Discovering the Damn Dam

This week I’m going to try something a touch different.  I’m going to write up the week of stuff today (Thursday), then the weekend of mayhem will be added Sunday or Monday or whenever my brain re-awakens.  I assure you it will make sense.  This part will be super easy, the week hasn’t been terribly interesting.

When I got into work on Monday, I had been Boo’ed, explaining is difficult, s these are the instructions (phantomghost-pdf).  Apparently it is a thing.  And when I was talking to some of the others in the office, it’s a thing that is done at work or at home.  The work ones are usually more laid back than what ours is, but hey, its fun…and some decorations are always great!  That orange bucket was full of lollies, I have discovered I like Milk Duds!  Didn’t know they existed let alone are awesome.  So as soon as I realized I’d been Boo’ed I got out my stuff and decorated the next desk…I’m early enough that few people are in and my target sure wasn’t.

To be Boo’ed

Monday I, extremely conveniently, had a massage booked.  I have spent most of the week struggling with my shoulder thanks to all the punishment push ups I had to do on Sunday.  Stella had a great time walking all over me, I really do like the Ashiatsu, heels have a very different feel to thumbs and elbows and are much stronger.  I know Stella is a slight person, but she’s still walking all over you – its quite the awesome.
Tuesday I headed up to Lakewood to see Felicia and get a wax.  Always a fun time having a chat with her.  She’s a fun lass that one.  One day we’ll actually manage to align our schedules and catch up when she’s not working!  She’s recently started her first 0800 – 1700 job and she’s struggling, I guess six years of shift type work is really quite different to the regular hours.  The most annoying part for her is that she’s in Lakewood and her work is right by mine, so at those normal peak type hours her commute is pretty much always an hour.  I know that I can get from Earls (a little further north of Felicia’s) to work in 20 minutes, but I leave at 0600.  Yep – the nine to five is very different!  Wednesday Earl came over for dinner and I did washing and packed up for the start of the weekend extravaganza.  Thursday I finished work a little early, headed to the gym briefly, then got myself on a plane…

So that was about the work week.  Okay, there was some work in there.  Actually a relatively large amount of work given what I’ve had to do lately.  Re-scheduling one project twice in a week really is an annoying task, but it made a point.  A strong point.  Just wish it was less high effort to make those sorts of changes multiple times.  Its surprising how little has been thrown about with Mark on vacation.  I guess he’ll have 1000 things in his inbox when he gets back, and that some of that will come my way next week.  As long as he takes it easy on Monday all will be well.

Now – on to the fun!

***52 New Things***

Being pinched on the butt in Vegas. I kid you not.  You know the most odd part?  Well, we’ll get there.  So I landed, ubered to the hotel, checked in, and I was on a mission to the room…I’m strolling through the casino and get a butt pinch.

The odd bit :

I ignored it until I heard the giggling.

Seriously, I guess I just thought ‘if you ignore stupid men it will go easier’, like I usually do with wolf whistling.  It was Ally.  Apparently they were waiting in the foyer and were plotting what to do then Oh shit, she’s already gone, so they followed me, and I ignored that too, so the next option: a pinch. Cheeky snot, love her!

I threw my stuff in my room (level 19 decent view) and we headed for dinner.  Late but yummy enough and great to catch up and chatter.

At night and at day, the view from my 19th storey.  I can’t believe this is the view you get for $30 a night in Vegas.  I’ll bet they didn’t appreciate the amount of gambling I didn’t do…


Okay, so a Thursday night sleep later, and a medium sleep in, Friday morning mission the first was to get the tickets for Saturday nights’ show.  Sounds simple enough, the strip isn’t that long, we’re in the middle, and it’s not quite at one end.  Little did I know that on that side of the strip you don’t get to follow the road, you have to go through all the casino’s.  Up and down, in and out and around about and about 4.5km later (Vic was measuring), we got there.  I was hungry by the time we got there, all that detouring through hotels and over cross roads, crazy. I think it doubled the distance.  We landed at the ticket box at 1135, I know, I checked, because they didn’t open until noon.  Bugger.  We broke the news to Vic and went to find some breakfast before we got the tickets.


