A Busy Quiet Week

This week I had a flex day and worked a bit, but didn’t have anything major drastic interesting happen.  So my summary is a little dull! Oh well, launch into it I say.

So Monday, yep, nothing particularly interesting happened on Monday. Tuesday… Another nothing day at work. Tuesday evening I had a massage. Not my normal massage, though my normal massage therapist. 

***52 New Things ***

How many of you have been walked on before? Well now I have.  Stella worked some ashiatsu magic on me this week. And it was great! If you’ve never had ashiatsu I highly recommend it.  The additional pressure you can throw out with the leg muscles is so worth it. Super good.  Thanks Stella, especially when you had only just returned from Peru!


Wednesday was my flex day. I know, mid week, I could have had a long weekend if I’d taken a Monday or Friday, but both those days have meetings, so I guess I’ll be having mid week flex days for a while.  I actually enjoyed it!  Two short ‘weeks’ are super good.  I managed to finangle three crazies to come on another super early road trip. This one to a wonderful place called Hanging Lake.  It really is quite a stunning place.  The eater is super clear, you can see the fish.  The area is covered in moss making it look like a tropical waterfall. The hike up, just over a mile, was uphill but not too bad.

Quite the pretty

I was there, promise!

It was great to be there super early.  We parked at 0630, first ones in.  When we left the carparks was almost full!  We passed many coming up as we went down.  We even added the 0.2 mile addition up to sprouting rock. Apparently in spring the creek overflows and you don’t see the spouting, so good timing.  I wouldn’t mind going back in winter if the trail isn’t too icy, there were some decent rocks and steep falls.

The name is apt.

After our early stroll we stopped in Vail for brunch. Okay, I guess at 1130 it really should be considered lunch.  Jac found a place called the the Little Diner (or similar) with good reviews…when we got there we had to wait 20 minutes for space for the four of us.  Yep, it was little!  It was only about 20 seats around a bar style counter with the cooks and servers in the middle.  The food was decent, so worth the wait.

See, tiny!!!

Thursday was another uneventful work day.  There was a bit more to do having had Wednesday off and because we’ve been notified that we’ll interview next week for the P3 project, so the design teams have started preparing. Still not a huge amount of work though.  Thursday evening I had organised for about six of us to go to Upstairs Circus. Turns out that’s a popular activity, we had eleven turn up!  It was good fun.  I haven’t quite finished mine because I was getting tired and frustrated with it.  Should have finished it on the weekend but oh well!

Photo courtesy of Kat

Michelle, Che, Suzenne, me, Kat.

Friday was just another work day (are you bred if reading that yet? I’m bored of typing it!).  After work I headed up to Golden with Earl and we did the Mystery and Murder tour of Golden.  It was kinda cool. I was a little tou tired to fully appreciate it, but it was good fun.  So much murder in the history of a little town!

The guy scaring us with murder stories.

Saturday, for the first time in a long time, I did practically nothing! A late wake up followed by a yummy breakfast, and some decent relaxing.  How can one fault that? So rare.  Sunday Chad, Stella, and I had pencilled a hike up Mt Bierstadt, across the sawtooth, and down Mt Evans.  By about 1500 Saturday all I could see was snow up there, and temperatures below freezing.  So we called it…I woke up Sunday morning and cursed that decision, it was a stunning sunny day! A little check of the weather though….nope, not cursing any more, it was very cold up there.  our decision was further validated by Mark (a different one at work), saying it was below freezing along the Guanella Pass at about 10am…and that’s at 11000 ish feet!  So then I was left with another quiet day ahead of me.  I consulted my list of things to do and places to visit.  I found Deckers, road trip from town via Twin Cedars.  Off Red and I went!  It was a lovely sunny, albeit about 65 degrees, day.  The drive was predominantly along the South Platte River.  Wow, so pretty! The river was full of fly fishermen, but there was also heaps of hiking, camping, kayaking, etc options too!  Note to self, interesting area.  I’ll have to head there when we absolutely can’t hike higher up.  I stopped off at Deckers for lunch…booming town that.  A pub, fishing tour place, tiny supermarket (really general store), and a furniture shop.  Lunch was okay, a simple burger, same shitty bread, and a beer. It hit the spot.  I went into the furniture shop and found an end table, so pretty!

Some place along the river; the table installed!

So that was my not highly adventurous week, though I still had some good adventuring.  Next up a flight, filming, Fargo, and a weekend yet to be planned!

4 thoughts on “A Busy Quiet Week

  1. How did you like the look of the twin cedars pub? That was the one on the corner of a three way intersection right?
    Great on the motorbike through there too. I suspect i may not have been as slow and looking around like you 😃
    Pics are amazing as always.
    Ill come do the murder tour at golden next time im there with you too!


    • I dunno, I breezed thru twin Cedars, was only when I looked at the map in Deckers that I realised I went by there! It would have been great fun on the bike too!!
      Sure, tho let’s pencil in the Morrison one, I’ve done Golden! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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