Glamping (52AdventureChallenge)

I know, I’ve been a bit lax, but glamping. I have never done such a thing. And haven’t a clue what it is. And it required some pre planning when I was quite slack with. So now I have a substitute for you.  My trip to Glenwood Springs. There was no ‘amping’, but it was ‘glam’, and an adventure so I’m running with it!

The highlight of the trip was the vapour caves, but that doesn’t photograph at all, let alone well.  So this is the canyon.  It was the second most impressive activity on the list of things we did.  I find it quite cool to think about building that road through there. Not the 20 years ago but the original road, 100 years ago (or whatever).  That would have been quite the undertaking!  Earl and I also had a really interesting conversation about the longevity of infrastructure like that.  If man disappeared from Earth tomorrow, then returned 1500 years later, what would be left of this sort of infrastructure?  In a Canyon like that I can only think not much…its too subjected to floods.  But out of the canyon, sure, you must be able to see some semblance of a road even though it’s had zero maintenance for all that time.  Food for thought!

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