A week at home

So rare that I have to highlight it! The summary of the week: eeek for work; relay for life; oooops I’m naturalising; and getting my fancy on at the Opera.

Sunrise from the top of the parking garage.

This week we had a decent push on both the Fargo jobs, so I had some longer days and a decent amount of work to do. Of course there were countless meetings thrown in for good measure…they always make getting work done more tricky. Heck on Friday I didn’t leave work until 1700 thanks to thinks to do and meetings for five hours, I think that’s a first for over a year!

I channelled my inner cookie monster too much this week while churning through meetings.

I guess I was busy in the evenings too.  Monday I had a massage, that was well overdue. Huge apologies to Stella who had to work hard to sort out the knots! Tuesday Wade came to visit, he needed some stuff at Cabelas and a shower (desperately). 


Wednesday was dinner at Umas. A great evening for a myriad of reasons: a cool wet change came through; laksa cooked by a Singaporean (read no unnecessary sugar unlike everything cooked here); great chats with good people, both Uma and Jac.  It was great to catch up with Jac, that girl is improving in leaps and bounds!  Thursday I had a relaxing night on my porch…that was good and highly necessary.

Note the cricket pitch, it was in terrible condition but the first I’ve seen here!

Friday was relay for life, half of it Friday half Saturday. I went for the opening ceremony thing and first couple of hours. Knocked out 5.5 miles on Friday evening. The opening ceremony was different to all my previous relays, this time I was in the survivors and caregivers group…that was unexpected. I guess the show was run by people who I work with, one of which knows my story.  There were photos and things, I’ll ask Deb for some next week. I headed home about 2030 and slept until 0200 then returned to the oval, where I proceeded to round out my 38 (or was it 43?) laps before 0600. It was a good night.

Even in the darkest hours before dawn, have hope, the sun will rise.

By the time that was all done I spent most of Saturday doing very little.  I think I have found a new breakfast place, I had a mammoth Pancake, which I also had for Sunday breakfast. 

The Three Little Griddles served me three big pancakes!

On Saturday I did manage to get my butt moving a little and had lunch with Earl at the D Bar.  The D Bar is somewhere that all too many people have recommended to us, so I finally phoned a friend and hiked into town 🙂  the breakfast burger (served for lunch) was precisely what I wanted: no greenery; big chunk of meat; egg with perfectly runny yolk. Only down side was the bread, I still can’t bring myself to enjoy the bread I find in this country. Unfortunately the burger was so big and yummy that I didn’t feel like dessert, and this place is known for its desserts…I guess I’ll just have to drag my butt back up there one day.

This may be true, but a meeting with cake is sure not a party!

Then it seems that both Ben and I went shopping. I explored the Boot Barn. They had shitty service in the clothing area but good service in the boots! Yep, I got distracted by all the pretty boots…I did get jeans too, but look at these lovely boots!  Ben went suit shopping for his big day…alls I can think is that he needs a beard 😉

The pretty cowboy boots settling in to their new feet. I’m naturalising! 

Sunday I didn’t set the alarm and I got up and chilled on my porch with my cuppa tea. It was positively blissful. But then I felt I had to get moving. I have some exploration and culture to absorb!  I got myself dolled up and headed up to Central City.  

***52 New Things ***

Central City is a place many have said you’ve got to visit once, but its a gambling town about an hour west of Denver, and is often paired with Black Hawk which is just down the road.  I figured that I could spend a couple of hours exploring the town and seeing the signs then have lunch with the girls before the Opera.  Turns out I only needed one hour.

The town is kinda cool looking. Until you realise that for 11 of 12 months it is all casino’s.

I guess casino’s and an art gallery above the visitor centre.

The art gallery was pretty cool, it’s rare that a gallery has interesting things going on other than the art. This one had some pretty cool features, I guess it used to be the court house.  The only other place that isn’t a casino in this town is the Opera house. It and it’s adjoining building, the Teller House (a restaurant and bar), are only open during the Opera season, one month of the year. That’s it. I wandered the town quite comprehensively and there isn’t even a Starbucks! The whole place is dedicated to casinos.  I guess it was a gold mining town in the 1850s so it’s history is quite based on luck.

Tricky to capture with the lighting, the floor of the face bar.


With the whole exploration only taking about an hour, including chatting at the visitor centre for a bit, I needed a coffee. I headed into the Teller House where they have a nice bar staffed with people from Denver who only come up for the Opera season / month. The painted floor sounded like an odd story. The bits I caught of it were that the woman depicted was big on prohibition, not sure why she was painted on the floor but it was deemed amusing that little miss prohibition was painted and preserved on the floor of the bar.  I chilled and watched the world go by for a little then Uma arrived with three of her girls.  An amusing lunch followed where the poor waiter had to apologise all the time that they were out of one ingredient or another.  I guess final sitting for the year and they’d given up on stocking some ingredients. 

The Opera house, the director having a pre show lunch, and the stage.

The Opera wasn’t bad…I guess I’m not such an opera person. To be fair only Trilce is a fan in our group, she was quite excited, the rest of us compared note at the end of each act about whether we managed to stay awake throughout the act.  I didn’t snooze, but I sure wasn’t super engaged, I struggle when the story is so slow! I understand why it’s slow, those long notes take forever, but surely it doesn’t have to be that slow! Okay, stop whining…we saw a show called Tosca.  The story went couple in love, revolutionary asks help of man, man helps, bad sherif tortures man, woman spills secret to ease suffering, sherif permits man to live if she sleeps with him, woman murders sherif, man in front if firing squad dies, woman jumps out of window dies.  There was a touch of intrigue at the start with the man painting another woman’s portrait but that was the story…to 2.5 hours.

The Opera house garden, quite pretty

And that was my weekend! The girls hung around after the Opera for drinks. I headed out to pack for my 0700 flight.

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