I made it!  

Victoria not Melbourne this week! For the Americans: that’s 100 km/ hr

My election special came a tad early because I spent my weekend flying. With the time difference it really feels like that.

Sunrise from a plane.

Friday I got on the plane to LAX, sat there a couple of hours, then flew to Melbourne.  I conveniently had a baby in front of me, a child a row behind, and a tall restless guy in the seat behind me (with pokey knees), so by the time I landed in Melbourne I guess I was lucky to get two hours sleep… Oh well.  The airport was an absolute Zoo, I have never seen it so bad!  There were people failing to queue all over the place, elbows flying, tempers flaring, luggage running toes over…welcome to Melbourne. I have flown through there often, never seen it so bad! (Germany + London + NZ + Mongolia + NY x 2 + Peru + Iceland + Denver = 9).  I got through all the people and mum found me outside in the cold, welcome to Melbourne! It was a typical dreary cold day, haven’t seen that kind of day for quite some time…maybe when I was last here a year ago!  Oddly, heading north didn’t help much, usually does.  I had a snooze while mum went for a ride then I hid inside with the fire for the afternoon. On the way up to Wang we made a stop at the saddle shop, mum bought nothing.  I got a real pie for lunch, and we did some groceries. 

Wrangler jeans, here AUD$140, there USD$40; a real pie!!!; on special at double the regular price.

For dinner Steve threw some chicken drumsticks (that mum cooked) around then off to sleep.

The shower is growing in

Monday we had an adventure that mum promises she showed us when I was five, maybe six, maybe four…because I remember that!!!  We headed up to see the Snowy Hydro Scheme.  Step one, Chiltern to get honey for Pa-the-honey-bear.  They didn’t have the right one, though I managed to remember which that is, yellowbox, oh well.  When Mum gave Pa the honey he immediately spirited it away to a super high shelf that Ma can’t reach, even though it was grey box not his favourite yellow box!  Funny old soul. Mum then remembered that the jewelry lady is in Chiltern, she wasnt open so I looked her up and the website said open on Tuesdays, I messaged her and she came in just for us.  So after a coffee at a quirky place we went there and I got a bracelet to replace the one I’ve worn daily for a very long time, it broke the other week.

Main Street of Chiltern

New bracelet; quirky cafe; the right way to colour a mandala.

Then back to the mission.  Oops, another detour!  About four weeks ago water was being let out of Hume Dam through 12 gates.  When Mum was there only eight.  Now none at all.  It’s difficult to see but the water us right close to the top of the gate, Google told me the dam is 99.47% full.  It really looks super full, no beach anywhere, water lapping on grass, quite cool!

Hume Dam; No water on the spillway

Power generation for sure; Tricky to see but very close to the top of the gate

Stunning day over an extremely full dam!

***52 New Things***

Okay, so now we got back on track…mostly because if we didn’t we’d miss the 1400 tour of the plant. I know, nerding it out at a power plant, but it is impressive, all that tunneling and moving turbines about in the total wilderness in the 1940s.

Murray 2, because 1 is closed for refurbishment; Plan of the scheme.

Section of the scheme, love it!

Murray 1 is much more impressive looking, but alas Google will do.

So that was kinda cool.  I guess technically it isn’t a new thing…Mum reminded me that she took us there when I was four or five, maybe six.  So long ago that there is no way I remember!


On the way out of the plant mum was all ooooh, spillway road, let’s go there. I was ambivalent but mum was driving. good thing too. There was a worker chap there, checking shit out, told us a cool story.

What stops these quite heavy gates from sliding into this slot?

They were doing the major gate test, a five yearly event, and sliding the stoplog into place and the darned thing wouldn’t go down.  Two cranes were sitting there costing loads while they waited for divers to arrive and pop down, work out the issue.  Turns out that the local pub safe was sitting on the sill, gold! The safe had been recently stolen and the thief’s emptied the see then threw it in the lake.  Now they get divers in every time to clean off the sill before the cranes come in.

This lake was 50% ish full, apparently they’d recently released a while lot when expecting some more rain.

After that adventure we toddled home.  Uneventful trip home.  

Supermoon the first…

Tuesday we had a day that didn’t quite work right…I guess a whole lot of places don’t open on Tuesdays.  Mum went for a ride and I did a jog up the road. 🙂

Look at all that altitude and prominence!

There were roos loose in the top paddock.

Wednesday we had a mission for some whiskey tasting at the new local distillery. 

The Scots spell it whisky and the Irish spell it whiskey, with an extra ‘e’. This difference in the spelling comes from the translations of the word from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic forms. Whiskey with the extra ‘e’ is also used when referring to American whiskies. This ‘e’ was taken to the United States by the Irish immigrants in the 1700s and has been used ever since. – Google 

Slight interlude…I’d been wondering!

