Hiking, History, Oh-Hell, Halestorm 

This week started quite relaxed…ish. I got the early start on Monday and smashed out that bit of work fairly swiftly, then the rest of the week part one was uneventful.  Mark was in Fargo doing the interview for the P3, that apparently went well.  He was amused that the only people who had a laugh in the interview were both geotech engineers (he being one of the of course).  The other brought in a bag of the super goopy dirt, turns out the interview panel were interested in seeing it! Who would have thought….they live there…maybe a win for LAP.

Wednesday flex day, absolutely have to love it! Sure there are often lots of emails, but that’s okay, I dealt with them Thursday. So as it turns out I just cannot give myself a break! I managed to organise to hike with Jaclyn and Brian again. Both are still without jobs so I think they jump at the chance to get outside, especially when someone else is providing the inspiration.  Anyway, we met at the carpark and headed into the Golden Gate Canyon Park.  I read an article about a raccoon trail that is pretty at fall, Jac elected to do the extra credit route with a mile in (and back) to the loop. It was a really pretty hike! Another park that I didn’t know existed, and so close to Denver. I thought I’d done some exploring this summer, seems there is so much still to go!

Wednesday afternoon Jac came by and helped with some more flowers, totally smashing those out!  Then I went and did some errands: trip to verizon (fail, they’re CDMA and I’m not buying a new phone), phone stores the world over are ugh; pop into AT&T (they were so good!  swift, simple, great!); the craft store for some flower bunching supplies, just making them doesn’t get them into a posy; and got distracted on the way to REI with going to World Market – they have Darrel-Lea Licorice.

The week part two: Thursday and Friday had a little work to do, the whole having Wednesday off thing of course. I guess the day off isn’t the main reason why I was busy…the main reason would be because Dan gave me a task which is ridiculously time consuming and not at all interesting…I’m going to have to smash that out this week to make sure it all gets done in time!

Me trying to exercise lately (experimenting with a gif)

***52 New Things***

I guess  calling this part of my week ‘history’ isn’t quite right, it’s science!  But I do love me my alliteration. Facebook pitched as the perfect date night (admittedly that is written by the event organisers)… We went to the planetarium at the natural history museum for the Great Space Escape for Adults.  Basically we wandered in with drinks in hand, sat in their oddly comfortable chairs, and were shown the current Denver night sky, they had a chat about some of the constellations and their history – interesting given I’ve no idea about this stuff up here.  Then for the second half they asked for suggestions of places we wanted to fly to and see.  THAT WAS SO COOL!  I almost asked them to show us the Southern Cross, but then I decided that I’d keep that for Earl when he’s actually in Australia.  So we went to Jupiter, the red rectangle nebula, a pulsar, and Venus.  I guess we also saw one of the Mars explorers – Curiosity.

It was a fun night!


The red spot on Jupiter; The boys cooking my sushi dinner.


After the space show Earl suggested sushi for dinner.  We headed to a close-ish place that was actually really quite good.  I continue to boggle at kitchens with open bars.  This one more because the owner clearly had a great time visiting his customers, convincing them to buy themselves (and him) a Sake, a proceeding to drink with the customers…he didn’t leave his staff out, they only got a beer though.  I could see that if you went regularly he’d know you and you’d get that homey fun vibe, pity its about half an hour from my place.

Saturday morning I cooked up eggs and bacon for breakfast with asparagus fried in the bacon fat.  Oh golly yummy!  Then we headed down to Manitou Springs…when I’d asked Chad for ideas for what to do on Saturday he suggested Cave of the Winds.  So thats what Earl and I did.  The main attraction was the Terror-dactyl.  We got the all access pass thing, which meant we could go on tours and rides as much as we liked.  I can see why the venue has rides, the first thing we did was a Discovery Cave Tour.  That was 45 minutes of listening to a woman who … well … lets just say I did not at all enjoy her presentation style.  Turns out that all the guides style themselves the same, I’m glad we only had the 45 minutes, not a longer tour!  Not only was the guiding a bit meh, but the caves themselves were not at all impressive compared with those I saw in Perth.  They had flow stones, that were all of four inches deep, the one in the caves in Perth was a good three feet long!


