Stenography, Staying Awake, Snowshoeing, and Strolling

This week of course started with Fargo. Yep, the work week started on a Sunday, that’s why I was set in taking all of Friday as my flex day.

Monday was a perfectly uneventful day.  We arrived at the meeting venue at 0735, checked in, had a chat, then got down to business.  The business of a nine hour meeting where I was designated the note taker.  Initially I was somewhat worried about that position, nine hours of typing is never fun, but I have to say I was glad of my job by about noon – while other people were struggling to keep their brains engaged I was all over it.  I can’t imagine how close to nodding off I’d have been if I wasn’t typing!  So the meeting went really well, nothing uber great and nothing uber annoying.  And that’s about all I have to say about that 🙂 

Found in an office bathroom, hilarious labelling!

We finished up the meeting, had an hour for a nap / email catch up (Julie the former, Mark the latter, I tidied up and issued minutes), then off to a local restaurant for dinner.  I understand it’s a restaurant in a hotel, but really, a glass of wine shouldn’t take 30 minutes to arrive, and the meals should not come out one plate at a time.  The company at least wasn’t bad, there were times of serious post meeting debriefing discussions and other moments of raucous laughter.  I always appreciate a meal like that.

On the way back to the hotel Julie asked about this building.  Mark of course told her it is the biggest project in Fargo to date.  Because it is.  We all agreed that it looks like an insane asylum, but really it is the local hospital.  Even in daylight it is quite daunting, at night it reminds me of the buildings in Bram Stokers Dracula, maybe Mina will arrive or maybe Dracula will fly through a window.  My hotel room looked right at it (hence the photo!)

The asylum / hospital.

Tuesday was return to Denver day.  Back on that tiny plane, I think it’s actually only 68 seats, but being a premium United traveller (no clue how), I at least get a nice forward seat.  This time I took the aisle/window seat on its own, no chance of mister smelly crowding me when there is only one seat!  On the way to the office I stopped by a house to check it out for Stella and Chad, they’ll be a lot further from me now but if the move there they’ll have a house and yard for the dogs, and I can’t imagine it’s more expensive than the place they were in, darned dtc area is spendy!  Then I headed into the office and work for half a day.  It felt like a whole day thanks to the extra hour and whirlwind Mark, but whatever.

Thus is what my office looked like at 1630 on valentines evening, slackers.

Earl came over Tuesday night and cooked me steaks. That makes up for a longer day and whirlwinds!

Mmmm, steak, can’t go wrong for vd!

Wednesday I was lucky in that I didn’t have to be in Minneapolis, but I still spent all day on the phone. It was quite fortunate that I realised my meetings started at 0830 central time, so 0730 this week while in mountain time…I was at work plenty early.  To be fair it didn’t dawn on me until I was in the shower, so I truncated my morning dallying.  The evening I had chores time, groceries and cooking, then chilled out with music and a book, then a early bed!  My bed time was slightly delayed by Chad calling to let me know that there was a pre pre sale available for the Metallica concert.  I had scheduled a meeting with myself to get tickets when they went in pre sale at 10 in Thursday, so I cancelled that and got my allocation of four tickets on Wednesday night. I’m super excited about Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, and Volbeat. It should be good!

Thus will be great fun!

Thursday was a normal day at work.  When I consider it, so was Friday.  Okay, Friday had more than half a day of meetings but that is normal for me on Fridays.  Thursday night though I did something a little new…we went to the open science night at the museum, the theme was coffee and specifically the beans etc.  The whole coffee the wasn’t that exciting really, but being in the museum weenies all free of children is pretty bloody cool if you ask me.  Earl, Jaclyn and I popped in at The Bar Car first for a beer and a bite then when we got to the museum we were joined by Becky, Lane, and Che.  It was good fun roaming about the place for sure!

Being childish at the museum. That’s why I don’t like kids there, they get in the way of me being childish!

Saturday we got up nice and early and Jac picked us up at 0600 for another trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park. This time we went into Emerald lake, plus a tad up the big hill as well.  It was a good hike, easy distance made harder by the snowshoeing of course.

Lake the first, Nymph Lake; lake the second, Dream Lake; lake the third, Emerald Lake.

It was a stunning day! Are you noticing a theme yet?

Jac and I all rugged up even though it’s a stunningly sunny day.

Earl got half way up the hill. I avoided the ice spot and didn’t get quite as far.

Earl sliding down the ice, I turned around about half way there.

Dream Lake really was quite the pretty.

By the time we got back the car park was crowded! No space for cars, little space for people.

After that adventure we paused in Estes Park for brunch and headed home.  I snuggled on the couch with Garfield and Richard for a while as Earl did his laundry and some chores before heading back to mine where I whipped up a surprisingly good chicken curry for dinner.

Can you guess which cat is which? To be fair, Garfield real name is Gato, Spanish (?) for cat. About as inventive as Gunyard. Oh and Richards name is Tex, but with a deck on your face like that how could you call him anything other than Richard?!?

Sunday ran a similar schedule to Saturday. We got up before the arse crack of dawn and got in the car.  This time headed south to Garden of the Gods…can you believe that Earl, a Colorado native, had never been to garden of the gods?  I couldn’t.  Seems almost as likely as two native skiers taking me to Aspen via Grand Junction 🙂  poor Jac still gets regular guff about that cock up.  Anyways, we got to Garden of the Gods just in time for sunrise.  Unfortunately it was not a particularly inspired sunrise, so we went for a stroll around the park.  I was wondering at what stage it was that a cruisey morning stroll would be over four miles long?  That’s in the vicinity of seven kilometers.  For most of the stroll Earl and I swapped stories about how unlikely that scenario seemed not so long ago.

Selfie time!!!!

Such bright red and blue.

Again on the way home we stopped for breakfast.  Thus fortified we decided that we really didn’t have the energy to head down to Cañon City so we went home for a snooze.  Two hour snooze it was, we were both more tired than we’d thought!  Then off to do a couple of chores, mostly groceries for dinner, but also a trip to At&t where I learned why I had to go to the store.  When I came to Oz I  wanted to get a passport thing that means you can use your phone overseas for not insane prices.  Couldn’t, had to have a different plan.  When I got home I tried to get the plan online.  It failed.  So I tried to do it by calling them, that also failed and said I had to go to a store.  So I finilly got to the store.  And what I found there was that even they were going to struggle!!!  The poor guy was sent to four different people on the phone, then was told he wasn’t allowed to call back and had to do it via chat.  He was getting frustrated and I was getting bored.  I guess the manager noticed this and she came out to amuse me and calm him, not sure which took priority.  But she did her job and eventually the system let him do his job. Winning!  we had one more stop on the way home, a local distillery, Double Diamond it was.  The bloke there was the right amount if friendly, helpful, and not too in your face.  We both bought a bottle, he vanilla rum me whiskey.  We drank while I cooked up a yummy roast beef, been a long time since I’ve done that!

Roast for dinner. I like my meat cut up before I lounge on the couch.

And that was about the extent of my week!

In a country that uses very little cane sugar they sell you a stick of sugarcane! On the back it says that you shouldn’t eat it, just chew the sweetness out then spit. Yep, they like spitting here.

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