A Truncated Post

I feel like I have travel in my weekly posts all too often.  I’m getting somewhat used to all this dratted packing and flying.  So Monday was Presidents Day, apparently only 39% of employers give the day off, so I went to work and Earl got his Dirty Jobs on installing lights at Ginas place.  I did do some packing preparation on Monday night too…

Someone clearly loves playing with drywall; the results look impress; meanwhile this is my idea of being practically packed.

Tuesday I did my regular toddle to Minneapolis.  I managed to have back to back meetings leading up to the flight, which was quite annoying… I was running about ten minutes later than normal thanks to meetings I got a good quote from my great grand boss though:

“you can fight Martians on your computer…” 

Then I was blessed with three people in security not passing the bag scan and the lady directly in front of me not passing the body scan.  Did you know that you have to wait for the person in front to be cleared before you can move?  I didn’t, and it meant that I got to the gate as they called the boarding group before mine, I was worried no doubt!  I got to Minneapolis with no hassles though.

A room with a view of the sunset 🙂

It was a stunning night to wander Minneapolis! They have 10″ to 12″ expected on Friday.

Dinner was at Hells Kitchen. Decent, I’d go there again.

Loving the dessert…

Wednesday was a normal Minneapolis day. Wake, gym, meetings, head to the airport, eat, fly. Yay. The eat step was amusing … A couple of lads sat by me on my left while I was eating, struck up a little chat, at that time the bloke to my right decided to start a chat, though he’d sat there for a good half hour with no chats before the other lads arrived. Okay, maybe only I find it amusing.

My idea of a drive by shooting. Darned public use pianos are both a blessing and a curse…this guy a curse.

Thursday was a day of work. Not a bad day, Mark was in the office so it was more fun than when he’s travelling.  The weather also decided that it had had enough of being sprig time and started to snow again.  I did have a very exciting surprise when I got to the mail box….

The excitement of getting packages from home.

Here is the snow…

There was a slightly surreal moment when I was working away and the great grand boss came over, sat in Claytons seat, and proceeded to chat with me for a good 10 minutes.  He had some interesting things to say then toddled off on his way to keep saying goodbye to people. Being based in New York, he only comes to Denver every couple of weeks.  Even though he is a bit of an absentee boss I see more of him than I did either of the previous General Managers.
And finally Friday, a day of meetings from 0800 to 1100 then scramble to get out of the office to start my adventure!  I got a surprising number of things finished.

Yes, I am ending this post here. Sure it is boring. Sure it is short. Sure it is all about work. Sure it is…..Oh heck, get over it.  You’ll get a jam packed post for the next four days!

Some light reading for you which I found wonderful:

swearing appears to be a feature of language that an articulate speaker can use in order to communicate with maximum effectiveness. And actually, some uses of swearing go beyond just communication.

Here is a little taster:

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