Shivering & Sneaky Snow Sunday

As the title suggests, my first snow for this winter plus it’s been really really really cold.  Properly cold.

Monday I worked happy as Larry. We all know how much I like working, I guess I’ve told the school holidays story a few times this last week.  I sure missed a whole lot of stuff while in Oz, I may almost be catching up but I’m positive I’ll find a host of things I missed as time continues.  So Monday I got through most of my emails, spent half an hour in the gym, then went home And passed out.

Tuesday was really quite similar. With one exception… Snow! This snow wasn’t sneaky at all, it was highly advertised because it was coming with the coldest days in at least two years.  Yep, so I guess I have oficially experienced the coldest I’ve ever been.

Rhiannons first winter 16/17 snow, only an inch by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday we were supposed to wake up to up to a foot of snow.  Thank goodness we didn’t. I had prepared for it, in that I had food in the house and I took my computer home.  I even informed the boss that if the weather looked too bad for an Aussie I’d be working from my cozy warm couch.  His response: I’ll be right there with you.  I guess Floridan tolerance of cold is similar to Aussie.  We had some really shitty news on Tuesday night, which I picked up Wednesday morning…we didn’t win the inlet job.  we were only $1M too expensive, but that derailed mist of my Wednesday of work and half of Thursday reviewing and writing summaries. Thankfully there wasn’t much more snow on Wednesday morning than there was on Tuesday night…I got to work before the traffic got bad.  Thursday was much of the same, though with the added bonus of this.


Not only was Jay super cute, but also that temperature is not in celcius. I refuse to concert it because it’s just too cold.

Friday was a day of not just work and cold, yay!  On the plus side, it warmed up quite significantly on Friday, to around 40.

It did warm up. Not enough for the frozen, running, fountain to thaw by Friday night though.

Another day of work and catch up and then I rushed home, trotted to the train, and headed up to Denver University.  The Plan: to meet Earl at DU, have some dinner, then head to hockey.  The Reality: get on train, sit on train for 50 minutes going nowhere with no notifications, get off at next stop to meet Earl, head to the hockey and eat sports arena nachos (read really bad food) for dinner.  On the plus side, our tickets were right on the DU box glass and it was a great game, won by the local team.

It’s not the Australian anthem, which is the only reason I can think that most of the players didn’t sing at all; so close!

Saturday started off nice and slowly with a breakfast at a diner that had a little wait but was a decent feed.  Then a trip over to tick one thing off my must do list, we went over to Bellwether Coffee.  Felicia has been telling me about it for as long as I’ve known her, pitched as great coffee plus whiskey.  Well the coffee sure was great, in a Coloradan context, and there was a bar.  I liked that they didn’t know what they wanted to be as a shop, there was coffee, whiskey, and clothes!  I’d make it a regular if it were closer to me, it’s a half hour journey in good traffic.
Saturday night I was doing a swapsies. I went to the hockey Friday because I like the atmosphere and violence, Saturday I went to the ballet.  Specifically the Moscow ballets performance of the Nutcracker.  On the way we stopped off at Uma’s new place…FANCY…but it the downstairs bathroom was this one.

The ballet was interesting. A first for me. The dancing is of course impressive, the colours were cool, and (just for gran) the fabrics were awesome!

Christmas lights downtown ; the theatre looks pretty.

It was nice inside too.

Sunday I had a chore and relax day, tried to do some household catch up.  This week has been a bit silly, hence the delayed post, but I’m getting there!

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