The Election Special (because no one has blogged about that yet)

So I’m starting the post early. Why?  Because I’m sitting on a bike doing some morning cardio.  Can’t sleep.  Stress?  Excitement?  A little from column A and a little from column B.  Sure – I should just be pedaling, but I’m not doing evil intervals, this is steady state boring shite and I need a distraction.

To Monday! There were many discussions about the election. In hindsight many more were required. Pity I couldn’t vote, though one more in Denver wouldn’t made a huge difference.  I actually had a day of no meetings which is always nice. I did spend the day doing BD type stuff, so that limits the level of fun.  Monday night I took the second step to packing, getting out stuff that was on the list. The suitcase is about 70% stuff not for me (mostly flowers).  I’ll be fine though, there is at least as much as a carry-on still empty in the suitcase!

Tuesday was almost the opposite to Monday. I had meetings from 0800 until 1630 with a half hour break for lunch, and that only because I booked it in the calendar as I saw the day filling up. Yep, Tuesday was meeting day.  Mostly BD though, I guess their role is to talk, and oh boy can they talk!  I managed to miss boxing, likely not a bad thing as my back is still meh.  I then headed home, made the computer go… INTERLUDE: Monday I went to log in to my new computer and it seems I forgot the password.  I maintain that I didn’t forget, rather I miss-typed on the different keyboard.  Shout out to Ben for telling me how to fix it! Interlude over.  

***52 New Things***

I got through an American election.  First, maybe last?  Who knows in this mad world…

Then I have to admit I got a bit wrapped up in this election beast. I guess I’d been ignoring the results as I refused to believe that this would be an option.  My catch-phrase for Wednesday:

The Simpsons predicted it. Idiocracy depicted it.



Yep.  So that happened.  He won.  Astonishing I tells you.  Amazing to see the states that he won though…the low population states.  It also speaks to the types of people I have surrounded myself with.  When I think about it I had an inkling this could happen: adventuring in the hills you see lots of Trump signs; and even when I went to Olmsted, the place is full of the signs.  He identified his target audience and he marketed to them.  Win to him.  The checks and balances are in place to make sure he doesn’t fuck up too much, my concern is that he says something silly to someone hot headed and there is backlash.  More on the backlash later.



In Colorado there were a host of referenda (results above).  Luckily for me Colorado voted to not approve “Colorado Care”, which would have raised my taxes to cover the health expenses of others.  I get it at home where I’ll get some benefit from it when I’m old, but here, hell no.  The other close one, which I hope remains true as they keep counting is the double negative on Amendment T – a no means that prisoners will not be paid to do involuntary labor.  I’m happy that.  Colorado decided to agree with doctor assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, it will be interesting to see how they actually implement that one.  I am also in agreement with raising the minimum wage, they’re only going to $12 per hour by 2020, so there is plenty of time!  Chad was very interested in the referendum results, he’d spent the day Monday telling everyone all about them.  And I don’t blame him.  In other areas:  It sounds like North Dakota has approved their extension of the sales taxes so the Diversion is a green light from that point of view; and it seems that a handful more states have legalised medical marijuana; and another handful have approved recreational use.  I guess the native Coloradans will have to find another scape goat when complaining about the influx of people.

I love facebook – all I saw Wednesday morning was how the borders of Mexico were flooded with people running south and that the Canadian immigration website crashed.  Now Iceland – I have to caution you – do you really want to encourage these ignorant warmongers into your country?  Sure, Vikings were warlike, but they were much more reasoned than this mad chicken.

The Grand Tour – by the amazing lads from Top Gear.  Note it starts November 18th, on Amazon Prime, so I’d better be good for logging into Prime from Boronia so I can watch it!  Of course the second picture begs a very very interesting question.  If there were a male version of Hilary Clinton (absolutely everything else the same), would the results have been different?  Maybe the democrats made a tactical error when they chose to put her up against Trump.  Really – do you think the results would have been different?  I get the feeling it may have just swayed the other way.


Thankfully there was a little amusement in my facebook feed this morning.  Go Bunnings.  I’ve since read that the bloke who did it is going to be fined thousands of dollars, I guess you need clearances for flying?  I dunno….silly, but amusing to me.  For my American friends, Bunnings is the Aussie equivalent to Home Depot – the difference is that there is usually a BBQ (you’d call it grill) on Saturdays, out the front of most Bunnings, selling sausages in bread to raise money for a local charity or group (the local Scout troop or footy team for example).


