Flying, Filming, Fargo, Fun! Also known as “Oh Shit it’s October!”

Ah, another week in some people’s version of paradise!  Okay, not the typical paradise but it sure is an outdoors persons paradise!  I digress.  This week I headed to Fargo for some filming fun.  But seriously,  October?  No wonder it’s getting cold.  Who let that happen?  Where did the year go?  Time has flown so so fast!

Monday morning I was in struggle town. Why? I guess when I have those relaxing weekends I don’t go to bed early enough, but I still wake at my normal time. Oh well! A cuppa tea and a coffee and all was well.  I had only the morning in the office before I headed off to catch a plane.  That morning I spent mostly organising a day of filming in Fargo with the local subs.  I’m, thankfully, not featured in this film, I’m just the go between for the subs and the guy doing the actual hard work. I do enjoy getting on this little plane, it’s smaller than the ones we had up to the Pilbara! I stopped at Starbucks for a cuppa, when I looked at the cup I understood why the lady called out that it was a latte, not the name written on the cup!

Smaller than a plane to site; Cooper = Goolzer, just ask the kid at Starbucks.

So I got into stunning Fargo and called up the film guy, Brad. He’s a Tampa boy born and bred by the sounds of it.  I guess over the course of Tuesday I got to know him quite a bit more.  But one of the early things he said was along the lines of the pearl clutching ladies in reference to having to watch his p’s and q’s in his new open plan office.  I like that one!  We had a quick dinner at the Blarney Stone.  When asked my favourite Irish meal, my response was:

Hard to go wrong with this response!

Tuesday morning we got moving at a reasonable time and headed for a drive up to Grand Forks.  I’ve not been to grand Forks before, its such a sweet, quaint little town!  And the shit they’ve been through to keep their town, crazy dedicated.  We started with Milt and Steve and a few wind issues.  There was a lovely little spot by the river with a fish ladder and a bridge and the grass is all beautiful and green, but it was really quite noisy with the combination of the wind and the fish ladder.  Brad did a good job cutting all that mess out of the video.  After shooting Milt there we headed to some park and Steve had his turn there.  If Milt was a little nervous, Steve was very nervous.  Poor bloke.  Typically as soon as the cameras are off they say all the right things in the most genuine way.  Annoying!

The Red River; filming Milt; a lovely green park in Minnesota; the state flags over the river.

After cruising back to Fargo and a quick lunch stop at a local café and we headed into the NIC office to catch up with Greg.  Greg seems to be a little more practiced at the whole being filmed thing, but he still managed to look nervous.  To be fair, I would absolutely useless in this sort of situation!  I think the film turned out quite the okay…sure, it’s currently much longer than they wanted, but the powers that be can decide what gets cut.  If you want to see it you’ll have to ask me to email it – really shouldn’t go on the interwebs just yet – can’t have the competition knowing what we’re up to and how awesome we are!
[insert video here one day maybe ;)]

Tuesday evening I headed home, which was blissfully uneventful.  I guess when I was driving home I realized that I really do like this state.  There are two things that irritate me though: 1) The American war mongering way; 2) American ignorance (“this is the best country in the world” – says person who has never left an area 40 miles from where they were born and is only ever exposed to amazingly biased education and media).  Otherwise, Colorado is a damned good place to accidentally end up!

Sunset over a plane in Denver

Wednesday was relatively uneventful, a normal day at work followed by a waxing appointment and dinner with Earl because Felicia and Earl live about five minutes from each other.  Thursday I went to the dentist for some fillings.  I had three done at once, which was amusing because they were bottom left, bottom right, and top middle…I was (almost) very numb!  So the doc numbed me all over, drilled bottom left, touched bottom right *jump out of chair*, added more numbing to bottom right, drilled top, touched bottom right *jump out of chair*, wtf this shouldn’t be happening so got super drug on the tooth; filled bottom left, filled top, drilled bottom right still painful *grin and bear it*.  Three shots of numbing later and the bottom right was still sore…sure not as bad as jumping out of the chair, but there was quite some pain still.  The doc said that he was replacing a filling, and that reminded me that I’ve had troubles in that area before, I guess the same tooth the first time would explain the fact there was decay around the filling.  The previous dentist must have taken pity on my pain.  I told the doc to just keep going until it is all gone because I do not want to be doing that one again!!!  I got a text from Mark about 0925 asking where I was (look at the calendar boss – its right there), so straight to work I went.  My face was hilariously numb for the next two hours of meetings!  Lunch was no problems, I had enough feeling to eat without throwing food everywhere but was numb enough to not be in pain.  Then the pain set in…darned thing.  Friday I still couldn’t open my jaw wider than a spoon.  Bleuch.  More time and its all good now!  The dentist was great, he was gentle and super apologetic, though I reminded him it’s my odd body that isn’t responding to three shots of numbing stuff…so I’ll go back to him.
Friday was another day of work (are you surprised?).  This one had a few meetings, starting with a couple of surprise meetings.  They were relatively uneventful.  Friday evenings plan was to go to the Three Lions Pub and watch the Grand Final with Earl – educate him to a real sport!  Then I looked at the time conversion, to watch it live I’d have to be awake until well after midnight!  Nope.  Hells nope.  So Earl came to mine for dinner and a quiet evening in.  There was no way that I would have survived the game.  I did manage to find a quite amusing youtube of what is AFL, which is couched in American terms, so that was funny.  It was great to see the doggies win, mostly because a Victorian team is always great, but also partly because it has been so frelling long!  Madness.

