Tiring myself out…

What have I done this week? I’ve worked a little, thought about losing my shit at a detractor, smashed out some flowers, and ticked another couple of things off my list of things to do.

First up a little frustration to explain the potential undercurrent of this post. I’m sitting at the gate to a state park where I plan to hike.  Their brochure doesn’t say it, but the park is closed until 0800. I think no worries, I’ll park on the road and walk in. Nope, all no parking. The closest icon park is 1 mile from the gate (it’s another half mile into the trail head). I plan to hike 11+miles, I don’t want to add 3 more! So I’ll type some of this out then see what time it is.  I did consider another hike, but I’ve wanted to do these falls for ages! So I’ll persevere.

So here goes.

I was wondering what my work week looked like to let you know all but that, realised it was a short one. Oh yeah, camping! Such fun 🙂 Okay so Tuesday and Wednesday were days with a bit to do, not enough to keep me fully occupied but enough to keep me from stirring too much trouble. I guess Wednesday we had a slow down to hurry up from the Fargo Construction family. With the shortlisting everyone wants to start right away.  We don’t have all the info, nor much more useful info, so we’re waiting for the bid. Bid is out 16 December, being so close to Christmas we’ll not do much until January. It does sound like I’ll have a weekly jaunt to Minneapolis on the cards for the start of 2017.  I was voting for New Orleans but that sounds unlikely now.  Thursday Mark came back into the office. I love the boss but he does have a habit of turning a well planned day into a whirlwind. A day with a lot of meetings was turned into a day of meetings and smouldering work.  So I got my 80% hat on. Friday was more of the same really, heightened by Mark heading for a week holiday so more last minutes thrown in there.

An amusement from a while ago but still relevant.

To the detractor. Last week was the odd pursuit management meeting which did not have the pursuit manager invited.  This week I got more info. Turns out the grand boss thinks I’m a superstar but has been convinced that I havent enough major project experience to manage this bid.  We know the detractor, he was in the meeting, he’s been a problem since day one. Some theories go because I did his job faster than he did when I first got here, another goes that he has issues with my boss so they transfer. All I know is that he likes testing me.  I won this round.  Marks solution to my lack of experience is to get a major player in. Insert Bill Groth. Bill is one of Mark’s mentors, a big projects project manager, his drive is to do thinks that help out the community… Flood protection for Fargo qualified (with a little convincing by the sound of it).  Mark thinks Bill and I will be a good fit so come December he’ll be here and managing this pursuit and I’ll be…managing this pursuit *shrug*.   Darned detractor.

***52 New Things ***

So to one of the things to do. I’ve been wanting to try an Indian place called the Yak and Yeti.  The news I’d read said it was haunted, but also the reviews say good food. I can attest to the latter! The food was yummy, Earl and I had naan, sang, and rogan josh.  They were quite yummy, and not sweet like the other Indian meals I’ve had in Denver.  They also had a jalapeño lena beer, that was great! If I’d driven I would have filled a growler.

Thanks Google, it was dark when we arrived.

The list now has 31 things ticked and about 40 to go. I guess a handful of those are in other states (maybe ten or so), but I’ve got to get a wriggle on!

Friday night I headed home to cook up a chicken / salmon and veg dinner. Anna doesn’t like salmon apparently, but Jac and I do. So the three of us had some champagne (celebrating Friday-ness) and made flowers.  We smashed out another 18, finished beading the stems, and cut all of the remainder out.  It will fly now all that prep work is done!

More progress! It will be awesome.

Saturday, I guess today, I wanted to do this hike.  At 11 to 14 miles (alltrails says 11, the park maps add to 14) I’m not adding another three miles on.  These are the sorts of shots I wanted from the trail, alas not to be. On the plus side Red tells me it’s 28 degrees, it’s got to warm up a bit by 0800! Now I’ve looked at their website I see the open at 0800 statement. Why the hell wouldn’t you put that in the brochure!!!!! Grumble. Turns out I’m not the only one…Five cars waiting here for the gate to open. Five mins to go, I’d hoped the rangers would just be a little early, looks like the gate may be automated so may be an on the dot thing *shrug*

Sunrise waiting for Staunton State Park to open.

