A Week at Home 

So it seems that when our jv partner says every week in Minneapolis they actually mean every week that works for them and they may or may not give you much notice. Our travel policy says that you have to book two weeks ahead or go through more approvals. So that’s what I do, even though they don’t allow flexible ticketing. Last week we were told that this week no trip to Minneapolis. This week we were told Feb 15 also no need.  Now I dunno when I should book! Oh well, a week at home is always appreciated, this was no exception.

Monday was a meeting day for a combination of Fargo and Jennings, not super productive. Tuesday was a day of one meeting, due to a chatty neighbour I didn’t quite get as much done as I wanted. Wednesday was a Fargo meeting day on Webex rather than in person, followed by a chiropractor appointment.

On that topic, the shoulder is responding quite well to chiropractic. It used to ache constantly and tingle when I put my arm the ‘wrong’ way. Now it doesn’t hurt, just tingles, which is a huge improvement. I guess the nerve is still being pinched…how do you fix that?

Thursday was a fun morning on two levels: 1) freezing rain isn’t hail; 2) hacking may or may not be a thing for an unassuming engineering company.  To the first: when I got up to go to the gym it was icy and there was this fine mist in the air, my coat was quite damp when I got home.  Turns out it is the phenomenon called freezing rain, when it is raining but the air is so cold on the way down that it instantly freezes on impact.  It was about 20 degrees and the footpaths were mad slippery. At the gym the news was telling of many accidents because the roads were man slippery.  That is officially new to me, and insane that freezing rain isn’t just snow or hail (believe me, it’s not!)  onto the second: I got to work and my outlook refused to load, though it was all good at 0530 when I did an email check.  Then this was the message I had on my webmail:


Turns out that our company security firewall thing was detecting 25x the normal loads, so it shut everything down. Everything. >60,000 people would have been at work at some stage during the six hours it was down and they would have not been able to do the things they planned.  I had to get Mark to send me stuff to my personal email because somehow he wasn’t affected.  Turns out it was limited to those who had been migrated to cloud based email, and Mark is behind the times on that 😉

Thursday night I got a package that I’d expected mid December. Finally the fidget cubes had arrived!



Much yay to the arrival of the fidget cubes!  So exciting, I love them!

Friday was a relatively normal Friday. Mark was in town so the hour of meeting turned in to five hours for various things.  I left just in time to get to my massage with Patti, lovely lass this one. She stomped all over me for an hour and a half, realised she’d gone way over time, but wasn’t fussed.  I was then late for planning the Iceland trip dinner with Kat and Nick.  Some profuse apologies and decent Thai for dinner later I now have a list of things people want to do.  Decent night that, I like Thai!
Saturday we had planned a chill morning then a walk. I guess it happened basically as planned! We stopped by Jaclyn place and the three of us went for a four mile walk in Evergreen.  There were deer but the photos just didn’t capture them, the views in the vicinity of the deer were pretty at least!


A beautiful day for a stroll through a field.  The second one there are deer – promise!




We summited the Northern Sister.



The views were amazing.

We headed on back to Earls and we prepared a sumptuous steak and kidney pie and apple pie dinner for Becky, Lane, Earl, and I.  The steak and kidney pie was amazing, been all too long since I made something decent like that, we even made the pastry.  The funny thing was that I spent about an hour trying to work one of the savoury pastries, then I got oh so annoyed with it, lay on the ground for a while and stretched, then moved onto the second savoury pastry we’d made.  Now that was a proper pastry.  I haven’t a clue what happened to the first pastry but it was fucking unusable.  I threw it straight into the bin, even removing the pastry that I’d fought into the two tins and starting those two again.  So that was amazing.  Then there was the apple and berry pie.  This one I have to credit my great-grandmother (only one great I think).  The recipe is called “Grandma Martin’s Biscuit Pastry”, and that stuff was absolutely awesome.  The filling was just apples and berries, artfully peeled and chopped by Earl, but the pastry was the key to that pie.  Oh boy, it was so so yummy.  Thank you Grandma Martin!


Earl getting frustrated at his big sister trying to lead all the time while Lane chatted about something he was really enthusiastic about.


Garfield (Gato) was sitting by the door missing Becky as soon as she left.

Sunday we had planned to go up to Rocky Mountain National Park for another hike/snowshoe.  That didn’t work.  At about 2330 we were trying to get a Lyft for Becky and Lane (you can see from the dancing and look of Lane that it was not a sober evening), but the darned Lyft drivers were every kind of useless.  At 0030 I was in bed laughing about how difficult it was to get a Lyft / Uber to Earls and then fell asleep, eventually Earl must have got them into a car and home.  So there was no hike on Sunday.  Instead we had a long sleep in and a slow start.  Because I wanted to do something other than relax at home, we decided a trip to the zoo in the beautiful weather was in order.  We got most of the way there when Earl noticed signs to the StarWars costume exhibit, so we re-routed and went and got our nerd on.  It was quite interesting seeing all the costumes, it really brought home to me how tiny Natalie Portman and Luke Skywalker are.


We were there, promise!  I really liked the puppet Yoda.



The fighting costumes were super cool, all the light saber handles looked like distinctly other things.

We played guess who, and guess who won!




Early concept of Darth Maul


Early concept of Chewbacca looks like one of the Monsters Inc monsters!

We then headed back to mine, watched some Vikings and cooked ribs, then headed down to Michelles place for my first ever superbowl party.  There was so much food!  I hear that is one of the keys to a good superbowl party is being all too full.  I believe that it is no coincidence that it was my first ever superbowl party and it was the first ever superbowl which went into overtime.  It was quite a good game, Falcons were up by 25 at one stage.  Then at least five minutes into the final quarter the Patriots decided that they wanted to win and they made it happen.  Somewhat impressive that.  I spent the night with the dogs of course 🙂

Rhiannon’s Blog world meet Rebel, the red heeler.



I was considered the dog whisperer.  They both lay down and relaxed with me.

And then finally the week ended.  I dunno about you, but I think that was another busy weekend.  Could have been busier but I suspect that would have actually been easier on me than the Saturday late night.  It was a good night though so all is well.

2 thoughts on “A Week at Home 

  1. I only discovered freezing rain was different to hail last week as well!! Crazy stuff the weather they get up north.

    With regards to a pinch nerve or tingling I’ve had great success with dry needling in my forearms with my hands getting pins and needles. I now also do yoga and a lot more stretching/mobility stuff and that seems to keep on top of that. See how you go?

    Good work, nice blogging 👌

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