Avs vs Flyers…and Rhiannon wins!

So let’s see what this week had in store? Heck, Monday last week seems like most of forever ago! There was impromptu hockey. There was a fort. There was blistering cold and a reprieve from a potentially very cold situation. To Monday…

Monday Earl and I had planned a day of adventure.  Sunday night this was postponed for two reasons: 1) the planned distilleries weren’t open on Monday; 2) I had the client debrief for the inlet job.  The latter I could have dialled in to but with the potential for protest it was safest that I be at work to do all the necessary protest work. So we compared calendars (read I looked at mine and found a day with no meetings and Earl agreed) and rescheduled adventure for Thursday. So Monday I went to work as normal, had a chat about why we didn’t win the bid, followed by long debates regarding technical acceptability and an ultimate decision to not pursue. This made the lessons learned session scheduled for Wednesday a whole lot more…important. The rest of Monday I had some fun meetings and otherwise got a little work done.  There was one excitement to Monday: I got my tickets and ground pass to the National Western Stock Show. Yay!

Tickets and badge, bring on January!

Tuesday quite closely followed Mondays theme, a few meetings, a bit of work, but at lunch time a request to house / dogs sit for Kat. So the evening I headed to kits and got the download re walkies, food, sleeping on the bed, etc.  We also noted that Saturday was going to be bitterly cold, read maximum of 3f. Ugh! Walkies?  Are you mad? Well I guess they have to pee and poop, and outside is much better than inside.
Wednesday I managed to book up all except about an hour of the day with meetings. Such fun!  Sure, these hints have to be done, but really, that’s just madness.  Each day last week was quite long thanks to this meeting epidemic.  The resting is over!

Insert Thursday:

***52 New Things ***

Earl and I headed up to Fort Collins. Wait I missed something super fun.

[press hold on 52 New Things]*****

(is that what is called a teaser?) So while I was having this day of meetings Wednesday the thoughtful one messaged me within exciting prospect: Avalanche vs Flyers hockey match, at 1900, at the Pepsi centre. Oh hell yeah! It was pencilled, by yours truly, as Earl vs Rhiannon…Earl had the home advantage, I had the better team advantage.  I admit I’d had trepidation about going, I’d woken at 0430 thinking about work so I got up and went to the gym.  Early morning. But I pulled up my big girl panties and said yes.  The genius managed to get club level seats for less cash than my top of level one seats last season.  Note to self: when going to the NHL book last minute unless it’s a super popular game.

The only person doing his job for the first half was the Avs’ goalie, Flyers wasted a host of chances to whip ass!

I know it’s blurry, phones, but this is the two minutes we spent watching a fight because you don’t stop these things in hockey. The players get 5 minutes penalty only…let ’em fight!

Yes I look tired, I was! Great seats tho. And a great final scoreline too, despite some nail-biting moments.

Back to our previously scheduled section:

***52 New Things [resumed]***

Thursday we had the rescheduled trip to Fort Collins, quick pause at Petes cafe. The poor server was a little busy, but the food was a winner.

I quite like this sentiment! I didn’t go hungry 🙂

So we got there and first stop, let’s find horsetooth rock.  We drove along horsetooth lake after talking to the older chap at welcome centre, couldn’t see it, shouldn’t have trusted the guy, in hindsight he did not seem to know much about the place.  Insert some googling here and we discovered it’s at the south end of the lake.  About face and back along the lake.  It is a pretty lake, I could imagine it being great fun when the temperature is above freezing.

The roads were swarming with police, there were signs all over the place saying not to stop at the dams. So this is my kind of drive by shooting.

We got to the trail head and found a map (bloke at the welcome centre didn’t have one). The map said a five mile walk into the horsetooth rock.  I guess we were both a bit tired and lethargic after the game, but it was also hovering around freezing, so we put it on the future list.

Fort Collins is the (self?) proclaimed home of the main street Disney copied for their parks (or something).  Now I can’t comment on the similarities with Disney but I can say the old town looked remarkably like all the old towns I’ve been to in this state…and unlike many locals…I’ve been to a few!

I feel a bit of a winter theme coming on…I dislike frozen fountains!

I love how the fish looks appropriately worried in this statue! Heck, he’s a statue in acids park, I can’t imagine the horrible things those kids do.

We wandered about the town and eventually found us some beanies. It was 65 in Denver Thursday but we chose to go to Fort Collins which was 40 for all of ten minutes.  Beanies in hand we started the search for the distilleries. The first was in old town, we got to the door and closed until 1600 on Thursdays (open at 1400 other days!). Okay, let’s look up distillery number two. Also closed until 1600.  What time is it? About 1400, ugh. So the third one didn’t list opening hours so we decided to go see if they had just forgotten…nope, they don’t do opening.  Okay. No distilleries. It was about 1500 and now lunch time so off to the waltzing kangaroo for lunch. Not a bad pie filling here, but the pastry was a bit thick, and the server extremely thick.  I did the ordering and talking bit when she brought our pies she decided she had to tell me how to eat a pie… Gold.

Their story plus they sell a flat white!!!

At this point we had to decide whether to kill about 45 minutes then do breweries or go home. I think dinner at Greek to Me sealed the deal. Home we went.


Of course I had to have a beer Benno!  Dino asked if he should send a slab, I responded clearly in the affirmative but I suspect he believes himself safe from that offer.  I say for now.

Friday I went to work, same old same old…another one full if meetings. Actually Mark and I had meetings from before lunch until 1600, we emerged to an absolutely empty office.  A little wrapping up done and I was out of there.  The highlight for the day: the RFP for Fargo was released.  Let the work begin!  After the weekend 😀

Friday night I headed up to the Bar Car and Swine Emporium. Awesome name for a bar! And precisely the sort of bar I’d love within a mile of my house.  Small, friendly, variety of drinks, good people, etc.  I chose the Bar Car because Norm is now part owner.  Remember the bar man at the hotel who was super chatty when I first got here? That Norm.  He does all the cooking so he was in and out of the kitchen to catch up.  The lovely ladies Anna and Jac joined me.  I think we all had a pretty good time.  Anna had a massive debate with one of the regulars, Chad; I stole a guy so Jac could talk to his mate; and Jac got a date for this week!  Wins all ’round.  Great night.

Anna, Jac, and I; Anna, Jac, and Chad; Anna and Chad providing a great reason for me to steal the other guy, he absolutely had to helped take this pic…Mission accomplished.

While we were playing the snow and bitter cold came in.  By Saturday morning this little Aussie was huddled inside trying to keep warm.

It was a tad breezy and really really cold! Thankfully not too much snow.

Yes that is fahrenheit, yes that is cold.

Don’t worry, being astoundingly cold only slowed me down for a few hours!  I dragged myself out of bed and made breakfast then Earl came and helped me hang all my pictures; I finally got frames for a couple that I’ve abused for years, so did some shuffling and got everything on the walls.  Saturday afternoon we headed to the Wings Above the Rockies air and space museum…yep, nerds…BUT the purpose was the 5th Annual Denver Beer Festivus.  Great venue for such a thing!  We spent a few hours drinking 10oz servings of many beers.  Some we flat refused to drink, others were awesome!

Just a cool shot on the way in.

Really cool venue for beers! Can you guess the plane in the last pic?

Sunday, as you saw earlier, was similarly really really cold.  It was a day to sleep in, go for breakfast, head to Felicias for a wax, then do groceries and chores. Yay for Sunday!

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