So as it turns out the ranger must live on site.  There were a lot of cabins and caravans on the site as I walked through.  The gates were indeed automatic, so we just waited and eventually the magic happened.  So another frustration for the day – stupid cyclists – I was sitting at the gate, there was a queue of cars behind me, then a vehicle drives up with bikes on the back.  They don’t go to the gate, turn around and join the queue like everyone else, no, they stay right there.  At the gate.  Seriously?  That was freaking rude if you ask me.  Sure, it doesn’t matter a lot, but heck, that’s rude.  So we get through the gate, people pay their dues (and I cruise through with my annual pass), park up, and get walking.  Turns out the area used to be owned by Dr Staunton…I didn’t visit all the buildings, but the couple that I passed seemed like it was quite an old ranch.  The guy must have passed it on to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife at some stage.  I wonder what sort of doctor he was?  Maybe if I took the time to read the history page of the brochure I’d know.  Though I don’t hold high hopes, the brochure doesn’t state there are opening times, and the hikes depicted are on the old trails, and some of them aren’t even available!  At one stage I wanted to add a loop and I couldn’t because they’d closed it.  So to the photos:

A pretty trail; Stauntons Secrets….I wonder what’s in there; more rocks!

Such a stunning day for a hike!

Don’t let’s the beautiful sun confuse you…You know it’s cold when a running creek is frozen.

Another guess the animal, this one on chimney rock.

They’re quite pretty falls.

Many nice views.

You wouldn’t believe how often I thing of Anne when I pick up rocks to play with as I walk.

Good hike, tiring (at my pace).  Highlight was the falls, though they’d be so much better in spring!  (Note to self).

The stats.

Saturday afternoon I was quite the tired.  I managed to do my groceries, cook my meals for the week, and make some flowers.  Productive.  I was asleep by 2000.  Of course that meant that Sunday I woke super early.  I tried to snooze for a couple of hours then got up and pottered around for a while, preparing for the week.  At 0930 I headed in to TOS Boxing for their Sunday morning group class.  That was quite the hour!  I’m so far out of that sort of shape its not funny.  It could be worse I guess, I got through the class with very little cheating, but I was sore all afternoon and evening!  The coach, DaVarryl, is an ex-boxer, and with his American accent, me not knowing his teaching methods, and my general fatigue by the half way mark, I stuffed up a whole lot!  And of course his punishment – a push up.  I did many many push ups on Sunday!  It was a great session.  I’m not sure when I’ll make it back there, likely not until next week, but I will.  And when I get back from Melbourne I’ll get boxing into my regular routine.  I do miss that!

After boxing I toothed home, had a shower, then headed up to waffle brothers for brunch with Uma and her friends for her birthday. Sure it was my lunch, but waffles and eggs surely must be an all day thing!  Highlight: I may have found my 2017 adventure, stay tuned for more info eventually. 
Sunday night Earl and I headed to the Perfect Landing for dinner. The pianist remembered and started playing Rhiannon fairly soon after we got there! So super cool…he was all ‘its an easy song once you start on it’. 

I love sunset from the airport.

Oh, and in an old segment… I guess I haven’t listened to much country music lately… Here is an amusing country lyric for you!

If she was a drink she’d be a single-barrelled Bourbon on ice; smooth with a kick, a chill, and a burn all at the same time.

– Brad Paisley, Perfect Storm 

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  1. So glad pianist remembered! I’m wondering what 2017 adventure might be?! Asian? Gee, just learn as much as you can from the mentor man. Turn a crushing blow into major plus for you mate – sounds like an awesome opportunity to learn. Xxx

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