Snowventure (52AdventureChallenge)

Welcome to the first 52 Week Adventure Challenge, snowventure. The suggested adventures are things like skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping, visiting a backcountry cabin, etc.  I have to admit that I’m not adventurous enough to go camping in winter, sounds like a monumentally insane plan.

What I do have sufficient crazy for is a six mile hike through the snow at the White Ranch Open Space park. For those who haven’t been here, it’s a stunning park just north of Golden, CO. Earl decided that snowshoes wouldn’t be necessary on this hike because it is listed as highly trafficked. He was right. We could have used them in a few spots but a lot of it was steep and rocky, which doesn’t seem conducive to giant snow feet. We did use our traction though, help reduce the slips down the hills.

It was a great walk with stunning views, and Saturday was the perfect day, bright sunshine but the trail wasn’t yet melty and slushy.

White Ranch Park: chosen venue for some Snowy hiking.

It was a stunning view all the way around the hike.

Despite the cold and snow he has short sleeves on.

It occurs to me that the adventure flow chart is a little backwards for the southern hemisphere. I think the family can still follow along, just start in the middle instead.  Or find some inventive ways to do the winter ones, does flaked up ice blocks count as snow? Can you get a photo of flakey-iceblock-snow when it’s 35c? 

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