A Wondrous Wedding Weekend

Saturday was the big day, the reason I came home this year.  Fair warning Aussies, I do not expect a trip home in 2017.  So Saturday came and I headed to Dots place to get my hair and makeup done.  Thank you ladies for getting me through that one!  I have to admit that I looked like a new person. On the way back I had to pop into priceline for some makeup remover (I have no need for that stuff) the lady in the store was super helpful! Foamy vs milky for a makeup remover is beyond me. I got home and went to put the flowers in the suits when I realised the button holes were sewn shut.  Ben doesn’t own a quick un pick.  i popped back out to Kart, got to the service desk way up the back and asked the lad where I’d find a quick un pick. The blank look on his face was gold! I swiftly followed up with ‘where are your sewing supplies?’ and he pointed me in the right direction. When I got back Jon, that photographer for the day, was setting up for his object stills.

I promise my suggestion ended at ‘how about one with the bike?’, the rest was not my idea!

For those in the know, the brides bouquet.

Then we were on the way.

Taking my ‘make sure he gets there’ duties seriously. As unnecessary as they were.

This may be my favourite shot of Ben and I, though Jon got a good one too.

There was some obligatory hanging out and waiting, which I did as much as possible from a seated position, darned 4″ heels.

The reception room pre-festivities; All colourful flowers by Gran and Gramps.

I’m not sure which is more rare, a photo of mum or Steve in a suit.

Mmmm, cake! It was really yummy.

Then came the ceremony. Kenzi wad amazingly well behaved, though she sprinted down the aisle each way.

Finally the reception, good night was had by all who were there, and I even survived the speech.

The happy couple…my favourite part of this photo is Daves mug in the mirror 🙂

Ben and I; Leanne and I; and Amy the best junior bridesmaid (she likes riding horses)

Little Asha is growing big!

Yep, a lot of photos of me and mostly bloody selfies. All the good photos are on the photographers website: Millgrove Photography

The clever couple got a photobooth, that was super popular! Here is my contribution, in the order the site uploaded them…

Some great ones of Pa and I!

Mum and I looking super stylish.

Only Dave would work out how to get upside-down.

The granddaughters…

Earl and I, thank you for coming!

Me and the uncles. Mick is Leannes uncle, and my favourite uncle Freddy got in the booth with me too!

The girls shooting each other.

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