Saturday I got up and cooked some yummy egg breakfast (I have to remember that cooking breakfast is super easy and can be super dooper yummy!) and went to visit Amber.  Amber is the hairdresser…she works out of her home, has the whole set up in a corner that is likely an ex-dining room.  She’s an absolute character!  Her youngest daughter, Sophie, was just dragging herself out of bed, at 10am, she’s always an amusement.  She has apparently decided that she’s a tom boy, so no more allowing grandma to dress her up in girly clothes for photo shoots (Grandma is a photographer and also chief babysitter).  The afternoon was spent in a whole world of pink, it was super scary.  Suzenne is having a baby girl, so of course everything is pink.  A baby shower….me at a baby shower!  It wasn’t all that bad really…just very very pink.  I went to baby target (I think my time in baby target was most scarring) and got a couple of baby outfits, they were both boys outfits…dislike the pink too much.  I was only able to stay for a couple of hours because I had a show to get to, but in that couple of hours I got to eat (and also avoided the games).  The food was so good!  It was interesting to see all the Philippino wives with the engineering blokes.  Suzenne is the exception, being an engineer with the American hubby who is also in construction.

Some of the decorations; all the food.

The highlight of Saturday (no offence to the wonderful organisers of the baby shower) was a trip to see Cabaret.  Remember the movie that I studied at school and therefore the family had to watch a few times?  Well that, in a stage show.  So the little story pre-show…I got home from the baby shower and was wearing jeans so texted Uma to see if I was allowed to wear jeans.  You’ll recall last time she said dressy and then she wore a day dress and I wore an evening dress and I felt overdressed…fool me once… I could recount the discussion, but here it is in snaps – much easier.

Left to right, top to bottom

The show was awesome! I was a little worried when Uma sent me a review of the show and it said that you shouldn’t have any expectations because it is super different to the movie.  It was quite different, mostly in that the MC was more dark and foreboding while the movie one was very bright and cheerful.  Enough of the songs were the same and the storyline was of course about the same, so it was really good.  It ended with a thump, basically everyone in a gas chamber and dying, so super abrupt, but really hit the message home I think.

The girls; Uma and I; the stage.

***52 New Things***

Sunday I got my sports on.  All last year I said I’d go to a football game that Todd was playing in.  For one reason or another that just never eventuated, so much was being explored!  So this year I scheduled a game in my calendar and kept the day free.  So I headed to the football at the nice relaxing time of 1100.  I may have to do that again, it reminded me that I enjoy watching local sports.  I guess Todds team lost by one score, but until the last 45 seconds the scores were even – I guess when the other team scored with about 30 seconds to go, it was unlikely to go back to a tie let alone a win for Todd.  I don’t really understand american football, I get the gist and basic rules, but the strategy, I need help with strategy.

American football at Infinity Park.

Part way through the game Mark messaged, asking what I was up to this weekend.  He knows I generally keep busy and I’m positive I’d recounted all the stuff I was planning to do to him at some stage last week.  I gave him 2 hours between the game and the start of flower making.  I guess with the game running a little long and I forgot I had to pop to the store on the way back, he only got an hour…which meant that all we did was discuss what needed to be done.  I got into work at 0545 Monday morning to get it all finished up before he needed it nice and early Monday.

After that little work interlude, I got all prepared for some visitors, only Che and Uma turned up, which is just as well because I didn’t have enough glue and scissors to have more than four people working on the flowers at a time!  I have been procrastinating for so long about getting these flowers made for the book bouquet, so I finally invited a whole lot of people over to help.  I’d call it slave labour, but that’s a little strong, particularly as there was more than a little bribery to it!  I popped into a place called the Great Australian Bite on Saturday morning and got a host of pies, oh boy they were good!  I haven’t had a kangaroo one yet, but the beef and cheese was super yummy.  I got a couple of each type except the beef and mushroom (bleuch).  I feel like my next step is to go to a craft store and get some of the wires which will make the stems and some of the polystyrene balls to do a tester and therefore check out how many I need.  I think we’re at about 45 now, which is exponentially more than I had made in the last six months!  Crafting is actually quite relaxing, so now it’s all out and in progress again I’ll just do a handful each night I’m home after work and they’ll be easily done in time!

Production! And the Great Australian Bite.

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