Birds (52AdventureChallenge)

This week’s challenge is birds. I present you the unassuming, new-to-me, super cheeky Grey Jay. Sure the grey jay is not as sexy as its blue counterpart, and it’s not as popular as a bird of prey, but they were great fun to watch and play with!

Meet the Grey Jay; Earl was chatting up other birds.

The grey jay was super cheeky and friendly when we got back to Alberta Falls. There were two of them coming up to our snow shoes and investigating the bindings. They were flying right over people heads and everything.

This week’s article even references the Jays!

In higher elevations you get some heartier species, including snow buntings and a variety of corvids (jays, crows, and ravens).  These species use their guile, tolerance of humans, and ability to take advantage of the food subsidies we produce (feeders, trash, campground begging, etc.) to make a living in a variety of habitats, even during winter.

Super interestingly to me it seems that the grey jays are ‘scatterhoarders’.  Each individual bird can collect and hoard thousands of pieces of food per year.  They chew it up and stick it to all sorts of logs, rocks, and crevices then manage to find them all as they get hungry during the winter.

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