Scrumptious Sunrises

On to a another week.  What’s the summary???  Mum and Steve are here, there were some long days of work, a flex day that was mighty disappointing, some more work, and a weekend of tripping…Oh and sunrises! You know my love of those darned things!

So Sunday mum and Steve slept lots.  Monday I managed to get out of the house without waking them too much, I guess they were tired.  I worked a long day – got to love estimate reviews, they always finish at 1800 and it doesn’t matter if you start at 0700 or 1300, thus one started at 1330 and finished at 1830…yay.  On the plus side, estimate review done.  Monday night we went up to see Dino, Dmitry, and Renae for dinner.  Got a great quote out of Dmitry! 

Garlic is the secret to life.  though it’s not so secret, everyone can tell you’ve been eating it. – Greek Proverb 

Okay, I may be taking a little liberty calling it a Greek Proverb, but he’s Greek so it sounds about right!  We popped in at Umas place on the way home, picked up my big glass bowl and she got to meet mum and Steve.

Tuesday was another day of work.  I guess both Monday and Tuesday mum and Steve caught the train into the city and had a look around different areas in town.  I don’t recall what dinner was on Tuesday, uneventful I guess!  Wednesday I took my flex day, I had no meetings so I just did it.  The plan was Garden of the gods for sunrise, up pikes peak, then meander home.  We managed to get up and get moving at an appropriately early hour of the morning.  It was cloudy and overcast when we got to Garden of the Gods, but still looked damned pretty.  I was quite disappointed, sunrise was at 0613 (according to google),  but it just wasn’t getting proper pretty.

Garden of the Gods pre sunrise.

Then at 0633 I looked around a rock and saw the sunrise was starting properly…okay, I looked around the rock then looked at the time (it becomes slightly interesting later).  I jogged off to the closest spot that looked prime for watching the colours.  I think I succeeded, what do you think?

Pretty pretty colours at Garden of the Gods now the sun is actually rising!

Driving back through the park we saw a few deer looking positively edible and with nice big antlers.  The road was good and fun and windy looking, though I was busy trying to push over the rocks…I guess the grout was stronger than me plus gravity.

Yummy looking deer, windy road, and a funny quote in the cafe.

After getting out of the park safely – driving fast is fun, plus deer though is a recipe for disaster – we went into Manitou Springs.  We had a wander around the town, much easier to handle super early when the stinking hippies are still asleep, then found our way to pikes peak.  We got to the gate and the lady tells us that the snow plows haven’t got to the top yet, and it’s still very cloudy.  Bugger shit.  No point going up if you can’t get to the top and can’t see more than 10 metres!  So I elected to try for Mt Evans instead.  I guess that also was a fail, for other reasons.  From pikes peak to Buena Vista is normally one of those fun drives over the pass and through the valley while looking at the hills…nope…none of that, it was overcast and drizzly.  And positively freezing!  Darned capricious weather.

We went into Buena Vista and went around the museum there.  The guy again talked our ears off, a sales man to the end that man.  Then I thought to head down to the Eddyline Restaurant, I was somewhat disappointed in the restaurant… The brewery is quite cool and fun.  They did have decent beer and a good meal at least, it was simply too fancy la di da for my liking [insert reference to Marks simple comment here].  By the time we visited a yarn shop it was getting time for us to head on home, that’s why we missed Mt Evans…I’ll blame the yarn! But really it wasn’t a bad thing because there was snow up there too and I later found that the road up there was closed too.

Eddyline beers.

We headed home with a mission for me to get to drinks for Suzenne for her birthday.  Suzenne, Michelle, Kat, and I tries out Zink Kitchen and Bar just up the road from work.  When we decided to go there I didn’t realise it was a hotel bar, they’re always that bit different. It wasn’t bad, a couple of beers and one of each appetiser between us we ordered dessert.  The dessert that Suzenne chose had only three pieces, we asked for a fourth and he was all ‘sure but it will cost more’.  Then we told him if it accidentally came with a candle too that would be a win…he then gave us dessert on him with a candle. Win for us.

Happy birthday! Michelle, me, Suzenne, and Kat

I suspected mum doesn’t react well to the altitude, she was in decent struggle town by the time we got home…maybe the sinus infection didn’t help. 

Thursday and Friday were fairly normal though busy work days, not much interesting there. Saturday I got them up before the crack of
Sunday we had a sleep in, at least we didn’t get up for sunrise!  A chilled breakfast at Egg & I later, we headed off to see what we could find in the north east.

Mum had a snooze and Steve and I headed to a local brewery, 3 Freaks Brewery.  We shared a flight and chose a beer to fill the growler with.

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