So we headed to Corowa distillery and chocolaterie.  There we could smell the distillery but that was about it…they are evidently not ready to do tastings yet.  They did have chocolate tasting and I tried one of each then mum bought a few.  Mum spent 4/5 of our time there trying to convince Steve that they’d been there before.  I had a vague recollection that maybe it was me…turns out it was mum and I who’d been there. There was a guy cleaning out the silos so he took us in a ‘tour’ of the silo.  This time no silo tour.  We did get a nosey poke through the distillery area and saw where they hold weddings etc.  Nice place.

Corowa distillery and chocolaterie in the old Mill, purchased for $1, has six semi trailer loads of pigeon shit in there.

The whisky/whiskey sitting….

And closed on Tuesdays.  We stopped in Corowa and went to mums favourite dress shop…by which I mean I chatted with the butcher, Steve stewed in the sun, and mum went into the dress shop. Then we tried to go to the Pickled Sister Cafe, which is apparently cool.  We ended up at Parker Pies where we had a not so awesome coffee and a yummy pie.  Eventually we headed home and let the horse out for a feed.  While she was munching we did some archery and chores.  Tuesday afternoon Steve went to ‘work’ and mum and I went on a chore run.  Starting with eggs, fail, ending with a chat with mums clients…Darlene nearly gave me five cups of tea.  The eggs were special ones from a road side stall, there are two one that one road, neither of which are open on Tuesdays evidently.

Supermoon the second from mums.

Supermoon the second from the overpass.

Wednesday I took Dog for quite a long walk (for him) while mum went for a ride, then we packed up and shipped out to the Block.  We had to pause at two butchers, spotlight, and Bens, but we made pretty good time, got to the Block about 1600.

We had a highly productive evening of putting together the flowers into bouquets and steak for dinner.  How can you possibly go wrong with all that?  I was pretty tired after driving down from Wang so it was a 2130 bed time for me. I crashed out!  Thursday morning we didn’t start particularly early, gran made us a yummy omelette for breakfast.  Little Dusta gave up playing pretty quickly, just lay down and nope, not playing, even when you throw my favourite ball at me.

Quit it, I need a rest woman; I’m not sure if you’re going to try to attack me, let me look out my window.

Pa then disappeared so I wandered down the back and I ‘helped’ start the pump and untangle the new fence. Always good fun spending a little time with Pa, I miss the old chap when I’m not around! 

Pa setting up the filters for the spring water. Super fancy filtered spring water 🙂  Though the filtering is for the sprinklers, they get clogged if there is no filtering.

We then popped back to the house for morning tea.  And lunch.  Ah, the earing habits of the Olds, I’d be fat as a house!  Pa had a random fun fact for everyone: Aussies are the 2nd biggest beetroot eaters in the world apparently. Pity Pa isn’t growing and beetroot or I’d be bringing some back for Chad (who vehemently dislikes beets).  Then there was the big hoo ha over who takes me to Boronia.  We’d already done the ‘we’re not meeting in Emerald’ match, so this one was a tad easier.  Turns out plans had me driving Gran to Boronia.  Fred headed off for a coffee with a mate, Pa realised he had to sort out the tanks and pump, so Ma drew the short straw of my driving.  Despite having had her car for three odd years this was my first Drive anywhere other than just up the road!  It’s not a bad car, not as stricky as Red.  Love Red (just in case you didn’t know).

Do you think my little brother knows me? Just a little bit?

When Leanne got home she was super pleased with the flowers so that’s a big win.  I feel like the bunch for Leanne needs little primping but I’ve got a week for that, the basis is there.  While chilling on the couch we had a couple of drinks and I finished off all the wedding favours, so they’re done, two ticks off the list.  Friday I took a morning for chores then an afternoon for chilling. Thanks to Leanne for the use of her car! Leanne and I took this goose for a walk around the block and this little goose saw the barrier and didn’t want to deal with it!

Oh oh, a barrier! We can’t go over it we can’t go under it we’ll have to be convinced to go around it!

Saturday was a big day.  Earl had managed to both miss and not miss his flight.  The first snow for the season arrived on Thursday so with the deicing taking so long he landed in LAX much later than his planned flight. Didn’t matter because the plane to Melbourne was cancelled for mechanical issues.  I still headed into Melbourne and picked up the hire car while Ben and Leanne had their dancing lesson.  Then there was the Bucks.  Not much photographic evidence of the night….just this.

The little evidence: Dodger, Ben, and I after whiskey; the beginning of the end; the whiskey tasting room.

Sunday poor Benno had a bit of a sore head.  I cleared out and picked up Earl from the airport.  I’ll get into that in the next edition, it’s been a busy week hence the delay, but you’ll understand when I get to that post!

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