Marvelous Melbourne Mayhem

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before, but I have been really quite busy as this post may attest…so I’m finally getting some stuff down for you.  I left you with a sore head and Earl being picked up at the airport.  Then we went on a mini adventure, met the Olds, met Ben Leanne and Kenzi, and had a host of exploring.  I’m currently in one of the last places you’d ever expect to see me…we’ll get to that!

So I picked Earl up at the airport.  Seems that I managed to throw Earl a curve ball when I told him to meet me at the Starbucks…I’d seen the coffee place just as you come out of the customs area and thought it was a Starbucks.  Turns out that it was actually a Villa and Hut.  My bad.  He even asked a person where the Starbucks is, they laughed at him apparently.  It had taken me much longer than planned to get to the coffee shop because there were many many people trying to find carparks and I managed to get jack of that rubbish and just went straight to the top of the place.  We got to the car and I asked if he was happy to stop in at Travis’ on the way down to Lorne Have I got time for a shower?  Nope, the shower is in the opposite direction…  We got to Travis’ and we had a great coffee and well overdue chat.  Travis’ new missus is a keeper, she’ll go far!

Then on to Lorne.  We went via Geelong town and Bells beach.  Bells was good to look at but that was about all we could do… it was a stunning Sunday afternoon so the place was absolutely packed!  We stopped a few times along the way to Lorne and got there is one piece.  We checked into the Lorne Hotel.  Nice little place, I always love a converted old building.  We got in and had a well deserved shower then strolled along the beach.  We strolled up to the pier and had an amazing seafood dinner….its been quite a while since Ive had that much decent seafood.

The koala is in there; first vb, like a champ; always love the beach!

When we dragged ourselves out of bed I headed out to the car to get the sunscreen, then I returned to is that something fuzzy in the tree?  Yep, it was a koala, in the tree, outside the hotel window, which is absolutely awesome!  I guess I’ve rarely seen a koala in the wild like that.  We headed further along the great ocean road, then up through the Otways.  That was good fun, cruising through the forests!  We even stopped at a waterfall and wandered into it, super pretty stroll through the drizzle and the forest, love that.  Then I guess we got to Boronia about five minutes before Ben got home from work.  I let myself in, as I do, and Kenzi was only ever so slightly dipleased with this odd bloke in her house…actually, I thought she came around really quite fast.  Ben on the other hand… well he can add his bit in the comments 😉

The falls; plus our ugly mugs; more beach!

Monday night some pretty special weather came through, it was cold…really really cold.  Okay, the temperature itself was higher than Denver at the moment, but it was damp and overcast, and just that horrid weather that you get in Melbourne occasionally.  You can’t fathom how many times I’ve told Earl that this is not normal weather for Melbourne in November!  Anyways, Tuesday we aborted our plans and adjusted it to brunch with the Olds and some Yarra Valley wineries.  The weather did not at all improve, not at all…

Tarrawarra Cellars entrance; Tarrawarra barrels; Yileena Park winery

We got to the Olds and Ma had an amazing omelette with salad for precisely what I’d consider brunch.  Really, omlette and salad at 1130,  how can you go wrong?  It got better, Gran had cooked a pavlova….seriously, pav!  So exciting, it was so scrummy!  After an amazing meal we headed off to some wineries.  Earl totally looked at the gallery in the first one and followed me back out the door.  The wine though was okay, once you got past the super tool guy who liked to quote the wine omnibus.  Then we kept cruising through the still damp yarra valley and came cross a second winery, Yileena Park.  The poor chap there had zero customers…until we arrived…1530 and you get your first customers!!!  It would have been an absolutely amazing visage if there was less fog.

What do I do here? I can’t go there! Eventually she decided she could go around it.

Wednesday we ventured into Melbourne in the fog.  The overall theory was we’d head into town I’d go to my appointment and Earl would explore.  Mission achieved.  We headed into town and got a coffee, it was a super scrummy coffee, stronger than I’ve become used to, darned American ‘coffee’.  I then left Earl to wander the city while I had an appointment with Dr Reid.  She said everything looked great and she’ll send my results to me when they come through.  Then I had a mission…to go to Noodle Kingdom.  I struggled to get to the right place  because they changed the name!  On the plus side the clientele was still predominantly Asian, the dumplings were great, and the loo is still up what feels like 500 stairs.  

One of those lanes in the drizzle ; boat on the Yarra: love the street art.

I love Melbourne from up high ; I had to take them at their word, I couldn’t see the mountain ; taking in the ‘view’

Such a funny lookin’ guy!

After amazing dumplings we aimed for Eureka tower…then it started raining so we paused for a bit under the eaves to have a look at the Myer Christmas windows.  Eureka was good, seeing the city was great, couldn’t see Mt Dandenong at all.  The evening was spent with Benno cooking an awesome meal and us all chatting.

I love the old city buildings! And the Myer Christmas Windows.

Thursday we toddled down to  Williamstown for coffee with the amazing Onj who asked Earl all the right questions to send a full report to Ally…want to be a fly on the wall on that conversation!  It was awesome to catch up with Earl.  I’m so stoked I managed to catch up with her.  After a good long chat we parted ways and Earl and I headed to Middle Park for an Aussie classic, fish and chips on a windy cold beach.  It was awesome to see the beach and enjoy some decent fish and chips.  We then headed home and Earl helped with preparing the dinner while the rest of us headed up to Marybrooke Manor for the rehearsal.  The rehearsal went well except that Kenzi lunged off to her mummy when she walked down the aisle.  It made Mark much more paranoid about his role!  We managed to keep her slightly n check and got through the mock ceremony.  After a quick gander at the inside option in the event of rain, we headed back to Boronia for a bbq.  Poor Benno had catered for a Porter army, turned out to be just a minor party.

Miss this chick!

At the rehearsal

Friday we did something its taken most of forever to get to, walking up the (inappropriately named) firebreak.  Its only been 17 plus years that I lived there…finally did it.  Thanks Earl for persevering!  Gran at the wedding noted that the firebreak was never intended to be such, rather it was the way up the hill for the parts of the TV towers…I’d never heard that one before and didn’t get to ask Pa (Ma deferred to Pa) about it.

The firebreak track, no wonder I struggled to find it from Canterbury Road! ; the view from the Rocks ; I miss the Aussie bush.

A nice little bush walk.

***52 New Things***
Then I got to the thing that is the least likely place to find me – the nail salon.  Seriously, I’ve never had my nails done, never.  I have to say that I wouldn’t bother again in future…its a weird feeling having the super thick nails, and they’re bloody useless!!!


While I had my nails done I sent Earl on a wild goose chase.  I guess it wasn’t such a goose chase as it was successful, he managed to go to about five different two dollar shops in Boronia (must have been an experience in itself) and managed to find a perfect ribbon to add to the brides bouquet, made it that much more perfect her having a touch of purple.  Thank you Earl!!!  We did a couple more chores and headed back home.

Mark and Rob had declared a night of a few beers and dinner for Bens final night as a ‘single’ man.  We headed to the Beach House Brewery, which has an amusing name given that there is absolutely nothing beachy nor housey about a warehouse in Scoresby being used as a brewery and a bar added for a few hours a day three days a week.  Huge kudos to them, they did a great bowl of chips, only food they served and they did it really well.  After a couple of decent beers we headed to Knox Ozone for a noodle dinner.

The Beach House Brewery

At this point I’ll bid you adieu and we’ll do the big wedding weekend in one post me thinks.

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