One Step Closer

To Fargo.

This week you should get a couple of posts.  Why?  Because camping.  I suspect that Bryce Canyon will need its own post all to itself (Benno, it may all be photos!), so here is the week part one because there is a bit of news.  For a week which I looked at on Sunday night and thought hmmm, nice quiet one for once, it really wasn’t that quiet…

We’ll get back to the Fargo-ness, we all know I like things in a fairly ordered manner.  So Monday I did have a night at home…I also had a challenge: to make ribs!  In the oven.  Steve, I used one of your chilli rubs, the one that said mix with honey.  Well, I didn’t mix with honey, I just slapped it right on the ribs, wrapped them in foil, and popped them in the oven for three hours.  That was such a tricky meal to make.  Sure, I couldn’t eat them on Monday night because they needed more attention, but I got a whole lot of flowers made…I’m now at 57 flowers.

***52 New Things***

Tuesday I ate those ribs and yep, I’m claiming it as a new thing.  Because I cooked ribs, American style, and I’m super pleased with my first attempt!  Pity I was so absorbed in eating the amazing things that there were no photos…sorry!  I kinda did a mix of recipes, so I can’t even help you out there.  I took the ribs up to Earls and finished off the cooking.  They were really quite the yummy – though could have had another couple of hours of cooking to make them super tender.  You know what the best part was???

Ribs for lunch on Wednesday!!!


Wednesday I had a fairly normal day at work.  Okay, not that normal, an estimate review starting at 0700 is not normal, but that’s what we did.  I had breakfast supplied (not ribs) as bribery.  Then Wednesday lunch time I headed home and took delivery of my new bed.  It is so nice!  And looks much better with the wardrobe.  I guess I need to go back to Iceland to get a bigger blanket though…

The new bed

Wednesday night I headed over to Uma’s for dinner.  She cooked up roast chicken and Singaporean fried rice.  I supplied (strong) rum balls.  It was a good evening, chatting and chilling.  Should remember to fit that sort of thing into our busy schedules more often.  Oh, I guess I finally checked my mail too.  I hope the Olds are still having fun in nz!

Yay, officially incited to the wedding!; a types letter from my brother, not even signed…; a post card from the Olds.

Now to address the subject.
Thursday was an exciting day…we were officially shortlisted for the P3 project, this is that $800m gig in Fargo, ND.  In that article we are the ones with the different name, absolutely love that!  I’m not sure that I want to go to Fargo – look up the weather, there is never a nice time it is always at least windy!  But we’re a step closer to me going there.  Now comes the sprint to a submission…in August…2017.  Maybe it will be a slow ‘sprint’.

Thursday night we also headed to Darcy’s for the fortnightly social.  That was a good time.  We actually had a decent turn out.  Pity one of the new guys turned up just as everyone else was leaving, but oh well, he’ll know for next time!  Some time after then we had an amusing series of emails regarding the estimate going in on Friday.

At 1934 one of the engineers from New York (I guess that makes it his 2134, why are people working at that hour?!?) responded to me request for review of some documents.  Our lead estimator, Enrique (great chap this one – good at his job and straightforward) responded at 2005 from his iPhone.  I then checked in and thanked him at 2018 (okay, so I’m not immune from working at stupid hours either).  2034, this was his response:

For sure, I can respond to our CEO if you wish.  We can build it for free for all I care.  After a 6 pack I can respond to the president, I fear nothing. – Enrique

Love it!

So Friday was supposed to be just like all the others. A bit slow and dull with a workout and an early mark. Nope…it was all too busy for a Friday!  I guess we were submitting a bid and we were much higher than the boss wanted to there was a bit of a ginger whirlwind to fix that.  We got there and Mark was really quite pleased with himself.  Of course as I’m walking out the door he decides he wants something formatted slightly differently.  I told him he was out of time.

Quite dodgy but perfect for the application!

And he was. I had a dinner date with Chad and Stella then movie with Jac.  So it seems a Denver institution to see the Teton movie just as the winter begins.  I guess they’ve been doing it 21 years, that qualifies as a tradition to me.  The movie is an hour of some amazing skiing and boarding all over the world.  Of course they don’t go to Australia but they did visit India and southern America.  The best were in Alaska.  At one stage they were in a cabin in Canada (I think) and the chap was talking about loving the cabin life with his mates… He loves skiing these awesome slopes then going back for a beer.  My only response was I’d want a whole bottle of whiskey, not just one beer, the lass next to me agreed!  Oh, and on the way to dinner we passed the Edgewater Inn, turns out this is where Chads aunt goes for dinner and beers moat Fridays.  His aunt wasn’t there unfortunately but we had beers with the locals and a really good pizza.  That is precisely the kind of bar I want near my house!  Preferably walking distance but at least a less than 10 buck uber.  Jealous! 

So that was may week.  Now I’m packed and ready to head of as early as possible tomorrow morning. Hope for warmer than freezing nights for me please!

Oh and as a bonus a new great quote.

Sometimes you’ve got to leap and grow your wings on the way down.

4:25 is the quote

Another bonus, a blast from the past. This was the Alliance team from the west gate bridge bid.  Oh boy…it was John Cunninghams birthday and he got a lei, from me. Of course that statement is much more disturbing in the spoken word.  Particularly when it was 50th birthday and I must have been all of 23 or 24!

The west gate bridge alliance team.

So in the spirit of reminiscing, the cover photo today is one of my favourite photos.

National hot air balloon camps, wa

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