That used to be the way in (left) else, not so impressive…

Next up on our agenda, testing Earls fear of heights.  I’m sure you’ll recall that he’s not fond of heights from our hike at Mt Evans, there was no going within four metres of the edge!  Anyways, he really is the shaking type of scared of heights.  This ride is a drop of about 150 ft over a canyon.  He promises that he’s done similar rides at Elitch Gardens, but they don’t have the added bonus of being over a deep-ish canyon.  Anyways, here is the video.  Its about 3 minutes long, but its funny to me!  Compare the faces, I sure am nervous, but enjoy just how freaked out Earl is! (There are some photos further down if you don’t want to sit through the videos)  Video caveat – we do not sound at all like the video makes us out to sound!  Its all very odd sounding if you ask me.

The Terror-dactyl Take One

After the ride we headed across to their less intense Bat-a-pult.  Similar chair arrangement but you just head out along a rope and back.  I guess its like a zip line but in a seated position.  That was totally not at all interesting after the swing!  So I convinced the poor chap to go on it again.  This time much less expletives coming from the American!

The Terror-dactyl Take Two

We were then getting a little hungry, but there was one more thing to do…a ropes type course that also goes out over the canyon.  Now that one I have to admit that I was really nervous on!  Sure, you’re strapped in and if you fall you’ll be caught.  There was even a guy out there ready to help you haul yourself back if you did fall, but lets leave it at there is no way I could be a tight rope walker!!!  Earl did really well again, getting out to the overhang area, but he didn’t walk along the rope above the drop, that was too much for him.  Fair enough…for a scared-of-heights person, he sure managed to squash the fear enough to make sure I had fun! 🙂


There is a rope out there, that you walk, like a tight-rope; Being childish on the bear; The ride location, see that drop!?!?!?!

Then yep, I was really hungry…but I may have convinced the poor lad to go again.  Yep, I did succeed!  Earl was much less freaked this time.  Unfortunately for take three the video guy had gone walk-about so no shots, but here are the promised stills.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then made a bee-line for the closest pizza…I guess pizza is the best cure post being scared shitless.  Decent pizza, even cold on Sunday for lunch!  That was a great Saturday, but don’t worry, it got better.  We headed home, had a nanna nap (because I cannot stay awake until midnight easily!), then headed to Greek to Me for dinner.  Yep, in lieu of taking this guy to meet the family, I took him to meet the adopted family.  Dunno if Dino agrees or not, though he did ask all the right what are your intentions style questions…that was quite the funny.  We didn’t get to chat much because the restaurant got busy, so we ate up then headed down to Colorado Springs for Halestorm.  That was really good!  Pity that there were tall people standing in the two rows in front of me so visibility was poor at best, but it was a decent concert.  The highlight for me was the drummer…he had a section abotu 20 minutes long where he just got up to mischief!  He did a decently long solo, then got out marching band type drums and had one of the supporting act drummers play with him, then they did this seamless swap thing (my drums) and they kept on going for a while.  So cool!


Halestorm and the standing piano (brought out for one song only – impressive dedication)

I guess that ended about 2300 so I was quite the tired…I made Earl drive home.  I guess he deserves that sort of reward after allowing himself to be thrown off a cliff three times in one day.  Yep, he loves Red too.  He’ll get another go next weekend I guess when we head out to Utah.  Oh yeah – the plan for next weekend is to go camping at Bryce Canyon, Utah.  Look it up or just wait for the photos!

So Sunday was a super slow start day.  We eventually dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to Waffle Up for breakfast.  Felicia has previously recommended it, it was great!  The shop was full of smoke (I guess cooking bacon with no exhaust fan will do that), but the waffle was great!  Their thing is Belgian Waffles, they’re a small side plate in size, almost an inch thick, and topped with whatever you like really.  I decided that next time we’d have to get them to go and find a local park with a swing to play on.  I then got Earl home on time to go to the Broncos game and I headed home for a quiet Sunday afternoon.  I did go via AFW and I think I have chosen a new bed (oops), to match the cupboard thing in my room.  That will be super nice!


The planned bed; Chad and the Beard

Oh, so the last photo there – Michael likes to give Chad a hell of a time for being beard-less.  Chad decided to do something about that!

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