The view down the never-ending hallway; the grand ballroom; there are mountains out there, let me out there!


Mexican eye-popping fish; a mer-horse (what-the?); The best thing in the m&m store, not in human sizes unfortunately.


This is the moment Ally was so pleased that I moisturise (occasionally) and wear make-up, and have dresses!!!

The trip back was a lot less painful, we went along the other side of the road, which has a footpath the whole way.  It was both better and worse…worse because there were many many more people.  We stopped in at the m&m shop, wandered through there a bit, then hoofed it back to the hotel to meet Jen.  The girls were nowhere near as cheeky with Jen…heck, we just saw her walk in and gave her a hug!


Looking over Paris, because that is something you do in Vegas; I was there – see! Proof!


Ah, sunset, always love it.


Found this in there some place, I just liked the elephant/donkey parallels with the election. I’d vote for Quokka any day.

Friday night we headed to the real Las Vegas, Fremont Street.  There were quite a few in Halloween costume, and quite a few who looked like they wore those sorts of costumes all the time.  There were a lot of people but I guess being the ‘real’ Las Vegas, there are less of the young drunk crowd, which was really nice.  We had a typical Las Vegas buffet dinner.  For $26 on seafood night I’d expect better than what there was.  The scallops were non-existent in their bread crumbs, the prawns tasted like salty water only (no flavor at all), and the dessert was, well, not awesome.  It’s a las Vegas institution to have buffet I guess, so that ‘must do’ is ticked.


Jen, Ally, me, and Vic ready to hit the town. Or at least ready to explore 🙂


The roof at the ‘Fremont St Experience’ was pretty cool; There was even a horse; Vegas baby *shrug*

We even had a very very nervous Ally at one stage, oddly nervous.  Apparently she’s always wanted a tattoo, now she has one.  For the next few weeks, but she’s got it.  It was hilarious (to me) just how nervous she was when its temporary and its on her foot so she can just wear shoes if she’s not happy with it.  Quite the giggle for me.  Oh, and they made me drink this horrible straw-ber-ita, it was horrendous strawberry margarita in a can.  Horrendous.


The nervous (that is a genuine face) girl getting her (four week) tattoo.


A cool fire breathing bug. Shared the shit out of us when it went off. I guess we passed by right on an hour and there was a whole dancing show thing. Super cool. Ghost busters were also featured, not sure if it was just for Halloween or there always.


Anything goes in Vegas, even fat bloke in denim shorts drinking an elaborate drink from a boobs cup.

Another uber back to the hotel later and we had a sit and chat before earlier (slightly) bed for an earlier (slightly) morning.  Saturday we went to Hoover Dam.  Oh boy, that was awesome fun!  That place is really quite impressive.  So big, and to think that they made the tour route at original build time is quite the amusing.  Apparently the dam shows the ‘need to dream noble purpose…’, ugh, Americans, really… But impressive isn’t wrong.  Another giggle moment for me was the stair way to heaven – stairs for emergency egress in the dam.  There are 774 stairs, apparently that is a lot of stairs.  Hehehehehe [insert references to the Incline here].  So we got there and we had to wait an hour for the dam tour, so we watched their little movie, walked along the outside, and looked at the 1941 era diorama, then we headed on the tour.  I managed to tick of two more states – I’m up to 13!


There are some mountains, enough to make me think I should return just to visit the mountains; This is Lake Mead, the biggest man made lake in the world (the American version of the world, which means America. Americans *shaking head*); This is the bridge that we forgot to walk across on the way out (oops!).


It seems that the Hoover Dam construction had a dog like Red Dog. He’d apparently go on the lifts, bark when he wanted off, and visit people; a chunk of the concrete – I nerded out at the giant aggregate; The sign that says Morrison-Knudsen (legacy company) helped build this beast.


We were waiting for our tour; Jen and I – nice photo!;


The dam, the bridge, and the lake with intakes.


This is the 1941 diorama.


Photo of the dam – yay!