Back to that ignorance thing.  I’m not sure if / when Mr Carlin made this statement, but I feel like it is so true.  And you know, there is no one in this country who is exempt.  The fancy we are right types who voted for Mrs Clinton, they’re ignorant because they didn’t believe this could happen, they don’t realise that there is such a large group of people (who incidentally provide most of what they need daily: meat, potatoes, etc) who are disenfranchised in this country.  So many do not realise that if you drive outside the city limits, call it 50 miles, you magically go back in time about 50 years.  Interestingly, this was an original thought which when I got to the office and had a debrief with Clayton he also noted…and he’s from a little farm town in Wyoming!  This group is also a little ignorant in that they believe all the sensationalist media.  Sure this guy says some mad shit, but how does he run a company?  A country really is just a company with millions of employees.  The other ignorant mob is those who voted for him of course.  They think that his big posturing and the huge things he says are going to come to fruition…I’d be shocked if they do.  We will wait and see.


This is so true – don’t run away to Canada or Iceland, face this, look at it, and realise that everyone, regardless of who you voted for, put the country into this position in one way or another.  Inspect it, learn from it, and change.

Now don’t despair dear Americans, I can only hope that there are enough checks and balances in place to stop that war.  In the event that a major world war does break out, is that the end of the world?  Controversial comment I know, but bear with me.  Currently we have generations of entitled, materialistic types who wouldn’t know a day outside if it bit them on the butt.  That won’t change slowly, that will require a major step change.  Will it be WWIII or will it be a meteorite hitting the Earth?  I dunno, but I’m not against the concept of something like WWIII, a whole lot of good things would come from something major like that, and I’m not afraid of a little hardship.  Interestingly, Clayton agreed with my point here and went one step further – he believes it will happen within his lifetime.  Clayton must be in his sixties.

So to some of the statistics that I have been finding fascinating thanks to BBC and Fox:

  • 53% of men voted for Trump.  54% of women voted for Clinton.
  • The over 45 year olds were more likely to vote for Trump.
  • The majority (58%) of white voters voted for Trump.  Other skin tones were between 27% (Hispanic) and 8% (Black)
  • Of the non-college-educated white men 70% supported Trump, plus 60% of the non-college-educated white women (how many of these had never voted before crosses my mind)
  • Interestingly, 52% of the voters who earn less than $50k pa voted for Clinton (41% for Trump) (Is this all the house wives?)
  • Evidently 25% of the voters (those who gave their opinion of the candidates) said they voted for who they did because they didn’t like the opponent!
  • 60% of people in cities over 50000 people voted Clinton while 62% of people in rural areas voted Trump.

“We have seen that our country is more deeply divided than we thought” – Clinton

The guy identified his target and he whipped them into a frenzy:

Those working-class white people, particularly ones without college education – men and women – deserted the party in droves. Rural voters turned out in high numbers, as the Americans who felt overlooked by the establishment and left behind by the coastal elite made their voices heard. – BBC

And that is about that on the election fun from me.  It will be very interesting to see what happens over then next few years.


Bring on Wednesday!

Oh wait Tuesday I also did something journey like…I called United and enquired about the 1900 flight that I was supposed to catch and whether 60 minutes between landing and take off was enough in LAX.  The woman on the phone immediately changed my Denver flight, no charge, to 1730.  That makes me feel a lot more comfortable about Friday, that one hour was very tight given I’d have to hope the plane was on time, had an available gate, emptied quickly, run to the international terminal, get through security, find the right gate and board.  One hour was not going to work…and if by some miracle it worked for me, chances of my bag making it were slim to none.  So there you go, cruisey!  And a shorter day on Friday for me!

So Wednesday I had no meetings.  I almost had a meeting, Mark forwarded a teleconference (ten minutes before the call start time) then discovered he didn’t have a clash and called me to tell me I needn’t dial in.  Win!  I got another handful of things done, which was nice, a couple of decently big actions ticked off the work-to-do list.  And I had a chat with some people who needed a chat! 🙂  Wednesday night was a highlight – I had a massage and Stella (sorry you had to work so hard) got right into the spots that have been bothering me for a week and a half and smashed those little blighters out.  I hope I don’t sleep too stoopidly tonight and I should be pretty good in a day or two.  Yay!

