Desert (52AdventureChallenge)

This week, the desert. That should be pretty east for me, being located in Denver I live in a desert.  Yes, that’s likely a surprise to many people, but it is the case evidently.  Looking at the definition of desert:

Definition of desert

  1. 1a:arid land with usually sparse vegetation

I would certainly consider Denver to be arid and the vegetation sure seems sparse to me, even with my time in the Pilbara!  On the other hand, it looks like Denver has on average 16″ of annual precipitation, which doesn’t generally classify as desert.  Hmmm, can you tell that I’m simultaneously thinking and typing?

Okay, now googling is Denver a desert, and the answer is yes – an Alpine desert.  Phew, I’m glad that I was only a little confused.  SO considering Colorado a desert my plan for the week is a hike around North Table Mountain, just north of Golden.  This one stemmed from a chat with Felicia last week where she was saying she doesn’t get outside enough, so I scheduled us in for a hike.

North table top mountain. On top. With some deer that you like cannot see in the pic but I promise are there!

The crew enjoying the desert stroll.


This is from my Bryce Canyon trip, which is considered true desert.

This is what I’d consider desert, the Pilbara, complete with beautiful dingo.

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