And my favourite – drawing of the dam!


The dam wall. They’re five foot concrete lifts (for scale).


The tunnels, fancy for the tours, utilitarian for inspections, round for ventilation, and stairs (half of them).


Super fancy area with real super-expensive back-in-the-day marble for the tours. You can see our guide, sitting down, was nodding off, the presenter had a good laugh when I was pointing it out – he very gallantly kept his composure and didn’t miss much of a beat! The turbines, they’re not small.


This was the best thing I saw in the visitor shop, quite the funny.


Lake Mead.


Ally was super excited that I was in the moisturiser section…

We headed back to the hotel and had a brief nanna nap wherein Rhiannon listened to the rowdy people next door and didn’t get any sleep (assholes).  After a rest we went to one of the favourite places – Wahlburger.  Ally is a little in love with Donny Wahlberg, whose brother has a restaurant chain, so she goes whenever she can.  I have to admit, not a terrible burger, though I’d call it on the small (read franchise) size.  A couple of drinks later and we kept on strolling up to the Luxor for the Criss Angel show.  That was quite a good show.  It was typical American / Las Vegas insanely big and over-the-top, but it was interesting.  Edge of seat stuff, how the heck does he do that?  He didn’t do anything particularly gruesome, like no hanging from fish hooks on his back etc, so that was better for the more squeamish in the group.


The first drinks for the night; My second drink; Ally already tipsy after Baileys no. 1, pointing to her favourites – NKOTB.


A compilation of dinner photos.


Dinner!; One of the hotels, and another of the hotels 🙂 Yep – they’re quite the repetitive.

After the show we had a need to go to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.  Looking at uber for whatever reason the price was about $22, which for a 4 minute trip, totally not worth it.  So we walked, another 1.2 miles (yes, miles this time because it was on my phone and my phone is in American world).  The sign was one of those things I guess you need to do, but heck, it’s a sign.  We were done with the photos and I checked uber again, now $8.5 to go all the way to the hotel (four times the distance just to the sign from the Luxor).  Win, car, booked, yay.  I think we got back about 0100 so we all crashed out.


Us at the sign outside the show because photos weren’t allowed inside, though of course I got one pic of the stage…


On the way to the sign, at least we were going in the right direction.


We were there – see – proof!


We were also right next to the airport. The airport is close to the strip, but really, quite a walk…

Sunday Jen, Ally, and I (Vic decided it was a sleep in day for her) headed to brunch.  Congratulations Ally on your first ever brunch! J  We had planned to go to a buffet that has some fancy red velvet waffles, but with Vic not going, we decided to find something that required a little less intake of food.  A check through yelp later, plus restricting results to within 1 mile, we’re done with walking!), we found Hash-a-go-go (or something).  We got a table, ordered our meal, and we were wrong.  Each individual meal could have fed all four of us!  America.  It wasn’t a bad meal, quite decent actually, but it was huge.  Unfortunately, that spelled the end of our time with Jen as she had an earlier flight.  So we took her back to the hotel, I checked out, then headed to Macys for an errand run.  Which turned into Ally got the things she needed to take home, I looked at bras to wear with that dress for the wedding and gave up because my brain was too tired, and ended with Ally and I getting a coffee and sitting and chatting the afternoon away.  It was lovely to just natter together…too long I tell you, too long.


Breakfast, because that is how much one person needs to eat for breakfast in Las Vegas.


Just some Halloween decorations, cleaned up the second time we went by.


This is Venice, the hotel. The roof changes with the time of day, and there is a bonafide canal that you can have gondola rides on. Because that is what you do in Vegas. This hotel was super impressive…

Then I got on a plane and came home.  It was so so nice to sleep in my own bed!!!  The alarm at 0530 today was a very very rude awakening.  Just plain evil I think.  All sorts of people have asked me how I liked Vegas.  My simple response was ‘not really, I’m not a drinking, gambling, nor people person’.  I had an amazing time catching up with the girls though.  Don’t be strangers! 🙂



Come back soon Ally, Jen, and Vic!  Fly safely 🙂


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