A couple of missed NWSS Stories

As it turns out I missed a couple of stories from the stock show.  These are quite the hilarious, so I’m going to relate them to you even though its well after the fact and you’re all likely well bored of reading my blathering.

NWSS story the first

While we were walking through the trade show area there was a guy trying to sell showers (yep, the trade show sells everything you can possibly think of).  The guy had three shower set ups and I trotted over to him and inspected each of them, pulling a ‘meh’ face for each.  Earl of course was wondering wtf I was on about, I was inspecting the showers for the two shower heads like in Boronia.

The guy at the stall totally missed what I was on about, a typical response to me when I am talking fast in my apparently-impossible-to-decipher-accent.  He forged on and told us that he was much more helpful than Lowes.  Which, after Earls experiences with Ginas kitchen, is not considered a difficult thing to be at all.


NWSS story the second

Walking a little further on through the trade show there was a guy who was selling a hose, or a hose head, or something…actually, I haven’t a clue what he was selling…he has a perspex box with a hose stuck in it which was turned on and spraying water.  Yep – no clue what he was selling.  Anyways, we walked past this box and I asked (loudly) whether the guy would be displeased if I removed the hose and pointed it at Earl.  He immediately started walking away from his booth with a “sure thing, go ahead”.  We swapped some banter back and forth about whose friend he was, Earls or mine, and we toddled on our way.

This one was only amusing because of just how easily, without missing a beat, the guy started wandering off to allow me to hose Earl.  We were on a mission to get to the rodeo so unfortunately I didn’t actually get the hose out of the box, but heck it was funny!


I guess you had to be there.  For both of them.  😐

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