Red Rocks Virginity Lost

I believe I’ve been quite a bit slack…another time when I’ve gone two weeks between posts.  Oops, my (almost) sincere apologies. Looking back I totally understand why, there was an amazing concert, a fairly frantic week, and mum arriving. 

Monday night Uma, Mark, John (Marks college mate), and I headed up to Red Rocks.  The bill included Saint Ansonia (who we missed), Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed.  The drive up was great, until we hit the park…how hard is it for people to park their darned cars?  Seemed like super hard, the line was long and slow.  We missed Saint Ansonia not because of the parking situation but because we were having drinks and eating sushi.  We got to our seats just as Alter Bridge got started.  I was blown away, that venue could make the shitty band sound and feel epic!  And Alter Bridge are far from shit.  

Alter Bridge at Red Rocks.

After Alter Bridge the sun went down and the moon came out. Oh, and Breaking Benjamin started up.  For me they were the highlight, they felt less rehearsed than Disturbed, and of course they’re really quite great too.

Breaking Benjamin at Red Rocks.

The moon was really quite the awesome.

Last up, Disturbed. Oh boy, that was great fun!  The whole night was big and loud and thrummed through your whole body, but seeing these guys life really was a treat.  I felt like they were a little too rehearsed, but otherwise they were absolutely amazing.

There was even fire! Disturbed at Red Rocks.

Band photos from facebook, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, and the cool view of the rock.

Left to right: Mark, me, an excited John, and curious Uma.

I guess I managed to see this sunrise one morning during the week. I could look it up but meh, the darned sun rises are quite cool. Another sunrise from the top of my favourite parking garage.

Sunrise from the parking garage.

Wednesday night I went into Upstairs Circus with Earl.  Wednesday night is call Friendsday and they have half price bottles I’d wine…I guess its not a super popular night of the week for crafting. We made these cool covers for the hip flasks, even dying the leather.

In the throes of being stamped. Finished products.

***52 New Things ***

It was difficult to choose what would get the new things title this week; i settled on the event with no photos 🙂

Friday I was surprised with elk steaks for dinner courtesy of Wade. That was a first. It was nice and rich and yummy.  I’ll eat more of that! Lucky hunting season is just starting so hopefully he gets his elk, deer, and bear… Does bear taste good? Hopefully it does.  Gist is that the elk was yummy and may be a decent substitute for kangaroo.  Pity I didn’t get a photo.


Saturday I had the girls over for confused lasagne for lunch.  Jaclyn, Uma, Anna, Michelle, and Che came over. It was a good afternoon!  After a tidy up I headed down to a whiskey bar for evening drinks.  I had a whiskey flight – now that is how one should do a flight!!! I guess some of them I’d tried before, but it was quite good.

Sunday, after a breakfast at three little griddles, I tidied the house up and headed up to the airport to pick up mum and Steve.  They were quite tired but I managed to keep them awake until about 1930.

And I’m sure I have forgotten ten things from last week, serves me right for leaving the post so late.  Should get onto this week swiftly!

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