Beer and cookies, I promise it works

This last week I got back into being a bit more active.  This travel thing is going to make activity somewhat tricky particularly during the week, but I’ll manage if I put my mind to it I’m sure.

Monday was a snow day. Not so snowy that I didn’t go to work, but certainly a snow day.  When I left Earls place it wasn’t bad, swipe an inch of snow off the car and off I go. At 0600 it’s fairly easy to make good time as mist of the world is just thinking about getting out of bed, not already travelling.  I guess it was also Martin Luther King day, a holiday for many, amusing sentiment given who has just inaugurated as president. Chalk and cheese much.  So I got to work and the snow kept falling until about 1300 so it was a decent amount. I had a few meetings then had a massage with Stella. Last one I guess, the 27th is her last day. She did recommend that I see her chiropractor, Dr Ryan, who helped her shoulder a whole lot.

Tuesday was the next travel day.  I went into the office for the morning and got some work done. I also had a chat with not-the-boss and seems he’s coming around to the Fargo budget but also scrambling as he has to explain the $600k discrepancy to whatever he told people. Next week we’ll discuss it I guess.

On the flight to Minneapolis, again with southwest, we were coming in to land and the person announcing said “if you have an adult beverage now is the time to skull it like you’re in college”.  I do enjoy the few southwest people who make a bit of a giggle from their repetitive job.  It also seems I am really good at cursing trains. On the way from the airport to the hotel the train managed to get a mechanical fault which meant it only travelled at 30 miles per hour.  So part way there and the metro people did a great job of swapping everyone over from one train to another, haven’t seen such a seamless transition ever before, there is usually utter chaos! Maybe that’s just Melbourne public transportation though.  I had dinner at the hotel, because I was slack and it is highly rated, and on the table was this.  When asked if I’d like dessert I declined, I started with dessert, the waitress liked my plan.

I don’t know what happy hour entailed but the little sign gave me a giggle.

Wednesday was a day at the Minneapolis office.  Absolutely nothing interesting happened at all, nothing. Seriously how is a day of meetings with a big bunch of designers and a few contractors so uneventful?  Oh well.  Next week is another two day extravaganza so we’ll see how that goes.  I had a 1945 flight so left the office about 1730 and had an airport meal.  While sitting there a travelling couple sits next to me, they look about my age. I ordered a beer. They ordered a beer.  I didn’t get asked to show ID. They got ID checked.  In a country that checks close to everyone not me today, makes me feel old!  I got home about 2200 so another lateish night, darned travel.

Thursday and Friday in terms of work days were super dull. A few meetings, a whole host of work, and that’s about it.  Thursday night I had a trip to various shopping planned, return some pants, buy some berries, etc.  Chores. Yay.  I did chat with Ben while doing said chores, and finally informed him that I stole a pair of his socks and they’re my favourites for winter hiking. So warm, not sweaty, and not itchy!

Thanks Benno! And Gran and Gramps 😉

Friday afternoon I had my first session with the chiropractor, Dr Ryan.  When he walked out I realised that I have met this guy…back a couple of months ago when Chad and Stella invited us to a local brewery night, we went to 3 Freaks and Resolute Breweries.  So having realised that we’d met we got down to the business of this dratted shoulder.  We talked about all the things that aggravate it and he did some testing, putting my arm in different positions and seeing how it felt and behaved.  He apparently predicted the three angles that cause tingling fingers based on a nerve being pinched in the front-of-shoulder region.  He then got down to business and noted that the neck is all sorts of tight and miss-aligned.  He did a clunk clunk on my neck and I have to say I was surprised at how immediate the relief in the neck was.  I have a couple of spots that are basically always touchy, tight, and sore.  Those two spots had immediate relief.  He did some releasing of my arm and shoulder, gave me a few exercises, then I was on my way.
I was on my way to Earls where I had a wonderful bbq chicken drumsticks ready for me.  I have to say that is something I could really get used to.  Back to that concept of I want a wife – not necessarily female, but someone to undertake the roles that are stereo-typically associated with the position of ‘wife’.

Saturday we had a relatively full day.  I’m going to make controversial statement number 2 of this post: organising women is hard work!  Phew, glad that’s over and done with.  So the first thing up for Saturday was a walk with the girls.  This started out as Felicia asking to join in on my next hike, I said lets plan it and put it in the calendar for Saturday morning.  I’d been given an upper limit of 4 miles for the hike so I chose North Table Mountain, the one that I’d been looking at a couple of weeks ago from the White Ranch Park hike.  So the first thing that was amusing was that Che was having troubles getting herself out of the house, turns out she’d broken her hand so there has been an adjustment to learn to do things without being able to flex the wrist.  So Che was running a little late.  Turns out that Kat was running a lot early.  So Earl and I got there right on time.  We were wondering where Felicia and Che were when I finally got a call, they followed the pin to the end of a road which had been cut off to make the carpark, the carpark isn’t shown in google maps, so we were in different places.


