Wy oh Wy Wyoming 

This week I’ve done some more travel, get to add another state to my list, and go to the rodeo! No complaints from me.

Monday and Tuesday were a little busy at work after last week in Minneapolis, just catching up and all. I don’t remember anything interesting happening…I sure didn’t do much after work etc. Wednesday was a little hectic but only because Mark decided to come in plus we had a day of meetings followed by a trip to Fargo, plane left at 1600.

Travelling with other people is less fun and less easy than with Mark. I went with Morgan and a couple of the estimators. The purpose of the trip was to introduce them to the boys from Gowan and IBI, discuss the inlet project (how are we going to split the scope? How will we build the thing? etc), and to visit the site.  I was a little disappointed by the level of knowledge our guys had regarding the scope, thankfully they all recognised that afterwards so should be working hard to get themselves up to speed.  I pleaded out of the site visit and went back to the hotel to get some work done. I didn’t achieve what I wanted but I got a lot done.  We went for an early dinner at Spitfire and then I crashed out. The plane on Friday morning was at 0600 so it was an early start. Sure 0400 is fairly normal for me but North Dakota is an hour ahead of Colorado so it was 0300 in my brain.  Friday morning was rammed with meetings. I’d thought I had an hour spare to get some work done but just as I pulled into the office Mark called and filled that free hour with one of his meetings.  It was a long day!  Oh, this is my favourite hotel room I’ve been in to date. So fancy!

Saturday I took it pretty easy, napped, read my book, caught up with Jason briefly, did my groceries, cooked, etc.  Fun filled day.  Oh there was an amusing moment when I got a call from Wade…turns out he left the only set of his car keys in my car. That boy is a disaster. I guess I’ll post them to him on Monday, I’m not driving five hours to return them.  I went for a leisurely dinner at Greek to Me, the guys said to say hello to Ben and are looking forward to meeting mum!

Sunday it got fun.

***52 New Things ***

I have now visited ten states. Only a hell of a lot to go.  I headed up to Wyoming for the Cheyenne Field Days final rodeo.  Okay, so visiting a rodeo isn’t new.  But a new state sure is!


I headed up Sunday morning and met up with Michelle and Kari who had been up there all weekend camping, exploring, and going to the concerts.  Sounds like they had a tricky time getting there, a big storm came through and there was golf ball hail.  Poor Michelles truck copped some abuse!

Anyways, at the rodeo, this one is quite a big affair, more like the Melbourne show.  Hmmm, not that big…mire like the Wang ag show 😉 there were a few rides, a fair amount of food and some stalls.  And the rodeo! Four hours of fun. Yay!

I guess there were lots of guys to rope and move the bulls / broncos because the arena is 700ft long! Madness. It made for an interesting dynamic with the ropers, they had a much longer distance to have to catch up, I guess the steers and calves are given 30 yards head start…to the point they were often walking by the time the horse started! Odd indeed.

On the way home this little thing popped up…I guess Google maps likes you entering Colorado. It didn’t happen for Wyoming! Yep, long drive 🙂

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