Oh, and on Wednesday we finally received access to the data room files for Fargo.  Sure, its only about two weeks later than promised, and there are 254 files, and we have less than a week to review the information before our first call with the client.  Yep – thats all a bit annoying…and I’ve only scraped the surface of the files that are on there!

In other Wednesday news…the Christmas fairies are on the way.  Or is it people admitting winter is coming and starting to brighten the place up?  The trees do look pretty with the lights and all.  I passed more similarly decorated trees later in the evening, didn’t stop I was hungry, but they had red lights as apples!  So cool 🙂

Thursday: Interlude for an interesting conversation I overheard just now.  Totally out of context I’m certain, but it made me giggle, aloud.  So Mr Cooney (I can’t use his initials, they’re mine!) is one of the old chaps here, been in the company for longer than I’ve been alive.  He’s working on retiring so works from home three weeks in four and only does three days per week.  He’s here today and for whatever reason he sits next to not-the-boss.  So I walk back from my meeting (another BD meeting that went for two hours); Mr Cooney is standing over not-the-bosses shoulder gesturing at the screen and saying If you’ve spent this much then your estimate to complete has to be more than this.  I must have made eye-contact with not-the-boss because the look on his face was priceless, he went almost sheepish / pale!  Hilarious.  I’d say “highlight of my day” but I know there is more coming (Greek for dinner!).

I’ll leave some more interesting commentaries here:

  • But wait why.  A nice one reminding people that it was basically a 50/50 split and as sad as you are there is one person similarly happy.

So yeah, we’re gonna have to look at Trump’s face a lot for a bunch of years, and that’s a shame. And he might do some really shitty things. And it’s fair to be really upset about having a guy like Trump representing you in the world and worried about how the country will fare under his administration. But if we want to make the best of this, we need to ask a question: Why did those 50 million people vote for Trump?

Trying to get to the bottom of that question will help us learn from the past and get better.

Thursday night I went to dinner at Greek with Kat, Michelle, and Earl.  Always a great meal and a good night.  the guys were so intent in making sure I say hello to mum and that I get Ben back here as soon as possible.  seriously, I thought they liked me but nope, they live my little brother!

Oh, I also learned the mout worrying aspect of this election!  Earl has explained that the Republican party now has the opportunity to appoint two supreme court justices.  They are the highest court in this land and have ultimate say in everything. With two more conservative judges there is a concern that the Supreme Court could make some hefty changes, like outlawing abortion and same sex marriage.  These positions are for life so the conservative point of view is destined to last for many many years.  Today LeRoy said another judge is close to retirement so the Republicans may get three in there, interpretation is that will be longer under a conservative court.  Interesting!!! 

Friday I was supposed to have six hours of meetings. Thankfully two of the meetings halved in duration and one was cancelled outright. Huge win! Okay, huge is an exaggeration, decent win.  I was prepared for the meetings so had got all except one task finished, so I guess no meetings wasn’t such a big win but the day was less annoying. Mark decided he’d take me to the airport and that we’d stop for lunch on the way.  He chose Greek for lunch. Gold!  The boys were simultaneously pleased and confused. Mmmm, yummy lunch!
I got to the airport with just the right timing.  I checked on my bag (had to remove the bag of gingins as I was 3lb over), got through the long security lines, git a bottle of water, then was at the gate about fifteen minutes before boarding. Perfect!

So in order to separate this from heading home and that whole adventure I’m going to stop right here.  Also, I suspect there are way too many words for my little brother to be bothered reading it all! So I just got on the plane and am about to have my nyquil and sleep for as long as my pained shoulder will let me.

See you in the future!

One thought on “The Election Special (because no one has blogged about that yet)

  1. Great post reality some Americans will move out and mostly into Canada. Some did when Bush was elected and in this case the situation is more dire! There were world repercussions during that administration which has taken many years to clean up and still going! It should also be noted that the Canadian Gov. will be making changes to the visa requirements for Mexicans to help those wanting to escape into Canada.
    I do wish that the media would do the world a favour and not show ‘that mugshot’ too often.

    Have fun back home..
    Maria xxx


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