Meep meep

As promised this will be more of a photo essay.  And get through the photos…you’ll understand the subject!  Saturday morning we got Red packed up early and left about 0615 for the long jaunt to Bryce Canyon.

Eleven states down, I think that’s about six more than many Americans. It turns out that Utah is about as desolate as Australia! We got fuel and lunch just before we saw the sign.

This place was a food truck permanently at a closed petrol station. The burrito was as big as my arm! Bottom left is how most of the rest of town looked.

Quite desolate but also a really beautiful drive.

This little lady didn’t want to let go of me, I could have taken her home she was a sweetie! She was in Loa.

First view of Bryce Canyon. No words for that! Well, aside from “so many people”!!!

There were many artistically arranged trees.

This is the one proof you’ll get of my attendance.

Random pretty arch when we did a cruise along the road on Saturday afternoon.

When we got there we unpacked the car. Earl set up the tent and I headed to get some firewood. By the time I was back camp was all set so we did a little drive and poke about… Hitting the tourists-who-refuse-to-walk spots. Then back home for dinner, Earl cooked up a scrummy hobo dinner. Then the moon was up and oh boy, it was pretty!

The full moon over the camp fire. And down a path we walked. It was super bright!

After a people-free stroll around the rim we headed home for bed. But of course I woke before the arse crack of dawn, dragged Earl out of his cosy sleeping bag, and we went to see sunrise and have a short pre-breakfast walk!

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, self explanatory me thinks.

Mossy cave walk. The cave was unimpressive in spring, but the falls were sweet.

This hike is along a Mormon made ‘canal’ 10 miles long to give some town down the way reliable water supply. They took three years to hand dig (this was more than 100 years ago) a 10 mile canal…so really they made some gaps to use the natural floodways.  When you look at the map of the canal it twists all over the place, confirming my theory that it’s predominantly natural channel.  I have to admit I was tempted to kill Earl…we did about 2/3 of the hike twice (someone forgot his inhaler). It didn’t really worry me (aside from delayed breakfast)  but I like to give him hell! 🙂

So that was the first hike. 2.2 miles considering the re-do.

After breakfast we did the busy hike. The Navajo loop to Queens garden loop.  Many people on the start but they thinned out by the time we got off the main Navajo loop.

Many switch backs down the cliff into the hoodoos.

Bloke did not want to move, so I snapped him in the Wall Street area; this tree made for a good view; even from the other side.

On the Queens loop connection trail, this is where the meep meep started and it didn’t end all day!

I guess I started seeing wiley coyote and the road runner all over the place… When I get time I’ll get into the photoshop and demonstrate what I mean…

This is the Queens garden; and the rock that looks like a statue of the Queen; and something that reminds me of another queen…doesn’t it look like Dame Edna Everage to you? I did turn it 90 degrees, but it counts.

Rocks and trees.

Can you see the plume of dust that is the road runner? This tree has a chipmunk sitting at the bottom of it.

Views for days! Meep meep. 

So that,was the second hike. 3.1 miles for that little beast.

After that stroll we were debating lunch or hike. I chose hike.  The next one was a trip along the under-the-rim trail to the hat shop.  This trail goes for about five days of hiking with camp grounds on the way. We did pass a few people doing the packing hike thing.  We only did a couple of miles. Give me a horse for that type of trip any day!

This was a more open and forested hike, slightly; the hat shop itself… Use your imagination; this was more pretty to me, the canyon wall on the return. 

You’re now getting less and less photos. Why? Because I got tired of taking photos.  It was no less stunning…but kinda like Iceland. Every corner you turn is stunning, at some stage immunity starts to kick in (just another rock in a paddock eh Benno!)

So hike three was 4.6 miles. Are you adding these up as we go?

We then headed back to camp for dunch.  Earl whipped up pork chops and veg, absolutely perfect!

A couple of random photos of camp.

Someone (maybe the ancient one) had a sore knee before dunch. After dunch he decided regret was not for him, put his big girl panties on, and we headed out again! Kudos to Earl…he put on a big happy face and still tells me he loved it, even though he complained of being sore each time he got out of his chair at work today  (okay, he commented once, but that doesn’t make for such a good story).

Seriously, how was this still impressive? The subject of this hike was tower bridge, can you see it?

The sun lowering and light becoming interesting; and so much more meep meep on this hike!

Can you see what I think this one is? I’ve even zoomed in and oriented it to help you out…guesses in the comments!

Just too pretty + a bit of waiting = more photos!

Hike number four for the day done.  3.6 miles for this one. So for all the hikes I recorded on alltrails we got to 13.5 miles.  I’m positive we did half a mile (plus) at sunrise wandering around the rim.  I’m calling it a 14 mile of hiking day.  Though I have to admit I’m not sure at what stage a stroll becomes a walk and a walk becomes a hike.  But this was a big day!

Bonus photos of camp, I make good coals with the fire!

Sunday evening we basically crashed. We spent an hour or so eating pistachios and chatting while I played with the fire, then we slept.  Sleeping both nights was a trial for me…not for the normal camping type reasons but because it was so windy.  You could hear the wind roaring through the canyons and trees, it was amazing to listen to.  The camp site we chose was mostly protected so that was great, only the occasional gust rattled the tent.  Then whenever I had to get up to pee I got mesmerised by the full moon and the stars.  Yep, not much sleep.

Monday we got up before sparrows fart and packed up camp in the moonlight. Earl, I hope (now you’ve unpacked) that we didn’t miss anything!  We packed up and headed off on the return journey.

On the way home we stopped at Loa. I promised the sweet pup I’d come by and say hello on the way back. We had breakfast at a local place.  The bloke pulled out his one Aussie joke.  An Aussie was showing a Texan around Australia. The Aussie takes him to the art gallery; the Texan says the one in Dallas is three times bigger. They go to the Olympic swim complex in Sydney, the Texan says the one in Houston is four times bigger. They then go out into the outback and the Texan points at this big animal ‘what is that?’, ‘oh that’s just a small mouse’. The Texan promptly shut up about everything being bigger…  Not everything is bigger in Texas.  We got fuel, but the pup wasn’t there, so I said a mental farewell. 

Home, unpack, dinner, sleep!!!!!

Work on Tuesday 😦

It was an awesome trip. A huge thanks to Earl for taking on the food part of the trip (I did fuel), always tricky with someone who likes to eat like I do, well done! And of course thanks for the inspiration (or was that Robert Redford I should thank?).

Leanne, if I’m about 10 flowers short of whatever we need it is because I wrote this blog! Sorry.

3 thoughts on “Meep meep

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  2. Poor Earl getting another weekend of punishment! Give him a break….
    Looks bloody amazing. And no photoshop necessary for Wiley. Its definitely there.
    But just bloody rocks in paddocks still 😉
    I see a camel


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