A Week to Tick Things

This week should have been a quieter one.  You know it, famous last words!  Maybe I exaggerate as well though.

Monday… Okay, Monday was quieter. Though not-the-boss had me all riled up. Again he has been questioning my ability to do my job. I’m here to manage bids, let me bloody well do it.  I think most annoyingly the grand boss listens to him, I haven’t a clue why, he’s done nothing in the almost-year I’ve been here.  He also questioned my position on the transport task team, as if I know nothing about transport.  I almost printed him my cv, highlighted all the big and transport projects, and threw it at him.  grrr. It was also Halloween, I guess it’s about as popular in my current building as it is in Australia. I had one kid come by, and he was my new neighbor so does that really count?

Tuesday Earl and I went for dinner but nothing particularly interesting or extravagant happened.  Tuesday I managed to avoid all the Steves that are annoying me and get some work done.

Wednesday I took my flex day.  Yay for flex days! I headed hiking with the wonderful Jaclyn.  Hike the first was one that I just haven’t got around to yet…

***52 New Things***

Chief mountain. Oh boy do I regret only getting there now! That view is amazing.  There was snow which was somewhat unnerving but fine except when at the top and it was windy as well. Plus the snow on the big hills looks super pretty.  A tick off the list.

Snow on the road (Squaw Pass) and trail.

Smiling through the cold. Great views!

Random artsy shot.

Snow ploughs out! And my first Colorado fox, he was well fed

That view! Why has it taken me so long to get up here?!?


The second hike was one Chad recommended as being kinda cool, St Mary’s Glacier.  You can see from the photos that glacier is quite a stretch.  Even the warning sign put the word glacier in quotation marks, as if the sign writer knew it’s not a glacier.  Super pretty lake though!  I guess Chad hiked up the glacier and skied down it, he was there in snowy spring not mid autumn!  Another tick off the list.

Oddly dead trees.

The “glacier”…the pond was more pretty.

Stunning day for two walks.

A better shot of the “glacier”

Pretty pond again!

After the hike I stopped off at Jacs to have lunch then headed home with the intent that Jac would follow me an hour ish later to help me make flowers.  I’d forgotten that Bobbi was coming to clean, so I had to cancel the flower making plans (I’m sorry Jac!). I had a triple quick shower then headed to the mall to get the watches fixed, get shoes for the wedding, and return some stuff that didn’t fit right to WHBM.  With those errands done I headed home and Bobbi was finished so I smashed out the last few flowers.  Then started more fun, I headed back to TOS for a boxing class. I do enjoy that boxing, though I still have to do many many punishment push-ups! And I often have to apologise to Coach while I do them.  I’ll get there eventually, hell everyone has to do a whole lot, I just have to do more.  We had to do one torture round of ab wheel roll out things, two minutes of non stop roll outs.  The two guys in the class were told to go on my count, so I couldn’t stop and have a quick breather…evil!  Great session.

Thursday at work the water team had a win!  Okay, the win was not at all mine so I’m a tad miffed at that (not-the-boss gave that bid to another guy, nice guy but it made the bid hard work for the boss).  a win is a win and that is awesome! (Another tick off the list) Thursday night I had found a distillery in the vague vicinity of home, so Earl, Cameron, and a few of Camerons mates all came with me to Laws Distillery. it was a good night…Earl and I had awesome tacos on Broadway first, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina is a great place! Good little bar, great food.  Can’t recommend it highly enough. I’d have been happy eating and drinking there if we didn’t have another mission.

Friday was a normal day of work with nothing terribly interesting happening as I recall.  The evening Earl had organised a comedy night at Comedy Works in Landmark.  I’ve been to comedy a couple of times while I’ve been in Denver but always to the downtown Comedy Works, never the one that is all of ten minutes drive away!  Silly.  A yummy sushi on the way then we had an hour of giggles.  The guy, Tom something, was quite amusing, he had a few rants that I agreed with….but he lost me when he said something about koala bears.  ITS NOT A BEAR!  Earl tells me that Americans know no different, he tells me he asked his teachers why it’s called a bear when it’s a marsupial, their response was something like ‘thats just what they’re called’.  I have news for all hose ignorant teachers, Australians don’t call them bears. [rant over]

About the view we had. Another different comedy venue.