See the carpark versus the little gravel road off Wyoming Circle…oops!  Next time I’ll tell people to go to that carpark while checking the google maps, not just the map view!

So everyone arrived and we set off.

At the top of the hill.

Views; candid shot; and I promise there are deer on the horizon.

After the stroll Che had time for brunch so the three of us had a surprisingly yummy brunch at Cafe 13 in Golden.  Turns out this is in the old Armoury building.  Back when Earl and I did that ghost tour of Golden we visited this building and it looks pretty cool from the outside.  From the inside the cafe was an odd set up.  They had three rooms, one where you order and pay and the other two were tables.  It was an odd arrangement but it worked I guess, quite busy place, lucky Earl and I were a little faster and we got a table about the time that Che arrived. Score.  The brunch itself wasn’t too bad actually.  The coffee left a little to be desired, I guess they made it look pretty so that immediately made me ‘meh’.

After a yummy brunch we headed back to a shower and change of wardrobe to fit in with the rodeo crowd.  And off to the rodeo – yay!  We met up with Michelle and her crew, who were really quite drunk already at about 1300, they’d started at 0730 apparently.  Earl and I went up to the art show section, because I enjoyed that last time.  There was one super interesting set of ‘art’, someone had got some really big feathers and used them for essentially decoupage.  It was really effective, little frogs jumping out of the feather and scattered birds and things like that.  My vote for the best in show was a set of pencil sketches that were amazingly detailed.  I had in my calendar the draft horse show, I’m glad I didn’t get tickets for it but I managed to remember that there is the warm up arena.  The horses were all super pampered and looking schmick!

We then went for another wander through the pampered cattle again.

They start training the kids to pamper the cattle quite early.

I have no clue why this woman is riding a mule, bareback, in that outfit. America.

This goat is useful, it wears a saddle. And pulls funny faces!

How do you move a Texas longhorn? You don’t, you ask him nicely and he’ll move when he’s ready!

Finally the main event, the rodeo!  This was much better than the Mexican extravaganza stuff.  It started with a ride to music with all fancy lights, in the dark, madness.  I think they one upped you mum! Always great fun, and the shit those presenters talk was hilarious.  I guess its been a while since Earl has been to the rodeo, he had a whole lot of amusement at the presenting as well.

I love the broncos! Though the most impressive people are the pick up team.

Very close second is the barrel racers.

The clown said he wouldn’t move. I promised you he ran to the fence when the bull glanced his way.

There was also this pretty cool entertainment, Loop Rawlins.  When he walked out I had the thought that he’d be about as dull as could be, but being blindfolded and jumping through a burning rope is something that you just can’t find dull, surely!
After the week, walk, and rodeo we were a little tired so headed back home.  We stopped in at a favourite pub of Earls for dinner.  Not a bad taco and chicken wings.  Sunday we started off with a quiet morning.  We both caught up on Vikings and the Grand Tour.  I really am enjoying the Grand Tour, the boys are getting more comfortable with the whole Amazon format.  They had an awesome rant early in the episode about how can cars possibly be made for men or women.  If you haven’t watched the Grand Tour yet get Ben to give it to you – its hilarious!

Then Jaclyn, Earl, and I were responsible citizens and caught the train to the city for the Denver Beer Companies beer and cookie pairing.  I recognise that it sounds quite odd, and I was absolutely skeptical before we got there, but it really does kinda work.  The cookies themselves were really yummy, and slightly chewy rather than being crunchy.  And the beers weren’t bad either, the porter and brown ales I got stuck into right quick – keep the best until last.  But really, the cookies to make the beer taste slightly different, and not in a bad way.  Thanks Jac for coming with us!

The beer and cookie line up, I worked right to left cos I don’t like stouts; Jac and I loving our beer and cookies!

We stopped in at a sushi place on the way home for something savoury to cut through all the sugar in the cookies.  Turns out the place that is highly recommended was only an all-you-can-eat on Sundays.  Why do they do that?  That’s super annoying!  So instead we popped across the road and had Mexican, missed out on sushi, oh well.
And that was about my week!  Keeping busy 🙂  Next week there will be more travel (oh shock horror) ans some more hiking, maybe snow shoeing, I guess the snow levels will determine that.  I hope everyone over in sunny warm Australia is having fun!  It was good to have a chat with Ben, Mum, and Ma this week at various times while I was driving about and seeing the world.

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