A return..

To normalcy.  For my house at least! I guess this week has been a full five days of work, farewell to mum, meeting a dentist, a not-as-big-as-planned hike, a detour, and a little hike.

So, Monday I went to work, whatever, normal day.  I got home and took mum to the Perfect Landing for her final dinner in Colorado.  There we were given a table by the piano. That was great!  The pianist was all interactive and asked for suggestions. He didn’t have music for ‘Rhiannon’ but he promised to learn. He did know waltzing matilda which was hilarious!  I had delicious surf and turf and mum had halibut, also delicious by all accounts. 

How the other half live, car delivered to your private plane; the pianist and his elderly fans; my dinner; the sunsetting.

Tuesday I tried to leave at 1300, failed. It was 1400. But I got a good look at the SOQ document! Tuesday morning Lea Anne and Lydia drove it from Denver to Fargo…only a 13 hour drive.  I got home and took mum out to Murdochs for some more shopping, 120 bucks and 7 shirts later we headed home for mums final packing then off to the airport.  Sad to see her go but also happy to return to the quiet single life that me, myself, and I have become accustomed to.

The SOQ ready to go; the sunrise Wednesday morning.

Wednesday we had drinks at Darcy’s, good to see Mark get out for a beer for once.  Thursday morning I went to the dentist and had a teeth clean and check up.  Turns out fillings are needed, next week’s issue.  Friday I had another normal day of work.

Saturday Earl and I got up hours before the crack of dawn (three hours before dawn) to go hike four fourteeners, Democrat Cameron Lincoln and Bross, DeCaLiBro. Talking to Michael he recommended we do it in reverse because the scree slope down off Bross is much easier up. So I guess the plan was BroLiCaDem. The drive in to the trail head had a quite gnarly section that most people had decided not to tackle…neither did we. We parked up and hiked in to the trail head, 1.2 additional miles each way.  Off we headed up the hill and it was a bit chilly then we got a bit higher and the wind decided to wake up…crapola it was cold!!!! We were both ill prepared for the cold so we got up Bross and turned around. Disappointing but thoroughly sensible.

The moon still up and the sun just touching the hills; the sun just lighting up Mt Cameron; and the cryptically named Kite Lake, the sun is up but no warmth!

***52 New Things***

On the way down I had a first! I’m sorry, there are no photos, you’d need a serious camera to get a photo. But I saw my first moose! He was ambling over the saddle and looked like he was aiming for the lake for a drink.  It was quite cool.  If I’d been less cold I would have stuck around to see him come close but all the wind did was get colder and more insistent. So we hoofed it back to the car.


I then felt a little like my mother and asked to stop a couple of times on the way home. It was worth it!

Autumn colours!

Sunday I got up before the assignment crack of dawn again. We may have taken a bit of a detour…Funny story here. I was in the back seat enjoying a nap. I woke up to all this desert and sandstone looking Mesas.  I couldn’t see any hills. The conversation went:

Rhiannon: so this doesn’t look like there are ski fields, where are they? 

Two locals: Just wait, you’ll see, it’s just around the corner.

[twenty minutes later]

Rhiannon: are you sure? By my guess we’re half an hour away and we’re down really low. Where is this ski field?

Locals: yeah yeah, you’ll see.

(note not one but two locals! And both are suitably embarrassed) Another 10/15 minutes later…Turns out I was spot on, we took a detour to Grand Junction. Hilarious. It’s a super pretty area out here, in a hugely different way to the other side of the hills.  I will need to come explore the ‘western slope’ some time.

This is the map from Avon, it’s more than two hours from Denver already!

When we got to Aspen we caught the bus up to the park. The driver was quite a chatty fellow, told us all sorts of stuff, none of which I remember. When we got there, yep, lots of people but shit.

[insert the worth of photos here]

We hiked up to Crater Lake which was also stunning. Then hoofed it back, after our detour it was about 1400 when we got back to the car so we were hungry!  Okay, I was hungry 🙂 A burger in Aspen later and we were on the road again.

Pretty path; I clearly wasn’t paying attention; me, Jaclyn, and Brian arranged by height.

Yep, pretty, Maroon Lake, the aspen trees, and Maroon Bells behind.

Great week and weekend.  On the drive back I have been plotting my flex day this week.  So much to choose from!

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