Saturday I got up at normal time and headed to TOS again for a bit more punishment.  This time there were thirteen people in the class, I suspect even Coach was surprised by the number of people!  That was a tough session. I guess about half he people didn’t know how to put their wraps on so Coach was showing them (individually) while the rest of us slogged through fifty minutes of circuit work. *shudder*  You’d shudder too if you did that!  Then we split in two groups and one did bag work while the other boxed.  We kept that up for another forty minutes…yep, a 1.5 hour boxing session later and I was starving and exhausted!  Hilariously, Earl was still asleep when I left boxing. Hehehehehe, still giving him hell for that!

After a big eggy breakfast we drive down to Colorado Springs and the Broadmore down there to see Seven Falls (another tick off the list).  That was almost impressive, and really it’s not the fall’s fault, it was the commercialised nature of the place.  Apparently in the big floods of 2009 the area was so washed out that the Hotel bought the land for super cheap.  Now they must be making a mint off it!  We strolled into the base of the falls then headed up the 184 stairs to the top of the look out point.  Then walked back down the stairs to the base and up 270 ish stairs to the top of the falls.  After that boxing session the second set of stairs was a killer!  Pretty spot though.

I caught the sign so I didn’t need a caption.

The seven falls.

We walked up all the stairs, even though this one had a lift/elevator….hence the not quite smiles.  I refused to be like the fat slack Americans taking a lift.

After the falls hunger had again kicked in, I guess about four miles of walking will do that to you.  We returned to Bingo Burger! Okay, I returned and introduced Earl.  This time I noticed that there is a ‘lettuce in lieu of bread’ option…Oh boy…yummy!  Though I made the mistake of having sweet potato fries again.  Waste.

It may be a toilet wall but this one has great ideas!

By the time we got home I had about half an hour for a nanna nap beforehand next tick.  I picked up Stella and we headed to a Nebraska watch site called Swingers.  Don’t Google that place wheat work unless you search for the full name, Swinger Sports Lounge and Grill.  Just believe me.  So I watched my first half of College Football.  Interesting game, needs more learning time.  I guess Chad hijacked Stellas night out drinking so we left at half time to return to the original schedule.  Stop one, 3 Freaks brewery.  So I learned something new about that place…the 3 Freaks are what the owners (affectionately) call their three kids!  When I related my looking for freaks story the owner guy had a good giggle.  We also ticked another first (though not one that was in my list) when we played a game of Card against Humanity (or whatever that game is called). That’s a fun one!  I think the people who know each other have an advantage but thats okay, still fun!  We followed 3 Freaks up with a beer at Resolute Brewery, the one that is about one mile from my place.  That was a good beer, we played connect four and 31.  I guess Stellas colleagues like plating games!  Fun night…I’m glad that it was daylight savings turning off so I got an extra hour of sleep.

Yep, it’s called Swingers!; it had a very unassuming facade, lucky I recognised Chads car with his Nebraska flags; The crowd was less cheerful as the game continued, they lost, quite badly.

Thanks Google!

I bought a glass…it has a funny shaped stem.

Sunday was chore day.  But it stasted with some more boxing!  Yep, glutton for punishment.  I didn’t do any ab wheel roll outs and I did punishment two-squats instead of punishment push ups.  Then home to start packing and do a few hours of work on a presentation. Not the most exhilarating of days but a well needed afternoon rest day.

And that was my week! I guess when I re read it I understand why it felt busy, though it was mostly the weekend that did that.  Only four more days of work and I’ll be on a plane.

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