Feels like another short post

I guess that’s because it is…It starts from Wednesday, after we returned from Iceland.  So we got in nice and early (ish) on Tuesday evening.  We landed at 1800 and were home by 2000, which would have been super fine except that the day was about seven hours longer than normal – darned time zones messed with us (me) at both ends of the trip!  So it was to home, quick shower, then bed for as much sleep as possible on Tuesday night…not quite enough, darned jet lag woke me at 0200.

Wednesday…Let’s see…  Wednesday I spent most of the day on the phone / webex for the Fargo stuff, in lieu of actually being in Minneapolis.  No way I could have handled a trip to Minneapolis as well.  I felt like a never-ending train was running over me.  I’m pitching it that I got the Icelandic flu…really I think I had picked up something in the office or on the plane and with the lack of sleep the flu took hold.  I had a quick clunk at the chiropractor on the way home then I slept like the dead Wednesday night, until about 0300… darned jet lag, just what I needed in that state.

Thursday followed Wednesday in much the same fashion.  The plus side was that the meetings were mostly in person rather than webex.  I again slept like a dead person, waking at 0400 so jet lag waning.  And on to Friday! Guess what I did Friday?  You guessed it, about the same as Thursday and Wednesday 🙂  So exciting.  Over those two days I had a few less meetings so I started booking the summer concert calendar.  The list is something like:

  • Metallica
  • Primus (at Redrocks)
  • Soundgarden
  • 2Cellos (at Redrocks)
  • Breaking Benjamin

I quite badly need to look into the rodeo calendar, the spring / summer days are filling fast, and the rafting – note to self, leave time for rafting!  Oh, almost forgot, Friday I was introduced to my new favourite salad, taco salad! I guess it’s supposed to be served in a taco-chip bowl but in a regular bowl it is pretty darned awesome!  Thanks Earl, I’ll be stealing that concept.

This is the ‘salad’ that Earl made me: lettuce, taco meat, cheese, salsa, avocado, winning!

Saturday we had a sleep in then another food related experience, Lucilles. Lucilles is a creole cafe that people rave about.  Honestly, I’m  not sure why they rave.  I mean the food selection is slightly different to the standard mid-western fare, but the flavours I didn’t think were anything to write home about really.  At breakfast time I considered my slightly unwell feeling was attributable to the huge sugar load from a decent hot chocolate and a beignet.  I still enjoyed the poached eggs and tuna I had for breakfast.  I took home the second beignet, having had two bites of that the not-quite-well feeling returned.  So I guess I am also not good with the sugar or the fats or something in those.

We started with beignets, something that is astonishingly overrated.  It’s a hot jam donut without the donut.

After breakfast we had a relax and watched some Vikings for a while.  Both of us were pretty beat after all those flights, and I guess I managed to get almost everyone unwell, including Earl.  I was on the improve and Earl wasn’t hit as hard as me, but we were both under the weather.  Cleverly, I’d also planned a games afternoon at my place for Saturday arvo, so a couple of episodes of Vikings later I headed home to make some guacamole and salsa for the games.  Jac, Stella, and Michelle came over and we played a host of games.  It was good fun to have a chatter while playing some pretty fun, simple games.  Our game of Uno was significantly shorter than the one in Iceland!  Thankfully the girls liked an early afternoon, which was spot on for me!

Garfield doesn’t like snuggling with me if Earl is on the couch.  But he’ll scratch at me if I don’t pet him.  Fickle bloody creature.  Maybe he doesn’t like being called Garfield when his name is Gato.

Sunday we managed to sleep until 0700, which was awesome for me, 10 hours of sleep and none of that jet lag malarkey.  Winning.  Then Jac came over and we aimed for Devils Head Lookout, the views look stunning from there!  Unfortunately the road was closed about six miles from the trail head…so I called a no to that.  I was not at all mentally prepared to walk 15 miles.  It’s been rescheduled for the coming weekend, weather dependent.  The walk we found as a second resort was at Dawson Butte Ranch, a 4.9 mile tootle around a really quite flat loop.  Owing to Earls aching muscles after what must have been a pretty serious leg workout, we went quite the slow.  He’s lucky that the trail to the stairway to heaven was closed off (for bushfire maintenance).  I’m positive that if were allowed to get up there I would have…no way he was going to make it.  The walk itself was pretty cool, there was stuff for all of the Cooper family: I could walk or talk to all the dogs that were there; there were sections of some pretty fun looking mountain biking for Ben; and for mum there were jumps all over the place.  I’d guess they were about grade 4 level, some bordering on grade 3.

The stairway to heaven trail went up there.  I’m bummed I didn’t get to go up there.

If you look closely (very closely) you may see the horses and / or the jumps.

With that stroll done we headed home.  Earl and I did something I’ve not done in….damn, quite some time.  Must have been well before Christmas.  We went to the movies.  Saw Logan.  Which is always good to see a hot Hugh Jackman.  Problem was that his focus was not in hot mode, this is the when he’s super old story line apparently, and hell, he even dies!  (Seriously, Wolverine shouldn’t die).  I know I’m no comic book nerd, but seriously, I’m quite sure the hero is not supposed to cark it.  And that was about my week, done and dusted.  Next weekend seems like a bit of a busy one.  The week shouldn’t be too bad but you just never know in my world.

2 thoughts on “Feels like another short post

  1. …really? No “Spoiler Alert” for those that havent seen the movie yet… thanks for that!
    Quote of the week…”Thursday followed Wednesday” haha spot on. Well caught 99. Great powers of deduction right there.. 👍😆


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