40 minutes because the sun was baking and I didn’t want to be getting burnt.
We got home in time for a quick shower before my dinner date.  I had been asked to join Jac’s family for their weekly dinner.  That was wonderful, good to have a mom cooked meal.  The payment was a grilling about Iceland, totally fair me thinks!  That was a wonderful way to finish off a busy weekend.

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